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In the last summer holydays I spent some time to collect videos from various Sonic games and write comments about them. I had planned to upload them on youtube, but I was ever too lazy to do that. So, now, I thought I could copy my comments here and see what others would say about it.

Inclueding all Sonic games had been kind of impossible, because it's very hard to find good videos for some of them. So, I decided to only inclued games which can be competed in at this website. So, all games inclueded in the "Site Champions" list here up until Sonic and the Secret Rings are also inclueded in my list. That makes for 30 games. I searched for videos of one level/zone per game and wrote comments about the games.

However, since I created this "History of Sonic", some time has passed now and I have changed my view a little bit about some games. Also, I have now played Sonic Rush Adventure and it has turned out to beat Sonic Rush for me, but SRA is not inclueded in the list. So, please keep in mind that this is a few months old.

01) 23.06.91 - Sonic the Hedgehog (MD)

Platform: Sega Mega Drive

Zone: Marble Zone

Act 1:
- Player: Groudon199
- Record: 132 Rings

Act 2:
- Player: yoshifan
- Record: 1:06 Minutes

Act 3:
- Player: yoshifan
- Record: 1:23 Minutes

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
I absolutely love this game! Maybe nostalgia plays also an important role, but this game will always remain, besides a few
other Sonic games, on top of my list of my most favourite games of all time.

02) 25.10.91 - Sonic the Hedgehog (MS&GG)

Platforms: Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear

Zone: Jungle

Act 1:
- Player: SprintGod
- Record: 0:22 Minutes

Act 2:
- Player: SprintGod
- Record: 0:33 Minutes

Unfortunately, there is no video for Act 3.

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
A very good game with a very good and variated level-design - at least most of the time. Unfortunately, most bosses are very

03) 25.10.92 - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (MS&GG)

Platforms: Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear

Zome: Aqua Lake Zone

Act 1:
- Player: SprintGod
- Record: 0:16 Minutes

Act 2:
- Player: SprintGod
- Record: 1:05 Minutes

Unfortunately, there is no video for Act 3.

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
This was the first Sonic game which I played for a really long time and I have very nostalgic feelings about it.
Unfortunately, overall, this is not such a popular game. It is mostly critisized because of its high dificulty and because,
from the view of some people, you don't see enough of your environment. I actually like the dificulty very much. You can
collect tons of lives in this game, so it doesn't really matter how often you die, as long as you keep on collecting rings
and lives. It has also a very varied level-design, which makes this game especially appealing to me. I love it, no matter
what others say!

04) 21.11.92 - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (MD)

Platform: Sega Mega Drive

Zone: Wing Fortress Zone

Player: eredani
Record: 1:48 Minutes as Sonic

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
This is one of the most popular Sonic games. Not one of my favourites, however! Sure, each of the zones look pretty varied,
but most of the time, the level-design is not. You can also run into enemies too easily, which is something that I can't
stand. It is still a very good and enjoyable game, especially if you try to collect all of the Chaos Emeralds. I like it
about as much as the Sonic Advance games, but it doesn't belong to my most favorites.

05) 23.09.93 - Sonic the Hedgehog CD

Platforms: Sega Mega CD, Personal Computer

Zone: Wacky Workbench

Act 1:
- Player: SprintGod
- Record: 0:28:00 Minutes

Act 2:
- Player: SprintGod
- Record: 0:39:80 Minutes

Act 3:
- Player: SprintGod
- Record: 1:09:20 Minutes

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
I absolutely love this game! It was the first Sonic game which I 100%ly beat. At first, I thought this game is not so
interesting, because you could just run through the whole game very easily, especially in the first 4 zones, without
anything special happening. The Boss-fights are also lame, too. But then I discovered that you only can experiance the true
fun and excellent level-design if you try to do the extra stuff: Collecting all Time Stones, destroy Eggman's Machine and the
Metal-Sonic hologram in every past version of every act and play the good future of every act. If you try to do all this,
instead of just running through each level, you will realize that this sonic game has a truely unique and amazing
level-design. On top of that are the awesome Special Stages, which are my most favourite Special Stages ever. The bosses ARE
really lame, though.

