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Hiya Folks / Re: Judge Dredd has arrived
« on: March 02, 2010, 11:56:49 pm »
Judge Dredd would own Pheonix Wright. So that's why :) don't objection the Judges! They has the power to execute you on the spot! Yay welcome to the year of where earth is very corrupted and government has gone to the sharks and is in not any control, climates are harsh, the Earth is cursed, and yeah Phoenix Wright won't stand a chance out in Judge Dredd's job(s). I've played this game too and beat it (hard game it actually gets to be o: and to furfilll both objectives on each level to 100% the game is hard enough. (I didn't 100% the game yet but did beat it, last level was difficult to figure out until thank you GameFaqs) (and there are only 2 cheats in the ggame, neither of them will save you from dying if not careful, thhere's only Energy Recover and Level Select. and the Energy Recover is slow to fill back up actually)

Hiya Folks / Re: Judge Dredd has arrived
« on: March 02, 2010, 11:42:55 pm »
Welcome to TSC ^^. Judge Dredd eh? Nice to know another Dredd fan, i still is tryiing to find the movie. (Youtube plays very poorly on my compy. i hates this computer x) even though it runs alright. ) Hopes Competing here will be a good fun. In-fact me coming back after 2 months of a disappearance, i can do more here too. (Just trying to lift this hiatus i've been having for awhile. *sighs*)

Primary Objectives: Get Back to Competition, Get control of my hiatus problem and get a new DS.

Secondary Objective: Arrest or Sentence all perps.

That is all...good luck. (Judge Maru of the High Council)

News and Updates / Re: Happy 6th Birthday TSC!
« on: October 24, 2009, 01:58:08 pm »
This means in 3~4 months, I'll have been here six years. I don't know whether to celebrate or to kill myself. :D D:

Why not both? 8D

Also happy 6th TSC. May pedobear be with you another 12 long years.

the cake is a lie :(
yay for 6 years <:o
I Brought Pie! It certainly won't die!

I can say happy 6th TSC :) heh

Wikkity! / Re: Official Utterly Long and Boring Chatroom Log Segments
« on: June 09, 2009, 01:48:25 am »
Ironically, this topic is called: "Official Utterly Long and Boring Chatroom Log Segments" So if that was an unfunny log then it belongs here. But it definitely is not long at all.

*runs away unnoticed and even if someone noticed it was their imagination

flyby's League / Re: Interest in Summer League
« on: June 08, 2009, 04:25:23 pm »
I guess I will do the summer league too. I have nothing else better to do in competition wise.  So why not, I'm game. Someone like me has to take to the chances seriously and get into the fun of it all. So yeah I will be in this one as it looks. I'd also look for a partner this time if "he" does want to be this one too. If not then It would be me alone unless Faire makes it back but he said he'd be gone for awhile so that won't happen.

Wikkity! / Re: HATE!
« on: June 08, 2009, 01:14:04 pm »
What happened last night when I stepped out of the chat? I wonder what this is about? Anyways. There weren't enough options, if you allowed more than one vote per person then I wouldn't have to do this. So out of the fun of it all, I will...

*NOTshoot Dhaos

Wikkity! / Re: Passing By
« on: June 05, 2009, 01:56:30 am »
He leaves without making his last post... You said you would do that! Oh well then, see ya.

Board Games / Re: Pick Up the Phone Booth and TSC
« on: June 05, 2009, 01:32:36 am »
What if you were on a deserted island, and found 7 phone booths, and ominously they all ring. When you go to pick it up, no one is there, but it still rings. What you do?

Information Kiosk / Re: My fan fiction
« on: June 04, 2009, 06:43:55 pm »
Take it to Gamespot forums or forums. Not here or make a seperate Forum Group based on fan-fiction such as Sonic 06 Appreciation Land.

Hiya Folks / Re: I just joined today! :D
« on: June 02, 2009, 05:09:59 am »
Another Sonicfan? I was sure I was the last one! Well that's why I ended up changing my name 5 times.

Wikkity! / Re: TSC's Got Talent?
« on: June 01, 2009, 06:41:05 am »
Well I have talents in keyboard playing. I do rather sing just not around people. I actually am good when I am doing it at the best of my day. I do happen to play drums (no drums D:) but two fingers together on my desk equals this,  but getting drums isn't that bad either (let's just hope my neighbors don't mind constant drummings :D) I have talents in Espionage and Skulking. (Why not? I am a ninja). TSC Band? Surely we can come up with something err better named? Just don't ask me about it.

Leaderboard Disputes / Re: ATTN: dad3i (again)
« on: May 31, 2009, 11:23:25 am »
Dad3i just umm try to do these things again, then if you found a friend that can help you out getting the picture.

