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News and Updates / Re: Oh, boy! The hype is real!
« on: August 13, 2017, 03:18:20 pm »
I can just say that there's finally a Sonic game that I'm really looking forward to. The toughest thing for me will be preventing myself from watching those leaked walkthroughs of the game; and since I'm not one of those lucky Switch/PS4 owners I have to wait even longer. Oh well. Hope to take part in game charts at some point!

Also, there's some funny stuff on Mania; one of my friends has shown me that recently. (which is probably not very appropriate to post here, but there aren't any other Mania-related topics so why not)

Hiya Folks / Re: Hey! Listen!
« on: March 24, 2016, 03:01:44 pm »
About time I posted something on a TSC forum, but like whatever.

If you just would like to fill the charts and get a high rank in Advance games, pick any one of them, they are all great. Remember though, Advance 2 scores will take a lot of your time (if you want to get a decent rank of course) and you won't enjoy it at all. Either way, choose whatever you like.

If you're going to try beating time records, then you'll have to try your best. I'm currently trying to improve some of my Advance 2 times (and I sincerely hope that Combo will come back one day and try to get back his 0p leadership which he cares about a lot). Also, I always care for my own Advance 1 time leadership (ring/score charts too), so I'm ready to defend it at any time someone decides to take it.

Long story short: if you want competition, go and play either 1st or 2nd.

Good luck and have fun in competing.

News and Updates / Re: TSC has an official YouTube channel!
« on: October 11, 2010, 01:17:38 pm »
Thank you, Zeupar.

General Sonic / Re: Merry Christmas in your language!
« on: December 27, 2009, 04:26:50 am »
Russian: С рождеством!

Wikkity! / Re: My Yard!
« on: May 16, 2009, 01:38:52 pm »
lol that's right. anyway I'm glad that my little help was useful for you.

Wikkity! / Re: My Yard!
« on: May 16, 2009, 01:43:22 am »
That might be caterpillars of gipsy moth (lymantria dispar). They are very dangerous for trees. I'm not sure though, so click this photo to compare.

Anyway you are to remove those guys away, they are certainly not there to decorate your beautiful tree :(

Wikkity! / Re: ITT What Are You Listening To With A Hint Of Twist!?
« on: April 11, 2009, 10:44:33 am »
Brilliant song. Really. And the voice is very pleasant. I think it's an example of a song which you can listen to over and over again.

Anyway, I post a song for those who didn't watch BlueArremer's Casino Paradise 2 video, or for those who did, but cannot find the song.

Initial D - Stop Yourself Control

Wikkity! / Re: ITT What Are You Listening To With A Hint Of Twist!?
« on: April 04, 2009, 02:58:29 am »
I'm actually listening to Corn Mouth (or Carn Marth) by Aphex Twin as I type this, but I can't find a good version on Youtube, so here's Girl/Boy Song from the same album instead.
Funny beginning and a nice song, though the whole video was a bit irritating to watch. Honestly, most of all I liked the very first song in this topic.

One of my favourite songs:
Joe Dassin - À toi

Also I won't be Russian without posting a russian song:
Vladimir Visotskiy - Pesenka o sluhah
Vladimir Visotskiy was our best singer. I love his songs very much.

Competition Central / Re: Record Ranking Project
« on: December 25, 2008, 12:54:57 am »
- Neo Green Hill 2 - Knuckles - 63100 points by truesonic53 <- And he said it was not that hard. >_>
Yes that wasn't. Just finish under 50 seconds and get 40 from the random ring box. <_<

Oh, forgot about that random ring box at the very beginning of the stage. >_< So we have another luck-based score attack. :( Anyway, that box refuses to give you 40 rings on Game Start mode. Did you get your record on Game Start mode or on Time Attack mode?
Well, I had the similar problem with the random box and so I decided to try a new thing. I noticed that if I start the game from the first level, the box in the second starts giving me a good amount of rings. Since I got the score record just after I got the time record, it wasn't a problem for me to get under 50 seconds and it didn't take many attempts to do. And of course that was happening in Game start mode.

By the way, speaking about this topic and more "generous" random boxes in Time Attack mode, I see that you got all your rings and scores in Game Start mode and want anyone else to do it just to put everyone into the same conditions. I don't understand why not to create these conditions in TA mode just to make score attacking more comfortable and more attractive to those players who are tired to press A+B+Start+Select every time they fail.
By the way, check your video at YouTube, you will notice something odd. xD
Damn, had to remove that. Hope this won't happen with my other videos. Anyway I will make another video of this, since it seems to me that like the perfect time on Aero Egg is 5:50, the perfect time on TA53 must be 55:50. Once uploading it, I will use some new tags <_<
MM-D...really truesonic?

man, I should knock it down some more then :(
I don't know if this record can be improved, I'm sure it is almost perfect...