06) 25.10.93 - Sonic & Tails

Platforms: Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear

Zone: Electric Egg Zone

Act 1:
- Player: Hero Chaos Chao
- Record: 0:17 Minutes as Sonic

Act 2:
- Player: Hero Chaos Chao
- Record: 0:19 Minutes as Sonic

Unfortunately, there is no video for Act 3.

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
Never spent much time on this one, but it's OK.

07) 02.02.94 - Sonic the Hedgehog 3

Platform: Sega Mega Drive

Zone: Marble Garden Zone

Act 1:
- Player: SprintGod
- Record: 1:20 Minutes as Sonic

Act 2:
- Player: SpinDashMaster
- Record: 1:22 Minutes as Sonic

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
This game actually became complete with the release of Sonic & Knuckles. Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles build toghether one
game, called Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles. S3&K is considered by many, MANY people as the very best Sonic game of all
time. It's actually worshiped to that extend that some people believe it is IMPOSSIBLE to make a better Sonic game. I,
personally, don't think this is the best Sonic game ever created, but I agree that it is one of the bests.

08) 18.03.94 - Sonic Drift

Platform: Sega Game Gear

Track: Spring Yard Yellow

Player: Groudon199
Record: 1:00:76 Minutes

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
Never played this game and I'm not interested.

09) 18.10.94 - Sonic & Knuckles

Platform: Sega Mega Drive

Zone: Lava Reef Zone

Act 1:
- Player: yoshifan
- Record: 3:07 Minutes as Sonic

Act 2:
- Player: SadisticMystic
- Record: 3:25 Minutes as Sonic

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
Sonic the Hedgeog 3 actually became complete with the release of this game. Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles build toghether one
game, called Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles. S3&K is considered by many, MANY people as the very best Sonic game of all
time. It's actually worshiped to that extend that some people believe it is IMPOSSIBLE to make a better Sonic game. I,
personally, don't think this is the best Sonic game ever created, but I agree that it is one of the best.

10) 11.11.94 - Sonic & Tails 2

Platform: Sega Game Gear

Zone: Great Turquoise Zone

Unfortunately, there is no video for Act 1

Act 2:
- Player: Hero Chaos Chao
- Record: 0:19 Minutes as Sonic

Unfortunately, there is no video for Act 3

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
This game has at least one awesome Zone (Tidal Plant) and some really cool Special Stages which even feature bosses. The rest
is OK. I wished I could show you Tidal Plant, but, unfortunately, there is no video for that zone.

11) 17.03.95 - Sonic Drift 2

Platform: Sega Game Gear

Track: Emerald Hill Purple

Player: cSPkernuker
Record: 2:04:22 Minutes

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
Never played this one and I'm not interested.

12) XX.03.95 - Knuckles' Chaotix

Platform: Sega Mega 32X

Zone: Botanic Base

Unfortunately, there is no video for Act 1.

Act 2:
- Player: gamersince93
- Record: 0:40:60

Unfortunately, there is no video for Act 3.

Unfortunately, there is no video for Act 4.

Unfortunately, there is no video for Act 5.

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
Very interesting gameplay, but not so interesting level-design. However, it is unbelievable how much fun this game can be
when playing with a friend! You could laugh yourself to death, literally! What could be more fun than two people being
connected to each other, each one wanting to do somethimg different? You may say I'm crazy, but this is my most favourit
multy-player game ever! Not so keen on the single-player, though.

13) XX.06.96 - Sonic the Fighters

Arena: Death Egg's Eye

Platform: Model 2B CRX (arcade)

Player: SonicHog91
Record: 1:05:99 Minutes as Sonic
Bonus Stage Record: 0:12:01 Minutes

Comment by Siavash Tazari
Never played this game.

