starcrytas is a Cheater in video games BANNED on multiple sites


Author Topic: starcrytas is a Cheater in video games BANNED on multiple sites  (Read 1165 times)

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starcrytas is a Cheater in video games BANNED on multiple sites
« on: December 28, 2021, 11:40:01 pm »
Hi guys,I want to point out a Cheater who has been banned from severel games over at Matthew Felix aka starcrytas.
He was banned in 2014 from ever speedrunning ANY POKEMON game ever again because he used save states and spliced together footage.
heres a cut and paste of the wiki link from the mod who banned him ill also paste the page of the forums there chatting about his cheating waysémon_Crystal/Times

Now unto cybergames, where he got caught pausing the game and adding game genie codes thru an emulator on nes games LOL

Now over at he has submitted over 5000 world records and the clueless gamers over there keep verifying his runs
even though id bet anything over half of them are fake and spliced together cheated runs.
and although starcrytas was banned from certain games at he is still submitting speedruns
and the games he submits for are easy to cheat games like 1 minute level speedruns which I find very suspicious

here is the link to the cheaters thread where on page 7 mods AmoebaUK and GarfieldTheLightning
basically confirm matthew felix is a dirty cheater.

I would like to ask someone in thier free time to investigate this cheater further as
I KNOW 110% he is still cheating to get world records at TG and speedruns at
here is the legendary tom votava kinda questioning matthew felix on a donkey kong 64 run that
matthew felix submittted which beat tom votavas time read rdrunners post tom votavas a nice dude
and didnt look into the matter further but privatly suspected starcrytas of being a splicer

I feel this guy matthew felix has got to be stopped as hes OCD submitting meaningless 40 second speedruns on
and ANYONE who competes in the games matthew felix submits times for is at a major disadvantage becuase starcrytas is a CHEATER
so Im asking anyone if they have the time or know anyone whos had dealings with matthew felix cheating ways in the past
to at least post in this thread and tell your story HE NEEDS to be BANNED on all gameing sites as I know hes not a legit gamer
ill leave links to his profiles at and

starcrytas has posted a screen shot of a cheated score run WITH NO VIDEO
no stream or nothing but a picture of the score LOL what is this the 1980s
look at this...again he has no VIDEO

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read this gamers last forum post he CONFIRMS THAT MATTHEW FELIX aka starcrytas was banned for cheating before link below read his last forum post

here he is CHEATING on a game on twingalaxies THIER rules clearly states you have to videotape the actual console and cart
before loading up the game

starcrytas is a member on this site and IMO he needs banned for life as hes a serial cheater in video games
heres his profile on this site

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Re: starcrytas is a Cheater in video games BANNED on multiple sites
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2021, 10:14:01 am »
starcrytas IS a member on this site in case anyone was wandering I bet 110% his scores on this site are fake or cheated scores as well

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Re: starcrytas is a Cheater in video games BANNED on multiple sites
« Reply #2 on: January 01, 2022, 09:37:50 am »
A couple quick points:

1) This site is incredibly dead. Look around you -- this place gets maybe 3-4 posts per year, and it's usually the likes of passersby such as yourself.

2) Even if someone were here to tend to your issue, you're going to need to demonstrate which, if any, records he's posted on here are illegitimate, and how they are such. His actions elsewhere don't have any weight.


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