Calling All Digital Artists


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Calling All Digital Artists
« on: January 18, 2013, 05:20:04 pm »
Quartz drew a swanky stream banner for our Twitch channel last year, and we're keeping it because it exudes awesomeness (it's even in the recap video of the last marathon).  That said, more personal touches never hurt and go a long way towards making us look professional, even if they're outright silly. I used Palmtree Panic Present's background last year, and applied the same upside-down trick to Ice Mountain's background for the winter; I could do something similar this summer but would prefer to see something personalized by TSC members. We could also afford to have a better offline picture; Super Sonic is cool because he's strong and fast and doesn't afraid of anything, but it doesn't mean anything about TSC when we pull stock images from around the web.

If you're up for helping the Twitch channel get some attention during the marathon, please consider drawing either a background that tiles well or an offline image. Background images will likely be a game environment if it's to exude Sonic and tile well (nothing looks stranger than having a character show up 100 times behind the stream). The offline image can be anything about Sonic or TSC that comes to mind; if you're looking for things that represent TSC specifically, we had a whole marathon full of Big the Car and beasts and robots and OH NO and magnets that I'm sure has something you can use. :P Offline images should scale well to 1280x720 (preferably 1920x1080) for people watching in enlarged windows, and since the beta Twitch channels have a large video player by default, this becomes even more important since Twitch may make the beta channels the norm before we start our marathon.

I understand that this requires a lot of effort, but it's one thing that I personally can't do well in terms on putting together a presentable marathon, so I need to ask the community.
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Re: Calling All Digital Artists
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2013, 08:02:36 am »
i'll try to come up with some stuff, i still owe parax a picture too though. i'll im you later about it. i don't wanna sign on for too much D:


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