14) 14.11.96 - Sonic 3D Blast

Platforms: Sega Mega Drive, Sega Saturn, Personal Computer

Zone: Rusty Ruin Zone

Act 1:
- Player: SprintGod
- Record: 1:17 Minutes

Act 2:
- Player: SprintGod
- Record: 1:18 Minutes

Act 3:
- Player: SpinDashMaster
- Record: 0:13 Minutes

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
This is the first attempt to make a Sonic game with 3D gameplay and it is a very good one! OK, the first SOnic game with 3D
gameplay was actually Sega Sonic the Hedgehog, but that is a very different type of game and is a story of its own. Sonic 3D
Blast can be a lot of fun, even if it's quite slow-pased, compared to most other Sonic games.

15) 20.06.97 - Sonic Jam

Platform: Sega Saturn

Player: derfsonic

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
Sonic Jam is primary a collection of Sonic games and extra material, but it also features a mini-world with a few missions,
in which you could behold Sonic in real 3D for the very first time. In this video you see all the missions for this
mini-world. I've never played this game, since it's Saturn only and I've never had a Saturn. I really would like to though.
It may not look special today, but back then, it must have been very exciting to control Sonic in a fully 3D world.

16) 18.11.97 - Sonic R

Platforms: Sega Saturn, Personal Computer

Track: Reactive Factory

Player: SrintGod
Record: 1:08:50 Minutes for 3 Laps

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
This is my 3rd most favourit racing game, after Star Wars Racer and Sonic Riders, but that's only because I'm generally not
so interested in racing games and I haven't played many. This game is very short, but can be very fun, even though the music is horrible! This race-track
features the only song in the game which I think is quite OK.

17) 23.12.98 - Sonic Adventure

Platforms: Sega Dreamcat, Nintendo Game Cube, Personal Computer

Stage: Hot Shelter

Player: F-Man
Record: 2:18:40 Minutes as Amy

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
"This is where everything began." (Quote from Princess Elise - Sonic the Hedgehog 06, cutscene "Elise puts out the flames":
Well, this is not really where everything began, since everything began in 1991, but this is where a new generation of Sonic
games began. This is the first real 3D Sonic game, a fully 3D sonic-style-action-platformer. While this game sets new
standards for future Sonic games, it is also pretty much the last Sonic game with still a classic feeling to it. Classic
fanboys who think that only classic is good and what is not classic is shit concider this as the last good Sonic game. I
usually let people believe what they want to believe, but this is plain nonsense, so don't let yourself get influenced by
the words of these people! Play the games for yourself and decide yourself whether you like them or not.
Anyway! I think Sonic Adventure was a very good start for 3D Sonic games and I recommend everyone playing this game before
playing any other 3D Sonic game. It is also one of the easiest Sonic games ever, so, while it is suitable for beginners, it
may be a bit to under-challenging for more experienced players. However, if you try to make some good records on your own,
it can become very challenging in turn. However, I think all later 3D Sonic games have improved in pretty much any way
compared to Sonic Adventure.

18) 03.12.99 - Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure

Platform: SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color

Zone: Neo South Island

Act 1:
- Player: mike89
- Record: 0:24:78 Minutes

Unfortunately, there is no video for Act 2.

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
I haven't played this game for long, but I'm not that much interested in it anyway. This is pretty much exactly like Sonic 2
for the Mega Drive, but less enjoyable.

19) 23.06.01 - Sonic Adventure 2

Platforms: Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Game Cube

Stage: Final Rush

Player: RocketDarkness
Record: 25790 Points

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
This is the most popular Sonic game between players who first got into Sonic in the 21st century. In my opinion, the shooting
stages are not so fun and are especially a pain for A-ranking. Chao raising is a huge torture, even more than in Sonic
Adventure, since you have to invest even more time with it if you want to unlock the hidden 3D version og the Green Hill
Zone. It is a good thing that Chao raising is not part of the story mode and the shooting stages are at least by far much
more fun than those extremely crappy fishing stages in Sonic Adventure, which was the worst thing ever. On the good side
though, some of the Sonic-style stages are some of the best 3D Sonic stages ever and the hunting stages are pretty much
perfect. Fans of older Sonic games may not agree with me, but I think Sonic Adventure 2 is definately an improvement over
Sonic Adventure 1. The Music in SA2 also kicks butt, which I personally couldn't say about SA1.