I should keep myself quiet instead of saying that Shadow Jacky cannot improve any SH record D:

Competition Central / Re: Record Ranking Project
« on: December 24, 2008, 01:05:15 pm »
MM-D...really truesonic?

man, I should knock it down some more then :(
You have many awesome records in Sonic Heroes, but this one is my favourite. That's why I put it into my own top ten. I don't say it's the best one, but at least I'm 100% sure that one of your records should take place in the final top ten.

Also I don't know if this record can be improved, I'm sure it is almost perfect...

Competition Central / Re: Record Ranking Project
« on: December 24, 2008, 09:42:18 am »
I think that the best way to start this is making categories; it makes no sense comparing time, score, ring, boss and special records between them.
Good point. I will also emphasize some of the records on this site and make my own top ten best records. I won't enumerate the criterias which help to determine a great record because I think they have already been mentioned. But at first I will comment some of Zeupar's statements because he pointed out some of my unappreciable records.

- Secret Base Act 2 - Knuckles - 1:09:12 by truesonic53 <- This is the kind of crazy times the best Sonic Advance player achieves.
Thanks. But the only record that I consider to be really great is Neo Green Hill 2 Knuckles. I'm sure this record will remain unbeatable, since I used a new boss strategy which I'll tell about when I get back to competing in Advance and make the competition grow.

I will also mention Angel Island 1 as Amy by Quartz (Sonic Advance). In his video of this level he makes only one minor mistake at the end, which makes even more questions about how he managed to do almost 4 seconds better.
- Neo Green Hill 2 - Knuckles - 63100 points by truesonic53 <- And he said it was not that hard. >_>
Yes that wasn't. Just finish under 50 seconds and get 40 from the random ring box. <_<
- Special Stage 7 - 232 rings by Sonic62 <- This stage is annoying and he got many rings.
I've got about 235 rings long time ago, but I don't remember exactly so I won't submit that until I beat this record again.
- True Area 53 - 0:55:52 by truesonic53 <- It is his favourite stage of all Sonic games (:s), so he had to rape it. A TAS of this stage by nitsuja would prove how good is this time .
Ehh, Zeupar, it is not so hard. I've repeated this record many times. And first time I did it when I didn't know what TSC record was. In fact, I can't quite understand why nobody repeated my time yet.
- Nonaggression - 0:39:43 by TBF Bri 10 <- This record is so good that I wonder if it is even possible.
Haven't you find it on Youtube yet?

Now I will make my own top ten TSC records.
10) RPGnutter - XX zone Cream (Sonic Advance 2)
9) Zeupar - Egg Bomber Tank Amy (Sonic Advance 2)
8) TBF Bri 10 - Nonaggression (Sonic Advance 3)
7) Quartz - Ocean Base 1 (Sonic Advance 3)
6) Shadow Jacky - Mystic Mansion Team Dark (Sonic Heroes)
5) Paragod - City Escape 1 (SA2B)
4) Judgement - Leaf Forest Sonic (Sonic Advance 2)
3) NintenDan - Neo Green Hill 1 Sonic 359 rings (Sonic Advance)
2) Jawzun - Emerald Coast Sonic (SADX)
1) Paragod - Green Hill (SA2B)

Competition Central / Re: Eredani returns? An explanation.
« on: December 11, 2008, 01:46:22 pm »
Man. I have to start submitting for SAdvance again! So I can beat your records. Man your records are good, I must beat you!
Do you mean my records? Well, not really, most of my records are really beatable. I will be glad if Sonic Advance will be a more competitive game. Hopefully you will get a high rank there, and be among the leaders.

Competition Central / Re: Eredani returns? An explanation.
« on: December 11, 2008, 12:08:19 pm »
Welcome back. Good luck in setting more world records in your favourite stages. Remember that regardless of what you say, nobody has a doubt about your awesome competitive abilities.

Competition Central / Re: Our competition goals.
« on: November 12, 2008, 02:56:58 am »
I don’t have enough time to play sonic games now, so for me it sounds like “what will I do if I cope with my laziness and organize my schedule to leave some time for competing”. If that happens, here are my competition goals:

Sonic Advance:
1) My main goal is actually to keep my leadership in Times. About a half of my times were done on emulator, so maybe I will buy a new GBA to improve them and make them close to perfect. For me it is more important than taking the championship, which is my second goal :P
2) Don’t you agree Zeupar?