Just try getting somewhere close to the same times you had here. XX:XX:XX <---- I would like this in the hundredths section. What ever you had for the boss times in minutes and seconds must be the same (not higher or lower), but your hundredths section should be at least in the same intervals (you know :10-:20, or :60-:70) take the photo there.

As for the rings in SonicAdvance, >_> try to get them again then pause it, get the camera ready, then you know the rest, (get to the end and take the photo)

These will take some time I know. (I certainly remember someone having to come to my house to help him prove stats and this took him about a week to get to this point. I won't mention names).

I certainly hope you get the proof, I really don't want you banned for not being able to get proof in time... (As it were he is now but his stats are still up) Just follow my instructions and you might get out of this hole. Remember: SA2B times: Getting the times back: do it again...try to get as close to your record as possible iin centiseconds (or hundredths seconds) and take photo at the stat screen at the finish.

SonicAdv:do this again (and I know it is a pain to redo RAs). Get to the end, and take photo.

After getting them photos, upload them to your computer. Next go down to the Additional Options on the reply screen, find the attach part, browse, find files, then attach, then post. (IF you prefer to use Photobucket, then get an account there (it's free) then upload them there and then copy/paste the link to it which is up in the address bar. Because some people can't attach files here. (Such as me >_>) (I use Phtobucket to get proof photos here or anywhere) then your through and wait patiently for the final judgment.

Leaderboard Disputes / Re: ATTN: sneak
« on: May 30, 2009, 11:43:19 am »
uh: 32:00:00! What? This has to be a fake or typo time.

Wikkity! / Re: Passing By
« on: May 28, 2009, 03:15:27 pm »
Oh really? Well then I guess I can say goodbye to you for those 3 months you are gone on here. Still it doesn't mean you won't hone your abilities and get better? Of course not. I do hope to see you around sometime in the summer.

I really think there should be more than just half sonic and sega, why not get other characters from more SEGA games? Such as Kid Chameleon (That was in the Sega Smash Pack i believe), or Virtua Fighter (I could see Akira or Jacky getting a spot), there's other awesome SEGA characters that should have been included. You know? Or other characters from other popular sega games back in the Dreamcast era that were great. I hope NiGHTs makes it in too. He was in Superstar Tennis so why not this?

Yeah a Sonic R sequel or Sonic Drift 2 sequel should make it out. But I'm more lean on Sonic R sequel, if this happens to be just like Mario Kart for the wii, maybe it won't be so bad. Diddy Kong Racing wasn't bad either. Crash Team Racing as well.

General Sonic / Re: Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood
« on: May 19, 2009, 06:29:42 pm »
I have it and am playing it currently.

Right now I am pretty much I think at the second time you fight Ix. And my characters are under level 20. But I got through. What I don't like is sometimes the pow moves. For certain moves it gets really tough (espcially when there are alot of them or they go fast!) I do use the Chao equipment. Some of them are worth zip some are very good to have. (Regeneration of Health or PP) Better chances for Ambushing opponents, better chances to hit the opponent (Luck). The leveling system is different for each character, some are slower some are faster to go up.

For Nocturnes Fire, Ice, Earth, and Lightning are super effective. So I use Fire Chao on knuckles, and the Ice Ring on Shade. I use Omega's Flamethrower alot, Chaos Rift for Shadow is pretty good for fast battles, but don't work on Event Battles. But takes a chunk of your pp if underleveled. Like me where most of my characters are at 18 or 19 possibly 20.

For N'rrgals: Tip: DEFEAT THEM QUICKLY!!! They hurt you they get their health back, worse than the Nocturnes doing so.

For Voxai: Not bad of enemies, but poisoning effects something (But I have loads of antidote)

For Kron: It's been long since I fought them...
For Zoah: I hated them because they damage you hard and they have a bunch of shield breakers
For Gizoids: I hate them, but are easy except for the Gizoid Prefects (That was difficult, 1st time I fought the blue one, I damaged 1 hp each time) ANd the other Gizoids where Tails had to find these 4 special Gizoids that were deactive to save Knuckles. Before that, the fight with one was....

Sonic: I always use Axe Kick at times, Blue Bomber and Fastball usually.
Tails: Good supporter
Cream: I don't use much
Big: Great defense
Omega: Counter-free moves
Knuckles and Shade: What can I say?
Shadow: Helpful POW moves.
Rouge: I use sometimes
Eggman: Bombardment ftw!
(Did I get all)

The one that annoyed me was Metropolis and possibly some others.

