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Wikkity! / TSCA2 Suggestion Thread
« on: September 26, 2012, 09:41:25 pm »

As some of you may have noticed, TSCA2 hasn't seen a release since July of last year. Much of this is due to the fact that RPG is always "busy" those involved in the project haven't really had the chance to discuss the various things regarding what's coming up. I have been debating for some time now whether the community should be brought in to help with suggestions, and after talking with RPG and Thorn about it it seems like the thing to do. I suppose it only makes sense that all of TSC should be involved with the making of a game about TSC.

This is pretty open-ended but right now I feel the more topics that are presented for suggestion the better. Recently we've decided to completely scrap the current Chapter 3 script so we are (almost) at the same place we were back in July 2011 (I say almost because I've been tweaking battle-related stuff since then).

Keep in mind that we do (surprisingly) have an overarching plot and that any plot-related suggestion that gets in the way of this will not be taken into consideration. Common sense applies to all suggestions. If something sounds iffy, you probably should not be suggesting it.

For the sake of organization I will be editing this post with various suggestions and will probably also be adding things I've done with the game this past year to maybe help people come up with suggestions.

For example:

The first image shows what we are currently using as the dialogue font, Comic Sans. This was chosen because it was the first thing that Thorn and RPG came up with (at almost exactly the same time, might I add) when I asked them we needed a more appropriate font for a TSC game (note that this is the font used in cutscenes in SA2(B)). I tried using this font for battle too, but the results were...less than satisfactory. I opted instead for what you see in the second image, Vipnagorgialla, the HUD font for SA2(B). And yes, I know the font overlap on the MP bars looks bad; that's why I removed the HP/MP/SP labels. Hope you can remember which number is which. :v

So...suggest away.

TSCA2 demo is now available for RPG Maker VX! If you liked the RPG Maker 2003 version or even the RPG Maker 2000 port you will love this one*!

The new demo which includes Chapter 2 is now out! Download (45.9 MB)

I still have the old demo from last year up as well, if anyone would like that as well. Download (37.6 MB)

These downloads contain everything needed to play the game, including the RPG Maker VX RTP. To run the game, simply open the Game.exe file, which has a unicorn icon.

Controls (note that this is meant to be played on a gamepad; the keys in parentheses are what the buttons are mapped to by default):
A (Shift) : Outside of battle, allows you to dash. Also used to speed up text during conversations.
B (X, Esc, Num 0) : Cancel. Also used to open the menu.
C (Z, Enter, Space) : Confirm.
X (A) : On the equip screen, removes the selected piece of equipment without having to select Unequip from the equipment list. On the field, it opens a special menu for using certain field items.
Y (S) : No effect.
Z (D) : No effect.
L (Q, Page Up) : In a long list (longer than a page), scrolls the list up one page.
R (W, Page Down) : In a long list, scrolls the list down one page.
Arrow keys - Moves the cursor in the direction specified. Also used to switch between characters in battle, and on status and equipment screens.
F1 - Opens the Game Properties window. Includes the options to play in full-screen, reduce screen flickering, turn music and sound on/off, and map buttons to your gamepad and keyboard.
F2 - Show FPS. Pretty self-explanatory. The magic number here is 60.
F12 - Resets the game. Brings you back to the title screen, as if you had pressed an invisible Reset button.

I call this a remake in that while most of the storyline and dungeon features are the same as the original version, I do change a few things around. I will also mention that, like the RM2000 port, there are secrets waiting to be found, but I doubt you'll find them...

Revision History:
0.04b - First public release.
0.04c - Fixed an issue regarding item interaction with Sondow.
0.04d - Added passive abilities, enabled magical critical hits, fixed a bug regarding surprise encounters.
0.04e - Changed functionality of Prevailing Wind, enabled auto-equipping of the Magatama.
0.04f - Bats now have a weaker version of Vampirism.
0.04g - Partial fix to certain events which crashed the game.
0.04h - Introduced the SP system.
0.05 - First public release of Chapter 2 demo.
0.05a - Decreased Triple Slash's damage and increased Sunburn's damage.

* not a guarantee

Wikkity! / TSCA for RPG Maker 2000!
« on: June 11, 2009, 01:15:08 pm »
So...basically, this came about as the result of me wanting to know how different an RPG Maker 2003 game would be if it were made on RPG Maker 2000. So naturally I decided to take TSCA 2.0 and "port" it to RM2000. It's not as simple as that, though: you can't just import an RM2003 game into RM2000--you have to recreate it from scratch.

I spent about 12 hours working on the first public build of TSCA2K, which I released in June 2009. I spent about 30 hours working on this version, and now I'm pleased to present to you the second public build of:

The basic download which (should) contains only the necessary files needed to run the game can be found here (3.06 MB), though as with all basic versions I can't guarantee it won't crash. Be sure to save when you can! This version lets you play through both Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.

Demo v1.01
This is the old version that I made in June 2009 and contains only Chapter 1. The basic download which contains only necessary files is here. (2.89 MB)

All necessary files are included so there is no need to download anything else. If the font is messed up while playing then apply the font patch which can be found here.

If you find any bugs that are specific to this version, please let me know. Bugs that are present in this version that were also present in the original (e.g. a certain event looping) should be addressed in the other topic.

Oh, and a few things on the mechanics of this version:
- This version is turn-based and does not feature ATB bars. As such, in a given turn, everyone will act exactly once. Battles should overall be faster on this version.
- HP can only go up to 999 in RM2000 so I had to take the liberty to change everyone's stats. Relatively, everyone is still just as powerful as they were in the original.
- Battle menus cannot be changed; as such, all of any one character's skills are in one menu. Sondow also has access to the Attack command, but since his Attack is mostly non-existent I can't recommend ever using it with him.
- When Prevailing Wind, Ale, Psigen and Psiphon are used, their respective statuses are applied after the commands have been selected on the following turn. So for example, if Ale is used on turn 1, the Drunk status won't be applied until you have selected the commands for turn 2. I had to do it this way because you cannot set positive statuses in RM2000 so I had to work around this with battle events.

While originally meant to be a "port" of the RM2003 version, this version and the 2003 version are essentially the same now except for the different battle systems.

Leaderboard Disputes / Wild Canyon Mission 1 Rings
« on: December 21, 2005, 12:21:25 am »
238 rings is not possible without digging up some rings, since the max is 173 for DC and 171 for GC.

Even if this score was meant for Mission 5, it'd still be bogus since it's still over the max for both versions (to my knowledge, at least).

This might just be a simple typing error, but even so, please change it, Sonikun.

Hiya Folks / Greetings, all!
« on: December 11, 2005, 10:17:40 pm »
Might as well see if anyone still comes here ever since validation was done away with...well, here we go...

Hi, I'm Zephyr and I'm a future competitor here. For now, I'm only TAing SA2(B), but I did practice a little on SAdv (although comparing my times to the times listed here, I'm gonna have to work MUCH harder). For SA2(B), I seem to be best with Tails's and Eggman's levels with regards to time (especially Hidden Base, Eternal Engine (especially Mission 1; probably one of my best levels), Lost Colony, and Weapons Bed), although I have also done exceptional with some other missions, like my sub-2:00 (even if just barely) time for Radical Highway, Mission 1. For score, I'm best with the treasure hunting levels, particularly Knux's. My weak points would probably be in Sonic's and Shadow's levels, particularly City Escape and Final Chase (I hate those levels... >_<)

Well, I think I've chattered enough...for now.

*waits to see if people actually see this*

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