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« on: February 26, 2004, 11:00:14 am »
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« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2004, 11:43:14 am »
Okay then, while I'm at it, are there any other games anyone wants scores added to?

You added a Knuckles Chaotix section so that Sadistic Mystic could have all first places and claim 100% (for the time being).

You're not very nice, you know.
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Spinball is inherently broken when it comes to score count.  Nothing stops the player from getting into a controlled loop of, say, 25000 points each time (and unlike levels such as City Escape in SA2 which have similar infinite-point capabilities, Spinball isn't conducive to to any extra restrictions that would still be fair).

That, and total score would also need to add up the inter-level bonus stages (one of which is odd and gives out non-round bonuses of 464 points at three times over the course of play) plus the Multiball stage (which can be played up to four times in a single game).

For Sonic 2, Knuckles is identical to Sonic when it comes to special stages.

And Chaotix is still open to anyone.  If you want a record, go try for one.
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