POW Moves: Great to use, just must watch PP consumption

I rarely use Defend option
Items: I use a bunch, some I don't.
... Final Score: 7.6

Leaderboard Disputes / Re: ATTN: dad3i - Phony SA2 Race Times
« on: May 01, 2009, 06:34:15 pm »
Well don't end it now yet. I was b& over a year ago and I still am alive here. Just for one thing, you are going to cut and run? I'm not saying that you 'have' to stay here. It's totally your choice. Don't take this little thing to hard. You can come back as a better person and your chances of 'parole' will increase. (Mine have just not so much -_-) Do well Dad3i, I would suggest taking part in Cyberscore as an alternative. Just don't mess things up over there. Which I don't. (In fact I haven't submitted anything there since February). THings are slower over there so climbing ranks is easier, but don't let that get to your head.

Well good luck to then.

Leaderboard Disputes / Re: ATTN: dad3i - Phony SA2 Race Times
« on: April 27, 2009, 04:43:52 pm »
Those kart times seem legit. They're not fake I can tell. And the rings on that level. Yes, I think he's right.

Beef / Re: Please unban me
« on: April 25, 2009, 01:28:30 pm »
I mentioned that. It's lying to get out of trouble. You just happened to reiterate what I had said.

Beef / Re: Please unban me
« on: April 25, 2009, 12:33:40 pm »
Because people sometimes lie to get out of trouble. It's a difference to lawyer-type lying. You probably remember lying to your parents to get out of trouble.

If it was his life's need and he lied it really wasn't then. If he told the truth then he may have been in some trouble not as worse than lying and getting caught. 

Beef / Re: Please unban me
« on: April 24, 2009, 09:42:08 pm »
That's pretty much exactly what I did. and which was over a year go. And still I am not unb& and I pretty much don't think I will they said when I was more mature and then they'd unban but that didn't happen yet///So I hope things go well for you. (sigh) At least I'm am allowed in Flyby's league though ^_^ and the chatroom and the forum.

Wikkity! / Re: Sorting Topics: The Emerald Way?
« on: April 23, 2009, 07:48:01 pm »
I found this feature that it would be helpful for most people. It can help people find certain topics that are hot or popular, or poll topics you know? So I agree this should be done.

The boss stages on Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 were pretty much not much of a challenge at all. Sonic 3 and Knuckles had some really good boss designs. That's when they got fun to play. Angel Island Act 2 Boss fun and easy. (You just need a fire shield and you're good) Act 2 Boss of Hydrocity. Pretty fun, but harder with knuckles as he doesn't jump high and the timing for hitting the blasts is a little rough. Act 2 Boss of Marble Garden Can get up to 5 easy shots before he kills the ground with the fire shield on. 3-4 without. 1-3 without rings. Act 2 Boss of Carnival Night this was fun to play, all you need is a lightning shield and you will be pretty much set. Act 2 Boss of Sandopolis was fun to play. Fighting Super Mecha Sonic was also pretty fun. Doomsday Zone pretty fun and Death Egg Zone Boss 2 sweet. Act 1 bosses were also fun. Saying S3K stale is like saying the f-word six times to a mad-dictator that owns a POW camp.

Hiya Folks / Re: Hotdog trial lvl. 4: Introduce yourself to TSC
« on: April 13, 2009, 05:52:44 pm »
Wait wait, Sonic Genesis (GBA).... awesome? What kind of sick and twisted world is this!

That one should replace Sonic '06 then. Sonic '06 is Meh to alright for me. But Sonic Genesis (GBA) is 9001.

**me runs away*

Beef / Re: A prob
« on: April 12, 2009, 07:45:28 pm »
Eis when you get to this make sure you lock this as because this is solved. Ok. This is the last post of this topic. Starting now.

Wikkity! / Re: I'm in Rhode Island and TSC should entertain me!
« on: April 12, 2009, 02:00:26 pm »
I actually do know what is like to be banned from the chat already. (as a matter of fact I actually can;t submit either for awhile. And Eis was shot from the chat too until he could prove his stats. And people can joke about Obama being in a crash, and then two years later, it happens. I have seen these jokes before. ALso people laugh about car crashes even though it really isn't funny to the victim.

You see someone knows these. And a few members are banned forever. (Don't know about S&A (although he does make returns here) tho) and about 3/4 of the members here are dead (meaning not here anymore and are never really seen ever) (Some long-time-no-see members come back some do not.) So then.

Wikkity! / Re: I'm in Rhode Island and TSC should entertain me!
« on: April 12, 2009, 01:41:39 pm »
Look at people who do Stand-up comedy: They BS all the time on their jokes and what not. Jeff Foxworthy, Larry, etc. All bsers who enjoy joking.

Wikkity! / Re: I'm in Rhode Island and TSC should entertain me!
« on: April 12, 2009, 12:18:22 pm »
It can be funny if you used your imagination and whatnot. I do some work and I get badly criticized. W/e. Just that people here are just plain. Using other peoples work to be funny nothing of there own makings really. Except PPA's comics of course. And besides the chatroom format is of a different chatroom not using surreal, or mibbit. The one where it doesn;t show the time of the entry. At least I have my own ideas around here as well.