20) 20.12.01 - Sonic Advance

Platform: Game Boy Advance

Zone: Egg Rocket Zone

Act 1:
- Player: NintenDan
- Record: 2:26:20 Minutes as Knuckles

Act 2:
- Player: NintenDan
- Record: 1:22:52 Minutes as Knuckles

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
Each of the Sonic Advance games emphasises mostly on one particular thing. This game emphasises mostly on platforming.
However, it suffers from the same problem that Sonic 2 for the Mega Drive had: You constantly run into enemies. The
level-design is not so special, eather. I think that Egg Rocket Zone is actually the only zone in the game which is really
good. This is kind of similar to Sonic 2 for the Mega Drive again, since I thought that Wing Fortress was pretty much the
only really good zone in the game, too, and both of these zones are the last zones in each of the games. Overall, I like
this game about as much as Sonic 2 for the Mega Drive.

21) 19.12.02 - Sonic Advance 2

Platform: Nintendo Game Boy Advance

Zone: Egg Utopia

Act 1:
- Player: douglas
- Record: 1:17:92 Minutes as Sonic

Act 2:
- Player: Spinballwizard
- Record: 1:28:85 Minutes as Sonic

Act 3:
- Player: SprintGod
- Record: 0:08:90 Minutes as Sonic

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
Sonic Advance 2 puts the most emphasis on fast and fluent gameplay. It achives it aim extremely good: There is probably no
other Sonic game with such a high speed and without almost ANY slowdowns, exept maybe Sonic Rush. Even the boss-fights accure on the run. This may
sound really cool and breath-taking, and it is, at first. However, there is one big problem with this game: There is a great
lack of variation. All zones, while looking different, play pretty much exactly the same. The fast and fluent gameplay is
everywhere and it is really thrilling, but people who want a good amout of variation in the games that they play, will
definately be disappointed by Sonic Advance 2. I actually like this game pretty much. It is definately more interesting to me
than Sonic Advacne 1 and 3. At the very least, you don't constantly run into enemies. Also, I think the on-the-run style of
boss-fights is very thrilling too and the boss "Egg-Go-Round" is probably my most favourite boss ever. However, even for someone
like me the game can become very tiresome after a while, when there is so little variation. This keeps me from counting
Sonic Advance 2 as one of the bests, but to me it's more enjoyable than Sonic 2 for the Mega Drive.

22) 04.12.03 - Sonic Battle

Platform: Nintendo Game Boy Advance

Arena: Gimme Shelter Sonic VS Gizoid

Player: IsraelDood
Record: This is Story Mode, so there is no record indication.

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
This is my most favorite fighting game of all time, but that's only because I'm not much interested in fighting games anyway.
Fighting-game-lovers who are not so interested in Sonic games anyway may find this a joke, but people who feel very attached
to Sonic-characters will most definately enjoy this game, even if they don't like fighting games.

23) 30.12.03 - Sonic Heroes

Platforms: Nintendo Game Cube, Microsoft X-Box, Sony Play Station 2, Personal Computer

Stage: Final Fortress

Player: Shadow Jacky
Record: 143160 Points as Team Dark

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
Compared to the Sonic Adventure games, Sonic Heroes' level-design is a bit too linear. It is quite hard to have a most
favourite and least favourite stage in Sonic Heroes. If you like the level-design in one Stage, you will most probably like
it in all stages, and the other way around. Fortunately though, it is by far not as linear as Sonic Advance 2. The Stages
actually, ARE quite varied, but not as varied as in the Sonic Adventure games. There are 3 things, though, that I like
better in Sonic Heroes. For one thing, Sonic Heroes features some awesome Special Stages. It's a pitty that SH is the only
3D Sonic game with Special Stages. For another thing, it has much longer stages than SA 1 nad 2, which is very appealing to
me. For the last but not least, Sonic Heroes has in my opinio the best score and rank system, making A-ranking especially
fun. A-Ranking in Sonic Heroes is, like in Sonic Adventure 2, very challenging and if you get your A-rank, you usually really
have deserved it. While still being more challenging and fun than A-ranking in any of the later Sonic games, like Shadow the
Hedgehog and Sonic 06, it is not as frostrating as in Sonic Adventure 2, making it, at least for my taste, the most fun
A-ranking in any 3D Sonic game.

