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Master System converter?


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Master System converter?
« on: August 23, 2007, 11:01:18 am »
I recently downloaded a Sonic Chaos SMS ROM for reasons I forgot. It was a lot better than the GG version, and I might be interested in TAing it. While there is no lack of the game at ebay, I also consider getting the Power Base Converter for Mega Drive because I don't want to have another console around (my SMS2).
But, I read something about it having compatibility problems with the SEGA Mega Drive 2, which is the only version of the console I happen to own. Could someone please tell me what these problems are? Do some games fail? Does the adapter work at all?

EDIT: Thanks to Upthorn for telling me on the channel. Seems I dio have to dig up my Master System II again. :(

Also I hate SEGA for not making a Master System version of Triple Trouble. That would have f***ing owned on the bigger screen. :(
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