Wikkity! / Re: I'm in Rhode Island and TSC should entertain me!
« on: April 12, 2009, 11:53:27 am »
Nightmuse. Atleast post SOMETHING FROM THE CHAT THAT HAPPENED. And dont BS about it >_> sheesh
Use your imagination or something. IT didn't have to be true at all kid. It's like you don't have one at all.

Wikkity! / Re: I have a dream.
« on: April 12, 2009, 11:38:11 am »

1. Partake in a live action TA Duel in Green Hill 1. (yes I know donna did this alone  already, but eh)
2. Alert other TSCers that this is all a dream and that they can all do whatever they want.
3. Shoot Dhaos. Suck blood from the wound to gain awesome TAing skills.
4. Swap hands with Sondow.
5. See what kind of furry PPA is. Optionally, get injected with the furry virus.
6. See if mike is as tall as they say. 8'? 10'? 20'? Taller?
7. Join SkyLights in prayer and receive a blessing from Tikal. Is it a blessing of bliss? Enlightenment? Some special power? Orange soda?
8. Obtain a Banhammer, hold it to the sky, and shout "I HAVE THE POWER!".
9. Get bit by Werey and become a were-something.
10. After doing 9, follow this up by inflicting this fate on the rest of TSC.
11. know what, at this point you should have your own damned ideas.
Me and Werey were dueling on GH. And we made it possible to put a race option in the game for 2-players. I end up winning with 0:27, and Werey ended up with 0:29. (Ahh too bad Werey)
I did not alert the TSC members that this was a dream and let them find out themselves (I'm sure TSC has imaginations)
50 members shot Dhaos with Hot Coffee, Hot Cheese, Volcano Sauce, Jalapeno Sauce, Semi-Automatics, Gatling Gun, Stubby Shotguns, Pythons (Heavy Pistol, powerful for one-shot kills), Heavy Lobster attacked him as well (We were like WHO INVITED THE LOBSTER?). Here's ur 50 that shot him in order: (Pidgey is not one of the 50 because he got himself kicked out of the party the minute he came in! (He kissed flyby!!!! (and not on the cheeks or anywhere else, but the lips (sorry flyby) Rolken banhammered him and the rest you should figure out))
1. Rolken, 2: flyby, 3: Groudon199, 4: Nightmuse, 5: Eis The Dragon, 6: SadisticMystic 7: Taillow/Quartz, 8: Werey, 9: Darkspinessonic, 10: Thorn, 11: Kitsune, 12: Aitamen, 13: Alondite, 14: Cybrax (I found him), 15: PPA, 16: Douglas, 17: RPG (If PPA was coming, he had to bring RPG), 18: Cruizer, 19: SJ, 20: Spinballwizard, 21: magnum, 22: ieatatsonic, 23: DaleG, 24: SkyL, 25: yoshifan, 26: Nintendan, 27: Zeupar, 28: fuzzerd, 29: mike89, 30: GS, 31: eredani, 32: CodeGirl, 33: Crowbar, 34: Jaiku, 35: bertin, 36: eggFL, 37: ParaGod, 38: sonicandamy (Somehow he got invited), 39: Rick 242, 40: Blueblaze, 41: Judgement, 42: son1cgu1tar, 43: Jawz, 44: Paraxade, 45: Foxboy, 46: Koshibou, 47: OmegaDJ, 48: RR, 49: frankoredstrato, 50: (The last to shoot him was and is) (Drumroll plz) SonicAD! 51: Pidgey (He was peepin' through the window and shot through the window at him and then Pidgey got shot by HCC)

I saw wat kind of furry PPA is I saw him go on Fur Affinity on a laptop. (Btw, I see him on FA a few times for real) I didn't get infected although somehow GS and CodeGirl did. 3 people did SkyL's jump for Tikal. She disapproved 2. Approved one. and he flew. 1: SkyL, 2: PPA, 3: Jawzun. PPA flew. I took Rolken's banhammer and wanted to smack Sonicandamy. Gladly 3 people joined in. We put him hand tied on the see saw and I shot his ankle so he couldn't escape. We pounded the other end. He flew up pretty high and no one saw where he landed. I think he is still floating in space. (Takes out telescope) Yeah he is up in orbit about to get ban-satellited and he gets knocked down to earth and fell into Mt. Fuji.

ONly 2 people got wered: Some of us were infected but we could control it. the 2 unluckies: WereTaillow, WereTaco (RPG if you eat him now, you get infected)

We held this at flyby's secret hotel that she never told Rolken about, And it was in the town but hidden by a holographic camouflage walls. And that was it before I went to another dream.

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