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Re: The genus-inspired Random Questions Topic
« Reply #30 on: October 21, 2007, 07:35:04 pm »
- What's your greatest fear? A: Dying and/or heights
- Most everybody on TSC has a screen name that really has no meaning to it, but sounds cooler or tougher than his/her real name. What's your personality like out in the real world? A: About the same. A mispelled Bonsai who's one seven short of a triple.
- When, where, and why is the last time you vomited? A: Honestly, I don't remember.
- Does anything that you see on a daily basis gross you out? What? A: UR FACE. Not really.
- Do you know what the integral of xexdx is (don't give the answer, or everybody'll know :P)? Do you care? A: No, I might google it when I'm bored.
- How often do you bathe or shower, and how well? Do you brush your teeth every night? A: ...Once...A...week. I shower really well though.
- What is your favorite color or colour? A: Blue is my favorate colour. (Side note: I'm from Texas. I just like colour better than color.)
- How are/were your grades in school/college? Mostly B's and A's.
- Are you socially awkward? A: Yesish. Only under certain cercumstances. Like girls and strangers. So...yes. ish. But I already said that.
- Do you have any deformities of which TSC would be interested in knowing? A: Well, my second toe is longer than my big toe. Is that intresting?
- Do you like your bed soft, firm, or in between. To what extent between? A: Between. Closer to firm than soft.
- Would you be able to live in the event that modern civilization/technology/structure collapses? A: Possibly.
- What are your religious beliefs? A: I'm still undecided.
- Do you honestly expect to be married by the age of thirty? Do you want to? A: I'm...not sure really. I would like to be, but...
- Do you listen to Music? If you do, how often? What's your least favorite genre of music? If you don't like that genre of music, do you at least understand why others do? (Be logical and respect the opinions of others, please >_>) A: Yes, I listen to Music. I mostly like happy songs, and a bit of techno. I hate rap (Other than Stronger by Kanye West, but only because it has HBFS by Daft Punk in it.) because there's too much swearing, too much bass, and I can't understand anything.

- In the same vein as the second Reality question, what is your screen name supposed to say about you, if anything? A:Nothing, really.
- Who on the site do you have a bit of a grudge against, either because of records or socially? A: I haven't ben around in about a year, but...Probably RPG. Don't ask me why, it was just the first name that came to my mind.
- You hear mentioning of Sonic Pocket Adventure, Sonic '06, or Chaotix in chat, and see the games being dissed. Do you know squat about the games, and do you comment on it (regardless of if you know anything)? A: Comment regardless.
- Shuffle charts are up! Do you weep, rejoice, complain, or simply not care? A: I say "wut?"
- What is your moral opinion on ROMs? A: I can dig it.
- Do you have certain cliques of people you talk to here more than others? Who? A: Not really.
- Who do you consider to be your competition? A: Nobody really.
- Do you care for hacks and fan games? If so, do you browse the Internet occasionally for new ones, or just follow whichever ones TSCers obsess about most? A: I like the good ones.
- Assume you and three other TSCers somehow become able to live each other's lives for a day. Which three do you live as, and why? A: NA

Fan Fiction (Don't start crying, it's not anything ridiculous. :P It's still questions about personality.)
- Assume you are given the ability to use any five of the following items at will, each of which will last 20 seconds and can't be rapid-fire used repeatedly without a minute's break or so:

Speed Sneaker---
Rocket Sneaker
Change monitor with Knuckles icon
Fire Shield---
Water Shield
Electric Shield---
Clock (assume it's functional, unlike in Sonic CD)---
No 1UPs, sorry. Which would you like, why, and what would you do with them?
- In a twist of fate that could only happen to a TSCer, you find a Chaos Emerald. Ignoring your Score, Ring, and Perfect Bonuses, what do you do with it, whether for fun or serious matters? (I strongly advise against selling/giving it away lest the government or some terrorist get it, but hell, it's a fake fanfic, do what you please) A: Screw with poeple's minds.
- After the above question, you played enough Sonic Adventure 2 to know that the emeralds can be used as magnets to locate one another, you smart cookie. You find them all; what would you do with them now? A: Fly. ^_^
- After the above question, aliens invade your hometown and start blowing things up for an unknown reason. You have the power to do whatever you want; how do you react? A: I forget about the emeralds and scream.