24) 25.05.04 - Sonic Advance 3

Platform: Nintendo Game Boy Advance

Zone: Chaos Angel

Act 1:
- Player: Quartz
- Record: 1:22:80 Minutes

Act 2:
- Player: Quartz
- Record: 1:28:80 Minutes

Act 3:
- Player: NintenDan
- Record: 1:06:85

Unfortunately, there is no video for the Boss-Act.

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
Sonic Advance 3, while still having a high emphasis on speed, has also a special emphasis on exploration. It also gives you a
lot of experimentation possibilities in the levels, depending on wihich characters you are playing with. However, the great
pain fron Sonic Advance 1 is back here, too: Running constantly into enemies. Sonic Advance 3 is actually a pretty mixed bag.
From one side, it has such freaking awesome zones like Chaos Angel, which can be seen in the videos. In the contrary to, I
dare say, ALL other zones in ANY Sonic Advance game, Chaos Angel does everything right: A very cool environment, a very cool
soundtrack, very fast gameplay, but still good platforming, lots of exploration possibilities and highly challenging. This
makes Chaos Angel one of my most favourit zones of all time! If only all zones in Sonic Advance 3 where like this! The game
has some few other good zones, too, like Ocean Palace and Cyber Track, but has also some very ugly looking and ugly sounding
zones, like Toy Kingdom and Twinkle Snow. Overall, I think many people consider this as the best Sonic Advance game, but I
enjoyed Sonic Advance 2 better. The fluency in Sonic Advance 2 is a very big plus for that game, which is unfortunately pretty
absent in the other Sonic Advacne games.

25) 15.11.05 - Sonic Rush

Platform: Nintendo Double Screen

Zone: Dead Line

Act 1:
- Player: Crowbar
- Record: 1:39:52 Minutes as Sonic

Very, very unfortunately, there is no video for Act 2.

Act 3:
- Player: SonicBoom92
- Record: 51000 Points as Sonic

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
Sonic 3 & Knuckles impossible to beat? Well, you may think so, but Sonic Rush is MY most favourite game ever, EVER! My
favourite quote from my self whenever it comes to say what I like about Sonic Rush just in a few lines: "I simply love the
hectic rush and the adrenalin-kick in Sonic Rush! I love it to collect S-ranks and make time records and feel like a
professional gamer! I love it to use every possible moment in the game to press buttons like a lunatic to perform tricks!
I love to race against my own ghost! I love it that I have never time for a rest and am always rushing! I love the incredibly
awesome soundtracks! I love all the variation that this game offers! And I just LOVE the whole cool feeling of the game!
No game in the world has ever managed to give me the same feeling!" I have actually written a full review of the game,
but it's only in German. If you are interested and can understand German, here is the link to my review:

26) 15.11.05 - Shadow the Hedgehog

Platforms: Nintendo Game Cube, Microsof X-Box, Sony Play Station 2

Stage: Gun Fortress Dark Mission

Player: Groudon199
Record: 66410

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
Unfortunately, Shadow the Hedgehog is very critisized because of very rediculous reasons. In my opinion, however, it is
definately better than all its previous 3D Sonic games. It hase a lot of very varied stages, some of them being even better
than the sonic-style stages in Sonic Adventure 2, some very kick-butt music and you also have a lot of experimentation
possibilities with all the available guns, vehicles, your chaos powers and the secret doors, which can be opened by finding secret
keys. Its biggest reason for beeing so critisized is its feature of gunplay, arguing that gunplay shouldn't be a part of any
Sonic game. People whinging about the gunplay are forgetting though, that gunplay has been present in Sonic games already
since Sonic Adventure. It had only been done in a not so obvious way. The gunplay in Shadow, however, is definately the most
fun. In fact, it IS very fun, considering how many possibilities each of the different types of guns give you. The only
really bad thing about Shadow the Hedgehog is its boss design. All bosses in this game are extremely lame.

