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MAKE SONIC GREAT AGAIN! (Official New Sonic Games Thread)

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I'm getting a PS4 for both of these new Sonic games. I've been wondering if Boom was going to be the end of Sonic, but these two games have changed my mind. Project Sonic 2017 looks amazing, and honestly wasn't expecting Classic Sonic to make an appearance in the trailer, which makes me curious about how he will play out in the game, story wise and gameplay wise. I've seen a lot of people calling it Generations 2.

Sonic Mania looks awesome too, really is a throwback to the Genesis age of Sonic games. (Capcom should take some notes about how you take a game back to its roots) I'm really excited that Christian Whitehead is working on this game, I played the Sonic 1 & 2 reboots for mobile and they delivered smooth gameplay of my childhood on my little iPod. Now I'll be paying to see Christian Whitehead's work on big-name gaming consoles, boy this is exciting. I still want a Sonic 3 & Knuckles reboot on mobile though, but that can wait.

I heard A lot of rumors that they were gona milk sonic boom for 3 series, while they still are making a 3ds game they knew better than to make a 3d sonic boo 2 im very happy with what they done and im convinced they know what they are doing now, despite a sonic adventure 3 announcement.

btw hfactor, when are we going to get back into that altitude limit fight? :)


--- Quote from: Flim_flam_bsdetector on July 26, 2016, 12:15:05 am ---btw hfactor, when are we going to get back into that altitude limit fight? :)

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I actually haven't played Sonic Rush in quite a while, but I will never forget that fucking boss, lol. I still haven't finished RAing SRA either, still got some charts to fill, even though I managed to become RA leader with eight charts blank, lol.

Never in my life did I play one boss so many times, taking it down to a god damn science, figuring out exactly what needs to happen in order to get times with Blaze like you & I did. Eggman did an extra move on me with Sonic when I got my Sonic time. I might have to break out that game and give it another go, been playing a little bit of Sonic Unleashed lately.

I've been trying to beat DsS' Windmill Isle 1 score on the Night stage on CS, and I'm within 10k of it. Once I get Werehog's stats up all the way, Imma attempt a speedrun of the Dark Guardian boss, it looks easy af lol.

Generations 2 I can take or leave...

But Mania?  Made by Taxman?

About damn time SEGA pulled its head out of its ass and realized that the fans love the game more than they ever could, the soulless bastards.  I get there's politics and lots of issues, but I agree with this being a nice last push.

The Sonic anniversary party was the saddest thing I've ever seen... which mostly reflects the current state.  Let's hope the next one is better (or that they invite actual fans, instead of the meh sort...).

Only way I could be more excited for new sonic is if the S1MM team actually finished their thing (or if someone made a Sonic Adventure with the US Robotnik and world instead of the Japanese one).

Mania looks like a good game so, I ended up pre-ordering the non-game collector's edition. I'm also pretty hype for Project Sonic. Hopefully it's releases simultaneously on PC with consoles for 60fps goodness.


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