genus' Gallery of WTF
- You're a serial killer. What group of people do you kill, and why? A: Homeless. They all stoll mah moneys.
- All of a sudden while you're vacationing in Bermuda, you realize you left your pilot light and stereo on, and that just weeks ago you got a souped up insurance policy that covers explosions. What do you do? A: Leave it. It won't explode. Reall- *Ring! Ring!* I answer the phone.
- You just killed a man for an unknown reason, and need to get rid of his body. Where do you go to hide the body, and why? A: Among homeless.
- You are visited by the deity of your choice, and told you will be granted the power to restore life at will if you murder your favorite person, who you can never bring back. Do you? A: Nein.
- You decide to kill yourself. How do you do it, and why? A: Gunshot to the head. Quick, easy, painless.
- You're working in an eyeglass factory as a trained optometrist, filling an expensive custom order from a nearsighted and affluent client, when without warning his left and right eyes explode and he's rushed to the hospital. Your boss tells you you have to get the money for the glasses and your tip, and to deliver the box for laughs. How do you get him to cough up his due? A: Ask him.
- What's the best thing you've never done? A: UR MOM.

Well, that was fun.

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Re: The genus-inspired Random Questions Topic
« Reply #31 on: November 11, 2007, 10:43:19 pm »
Given as this topic is pure awesome, and that I have a mildly interesting new question for you, I have decided to ask this:

How confident are youof your TA'ing (or RA'ing, SA'ing and all that other fun stuff) ability? Do you overestimate yourself, or are you on the other edge, and underestimate yourself? Or do you feel fine with how you do now?

Answers kthx.

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Re: The genus-inspired Random Questions Topic
« Reply #32 on: November 12, 2007, 05:50:55 am »
Mike's questions...

---  TSC, to me, is just like any of the hacking-crews I hang with: I'm here for the people and to contribute to the society and it's purpose if the opportunity presents itself...  Like Mike, I'm pro-lowering-of-stats, not pro-me

--- Who the fuck cares?  as long as we're all sonic fans, I wish every last ugly, cheap-ass bastard here all the best ^_^

--- I play Soccer, Hockey, and compete in Kendo (used to), Archery (used to), and a number of more mundane things (cup stacking and the like)... I hate the idea of major-league sports... not until virtual-sporting is confirmed as a sport and we get the same paychecks at major-league football players get will I back them in their endeavors...

yeah, I'm jealous... that they're more accepted... 'cause we're WAY BETTER@!
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Re: The genus-inspired Random Questions Topic
« Reply #33 on: November 12, 2007, 10:58:10 pm »
Achlys: I think I underestimate my abilities, but there's plenty of truth to my overall low opinion of my skills. :O

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Re: The genus-inspired Random Questions Topic
« Reply #34 on: November 12, 2007, 11:14:21 pm »
Achlys: This is something I've wanted to address for a while. I am top of the Sitewide Rankings by a long way and it's been that way since they were introduced. However I only have one championship in an obscure game... It seems that I can consistently get to a high level but not high enough to challenge the eredanis and SJs and stanskis of this world.

With that in mind, do I really deserve to be considered the best on TSC (and particularly by that margin)? I don't think so. While the sitewides are representative of a wide repertoire (which even I will agree that I have), I think the best players are those that set those seemingly impossible stats, like the aforementioned triumvirate. I don't believe I'm good at that - the reason I was never that good at Sonic 1, for example, is that I can maintain a high standard of play for a long time, but not an excellent standard for a short time.

As for whether I actually underestimate myself, that's for you to decide. I think that until eredani came to TSC I definitely overestimated my ability, but now with better players and the TASes available to us, we all have a clearer idea of just what is possible in these games.

<3 Thorn.

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Re: The genus-inspired Random Questions Topic
« Reply #35 on: November 14, 2007, 02:04:35 pm »
^ I think you're understating the importance of putting forth an effort in a wide range of games, though. You basically admitted you're good over "a wide repertoire", then shot it down without giving yourself any credit. So you don't have a specialty... who cares? Specialties are nice, but if you can't adapt to what's up-and-coming, then you're stuck when a game becomes less popular over time. Tbh I'm surprised that Heroes is as popular and weighted as it is, and I think over time it's going to see less new competitors. But the original Sonic games -- which you are damned good at -- are going to last for quite a while. You consistently put out great stats over twenty-odd games, and RPG and I put out good to great over about 30 games, so methinks there's a damned good reason the rankings are ordered as we see them.

...oh yeah, I was supposed to answer a question... um, I guess I underestimate my stats on occasion? I usually play a level a few times only to put out bad stats and give up. I'll return to the level later and get a good stat first try, then wonder why I didn't think I could get it before.
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