27) 21.02.06 - Sonic Riders

Platform: Nintendo Game Cube, Microsoft X-Box, Sony Play Station 2, Personal Computer

Track: Sky Road

Player: Shadow Jacky
Record: 1:55:70 for 3 Laps

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
This is my 2nd most favourite racing game of all time, after Star Wars Racer, but I am generally not so interested in racing
games and haven't played many. Sonic Riders may appear extremely hard at the beginning, but when you get it, you got it. It is fairly fun to do
tricks in the air and try to use the shortcuts. Track design could be a little bit more varied, though.
This is the last Sonic game before Sonic reached his sweet 15.

28) 14.11.06 - Sonic the Hedgehog (06)

Platforms: Microsoft X-Box 360, Sony Play Station 3

Stage: Crisis City

Player: ShadowtheKid
Record: 158050 Points as Sonic on Very Hard

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
There we have it, the oh so hated Sonic 06! The biggest problem with this game is that it's unfinished. Yes, it was shipped
out before it was completed, because of several reasons. Even Sonic Team themselves admit that. I don't want to bother with
those reasons, though. Eventually, the result is one very glitchy game with very long loading times. But is that all? Well,
stubborn, blind, pessimistic people may think that. I am not saying that it is not a big flaw that the game is so glitchy,
but people who can see past those glitches should realize that there is a lot to like about the game. I have never played
the game myself, but I'm dying to! However, I have watched many videos and read a lot about this game and I believe I know it
quite well; even better than people who have played the game, but didn't invest much time on it. First of all, the gameplay
is definately not much worse than in the Sonic Adventures. In fact, it is just Sonic Adventure 3, which is kind of
disappointing again, since people where expecting something more revolutionary instead of a sequel. Disappointments because
of high expectations aside though, I think I would enjoy this game better than Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 and SOnic Heroes, though
I'm not sure if I will also enjoy it better than Shadow the Hedgehog. At least there is no Chao raising and no Big the
F***ing Cat! Actually, Shadow's, and especially Silver's gameplay seem to be pretty interesting. Sonic's gameplay anyway.
Everything else in the game other than the glitches and long loading times is also very sweet: The stunning
Music, the enchanting Story, the lovely characters and the beautiful presentation with breath-taking cutscenes, all are
evidence that the development team worked hard on this title. Again, this is no excuse for releasing the game before it's
finished and the fact that this game was disappointing due to high expectations is undeniable. Sonic 06 is really nothing
revolutionary. However, as a game on its own, it is very enjoyable and I can tell by my own experience that many people who
had the will to open their eyes ended up liking this game better than the Sonic Adventures. I am not saying everyone should
agree with that, since the Sonic Adventure games are very strong games on their own. What I'm trying to make clear though is
that if you enjoyed the Adventure games, you will most definately also enjoy Sonic 06, if you could only look past the
glitches. After all, when Sonic Adventure was released, it was a hell of a glitchy mess too, which mostly can be proven by
watching speedruns. But no one cared, since it was the first real 3D Sonic game and everyone was so excited and all. It's
actually not that unsimilar with Sonic 06: Not many people know that, but SOnic 06 was actually developed by completely
different people than those people who worked on past 3D Sonic games. This development team was completely new to making 3D
Sonic games and the Creative Director had also never made a Sonic game before. I think by giving this project to a different
department, Sonic Team tried to lead 3D Sonic games to a new direction. The result was an unexperienced team messing the game
up. It's not totally messed up, though, and has a lot of things to love, so, if you lake 3D Sonic games and you have a mind of
your own, be sure to give this game a try if you have any of the appropriate consles.

