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Emerald Challenge Ground Rules


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Emerald Challenge Ground Rules
« on: October 27, 2006, 09:24:39 pm »
This is a list of rules that apply to every challenge, so make sure you have it memorized before you begin playing.

Emulation Rules
  • Remember to use Gens Plus to record your videos. Record videos using File>Record Input Movie, while in-game.
  • NTSC mode must be used when playing, not PAL mode.
  • Please only use the NTSC Genesis/Megadrive/32X ROM's from SonicStrike's ROM's section (once at SonicStrike, click Sonic Stuff on the left, them ROMS at the top). If we find the submission incompatible, it may get disqualified.
  • Save states may only be used prior to recording.
Gameplay Rules
  • The only allowed cheat in all challenges is level select. Use of any other cheat other than when specified in the challenge description will result in disqualification.
  • Super and Hyper forms are only allowed in specific Master Emerald challenges. Please check each MEC description for where they can be used.
  • Bug exploitation is permitted, unless otherwise specified.
Submission Rules
  • Do not steal someone else's video and submit it as your own. When (not if, when) we spot a copy, we will immediately punish the person making the fake submission.
  • Remember to attach your video file into your post. You don't need to .zip the file in order to upload it.
  • Don't use a third-party hosting service to submit.
  • Specifying the ROM you used in your submission is required if more than one ROM is acceptable for a challenge. Posts without games specified when necessary will be ignored. Note that Sonic 3 and Sonic 3 & Knuckles do count as separate games.
  • Make sure you include in your submission what initials you want to appear for your name, up to a maximum of three.
  • Your post will then be edited, with the emerald in place of where you typed your initials, if your submission was approved.
  • If unsuccessful, we will edit the post with an important message, explaining why.
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