Sonic Advance 2:
1) Fill time charts (hopefully my times will be as good as in Leaf Forest)
2) Get a perfect time on Egg Hammer Tank II as Sonic

Sonic Advance 3:
1) Fill ring charts and get #2 overall
2) Get a red time on Altar Emerald (I still wonder how Mike got his time using Sonic and Knuckles)

Sonic Heroes:
1) Ring attack all levels properly
2) Pass all extra missions (red or orange)
3) Get a red time on Casino Park with Chaotix
4) Get over 80% overall

Sonic Battle:
1) Fill score charts (yellow or better)

Bugs / Re: Missing comments on history of the records
« on: May 13, 2008, 11:13:47 am »
Yeah, I noticed the similar thing too:

Look at Quartz's comment on Neo green hill 2 as Amy, then see the history of this comment. You'll find it changing completely :o

General Sonic / Re: Sonic Heroes vid requests.
« on: April 23, 2008, 08:25:33 am »
Wow, that must be great. I really would like to see some of your Team Dark speed runs. Especially ones in Casino Park and Lost Jungle. And maybe Hang Castle too. It seems impossible to me to get under 3 minutes there. Hope to find the answer soon on your YouTube channel:)

Hiya Folks / Re: Hello.
« on: April 19, 2008, 02:11:17 pm »
Your favourite stage? :s Anyway... What? Sub-56 seconds on True Area 53? Vidded? ZOMG, I HAVE TO WATCH THAT. I can't imagine how the hell did you get that, I thought my time bordered on perfection due to my lucky last hit.

Whee, I finally uploaded my speed run on YouTube! I'm so happy; I can now upload some more Sonic advance videos to prove my records :D

Well, here it is:

This is not my best time, but my record is only 3 milliseconds better. This strategy is quite easy, and I hope you'll figure how to do it.


Hiya Folks / Re: Hello.
« on: April 19, 2008, 12:41:22 am »

Wow. Now I'm looking forward to see how good they are. If you want Sonic Advance championship you will need to fight hard. >:O Anyway, to get it your problem will be Ninty's awesome times more than my score/rings records, I can assure you.

You say you plan to register on YouTube soon. Are you going to make Sonic Advace videos? That would be awesome. :D

I really love watching your awesome speed runs, and I also want to upload some videos of my records soon, not only to prove my times, but also for your amusement. But I'm planning to start with...guess what? Of course, TrueArea53. You probably noticed that my nickname is related with the title of this awesome level. This is my favourite stage in all games for all time, and I also managed to get sub 56 there... Anyway, as soon as I register on YouTube, I'll try to upload that video at first.

another heroes player...dont take mah records!

I never TAed Sonic Heroes properly. I have some average stats as Team Sonic, but I can't even get close to your records. Maybe with bosses... Oh, and I hate Team Rose too. My favourite is Team Dark, and I really enjoyed your Mystic Mansion speed run.

Hiya Folks / Re: Hello.
« on: April 18, 2008, 08:02:13 am »

I'm happy; I could get finally some competition on Sonic Advance because your first submissions for this game are quite good.

Thank you very much for your welcome. Also thanks for your compliments about my Sadv stats. However, some of my other stats are better then those. I even have some world records in this game. I'm also planning to become a champion of Sonic advance, but it will be insane for me to do this, because you're very good in rings and score charts.

How did I find this site? Well, it's a long story. When I knew nothing about TSC(I was just interested in sonic games), I found a video of sonic advance 2 speed run by Douglas on YouTube (I'm not a member of YouTube, but I plan to register soon). Douglas always writes in a description of his videos: "Done for". So I decided to check this site out. At that time(it was actually about 2 years ago) I had some stats in Sonic Battle and I decided to compare them with TSC records. At that moment the record in level 3 as Sonic was 390788 by magnum12, and mine was(and still is) 397435. It was a big surprise for me, and I started visiting TSC regularly as a guest.

Hiya Folks / Hello.
« on: April 18, 2008, 07:16:16 am »
   Hello guys.

   I used to be a regular guest on this site, and finally decided to join. I found soniccenter as the best place to compete in sonic games, and I also came here to find new friends (hopefully).
   My favourite sonic game is Sonic Advance 2, though I mainly play Sonic Advance now(I also have some good stats there). I also have Sonic Advance 3, Sonic Battle and Sonic Heroes.

   Oh, and my english is very bad, because I'm from Russia. So I apologise for my poor language.

   It's nice to meet you all.

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