29) 21.11.06 - Sonic Rivals

Platform: Sony Play Station Portable

Zone: Crystal Mountain

Unfortunately, there is no video for Act 1.

Act 2:
- Player: SR73halo
- Record: ???

Unfortunately, there is no video for Act 3.

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
Many people mistake Sonic Rivals as a classical 2D Sonic Game. However, this game is NOT a usual Sonic-action-platformer, it
is a 1-on-1 racing game. I have never played the game myself and I probably never will, since I wouldn't buy a PSP just for
this game, but from what I've seen, Sonic Rivals is pretty fun as a racing game, but is very poor in platforming. After all,
this is a racing game, so only get this game if you are interested in fancy racing.

30) 20.02.07 - Sonic and the Secret Rings

Platform: Nintendo Wii

Stage: Levitated Ruin

Player: This is a walkthrough-video from Sonic Team personally!
Record: This video does not show how to get a time- or score-record, but how to get a relatively good score, while still
getting a gold medal. Note that in Secret Rings your score is indipendent of your time and the medal that you get at the end
of each mission is dependent on your time only. The time in this video is 3:07:86 minutes and the score is 6304 points.

For more walkthrough-videos by Sonic Team, have a look at the walkthrough:

Comment by Siavash Tazari:
Secret Rings is not a usual Sonic-style-action-platformer, it's a Sonic-style-action-platformer-role-playing-game and it's
UNDESCRIBABLY AWESOME! It is definately my most favourit 3D Sonic game and besides Sonic Rush my favourite game of all time!
It does not only give you all the excitement of a good Sonic game, but also a good amount of the excitement of a good RPG. It
gives you the impulse of reaching a level 99 Sonic all the same and you can create your ultimate imaginary classes, like the
ultimate Speed-Runner, the ultimate Score-Attacker or the ultimate ring-chainer. The game is also most definately the fastest
game ever created! At the beginning, it's actually really slow, but at the time Sonic reaches a high level, gets the
Hyper-Speed-Up Skill and the Crest of Wind, it becomes absolutely face-melting! It's already face-melting when watching the
videos, but if you are playing it yourself, you should be careful not to get a heart-stop because of over-excitement! It is
also the most varied 3D Sonic game and one of the most varied Sonic games generally. By its release, it was the best looking game on
the Wii and the music LITERALLY rocks the place! Don't believe me? Download the Adventure Disk and see for yourself: Be sure to check out the song "06. The Palace
that Was Found". There are only 2 litte downsides to the game: Despite the overall gorgeous music, the maintheme is rather
annoying and you have to listen to it all the time in the menues, which can also bee seen in the video. Also, you will
experience some very cheep and frustrating deaths every now and then, because of the on-rails gameplay and the wii-controls.
I really had liked it if you had the option to play Secret Rings with a gamecube-controller, since I prefere button-mashing
over the wii controls. Generally, I don't find the wii-remote-controls being anything special. It is fascinating at first,
but loses it's charm very fast. Still, there is so much awesomeness about Secret Rings that, after you really get into the
game, you can overlook the flaws. Be warned, though: This game may not be that enjoyable at lower levels!

Eventually, my most favourite games (not only between Sonic games) of all time which I will eternally love are by now the
following 4:
4. Sonic the Hedgehog CD - 1993
3. Sonic the Hedgehog (MD) - 1991
2. Sonic and the Secret Rings - 2007
1. Sonic Rush - 2005

To bring this history of Sonic games to an appropriate end, please watch this final cutscene of Sonic and the Secret Rings
(if you don't mind getting spoiled) and enjoy: :-)


I also created a list of all Sonic games up until Sonic and the Secret Rings, only inclueding non-edutainment, non-port, non-collection and non-mobile Sonic games:

01. Sonic the Hedgehog (MD)
02. Sonic the Hedgehog (MS/GG)
03. Sonic Eraser
04. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (MS/GG)
05. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (MD)
06. Sega Sonic the Hedgehog
07. Sonic the Hedgehog CD
08. Sonic & Tails
09. Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball (MD)
10. Doctor Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
11. Sega Sonic Cosmo Fighters
12. Sonic Drift
13. Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball (MS/GG)
14. Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles
15. Sonic & Tails 2
16. Sonic Drift 2
17. Knuckles' Chaotix
18. Tails' Sky Patrol
19. Tails Adventures
20. Sonic Labyrinth
21. Sonic the Fighters
22. Sonic 3D Blast
23. Sonic Blast
24. Sonic Jam
25. Sonic R
26. Sonic Adventure
27. Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure
28. Sonic Shuffle
29. Sonic Adventure 2
30. Sonic Advance
31. Sonic Advance 2
32. Sonic Pinball Party
33. Sonic Battle
34. Sonic Heroes
35. Sonic Advance 3
36. Sonic Rush
37. Shadow the Hedgehog
38. Sonic Riders
39. Sonic the Hedgehog (06)
40. Sonic Rivals
41. Sonic and the Secret Rings
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Re: Sonic the Hedgehog The First 15 Years & the Beginning of the Future
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2007, 02:15:26 pm »
holy crap...
my name has nothing to do with Shadow The Hedgehog

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Re: Sonic the Hedgehog The First 15 Years & the Beginning of the Future
« Reply #2 on: December 18, 2007, 10:55:56 am »
Shadow is indeed an underrated game that pretty much got maligned ever since it was announced. Of all the traditional 3D Sonic games, this one is by far the most polished. While 3D Sonic games are known for being buggy, this game has very few glitches to speak of. Let's also mention the camera, while incompetent is still by far the least blood thirsty camera in the franchise. The oh so-hated gunplay actually works quite well. The targeting system is WAY better than the useless targeting system seen in GTA 3 (try fighting in an intersection or interior of a building and you'll see what I mean) and Dead Rising. The guns actually add a layer of strategy to speed runs since picking the right weapon is vital. This also brings me to the new spin dash. Whiled hated by some for not being spammable, I love it for just that reason (you actually have to use strategy to get the most out of it). The game also has some pretty cool stages (Sky Troops, The Last Way, and Lava Shelter take the cake)

The game is still far from perfect. The rocket launchers should have had a lock on button since they are useless against the targets you would expect them to be the best against (flyers). The lock on missiles needed to move faster. Melee weapons should have had more ammo, running attacks, and a rising slash attack when rising out of a homing attack to make them anything besides from useless. The vehicles with exception to the jump mech and Black Volt (Panzer Dragoon style gameplay is fun) are flat out horrible. If anything, this game is guilty of making a horrible first impression. Westopolis is the worst first stage in recent 3D Sonic history. Not to mention most of the problems in the targeting system show up in the early weapons you get. These problems seem to go away once you start seeing M-16s and weapons of the same or greater range, leading me to believe that my "cone hypothesis" regarding the targeting system is indeed correct. While the game has some really terrific/creative stages, there are some stinkers (The Doom, Black Comet), not to mention the balance of good to crap stages is in favor of the good path, leading me to believe that ST put a lot more time and care into the levels in the good path compared to the evil path. Same thing can be said about the missions, with IMO the hero missions in general being more fun than the dark missions.

Sorry, but Sonic 06 is indeed a steaming turd. Take it from someone who has played the game. The fact that ST willingly releases an unfinished beta just to make an easy buck (then charge you for content that was supposed to be in the game in the first place) is reason enough to hate the game. If ST REALLY cared about the quality of the game, why haven't they released a patch that fixes the issues with the game (and added the content that was promised)? The only nice things I can say about this game are that the music is cool (the final boss theme is the most awesome thing to come out of a Sonic game), the bosses are cool, there's some nice level design, and Shadow's (when he's off the dang vehicles which control WORSE than the ShtH ones) demon hunter gameplay along with Blaze's gameplay are actually quite fun.
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