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Competition Central / Sonic Free Riders charts (and discussion)
« on: March 18, 2011, 03:24:36 pm »
Since there's been some game discussion in the chat recently, I decided to list charts for it.

Category: Time Attack

  • Standard
  • Expert

  • Dolphin Resort
  • Rocky Ridge
  • Frozen Forest
  • Metropolis Speedway
  • Magma Rift
  • Forgotten Tomb
  • Final Factory
  • Metal City

No game-specific rules are needed. Times are in centiseconds.
For the title screen, I think the one on Retro would work.

Leaderboard Disputes / ATTN: dad3i (again)
« on: May 20, 2009, 07:40:34 pm »
You took a few Sonic Advance records lately, yet one arouses my suspicion.

"possible amount"?

In addition, sources tell me you have submitted some false stats to Sonic Adventure 2's Freestyle division.

Any explanation?

Rules Revisions / Sonic 06 rule additions [resolved]
« on: November 24, 2008, 07:51:39 pm »
I srsly wonder why nothing has been done by any mod to give any type of feedback on the S06 issues brought up since April (even though mike posted in one of the topics, nothing was actually done).  First off, the issues themselves.

Free roam:  A consensus was never reached on this issue, but I feel that a full ban of free roam would be appropriate.
Repeating town missions:  No-brainer for this.  Full ban.
Radical Train infinite points:  Posted in a topic separate from the above, a rule was thought up almost immediately and nothing was done.  Full ban on the exploit.

mike posted a quick sentence regarding the infinite-point thing.

Basically, you can keep going through the ring over and over again for point scalping.

Well, point scalping is never allowed. A bit of common sense is in order.

What about for those that lack common sense?

Anyway, here are the rules themselves.

Score Divisions
In a town mission, you may not earn any points when the mission is not loaded.
In a town mission, you may not complete the objective more than once in the same run.
You may not pass through a trick ring more than once.

Rings Divisions
When playing a town mission, you may not complete the objective more than once in the same run.

Any mod want to add the above rules?  Any user want to better word any of the rules?

Gaming and Grazing / My 360... {TOPIC HIJACKED?}
« on: November 06, 2008, 05:55:52 pm »
(seeing as how this is gaming-related [or at least gaming system-related], this is the best place I could think to put this)

I have no idea what is going on, but I think my 360 might RRoD any day now.  Why?  Read below.

This is how the start of Aquatic Base looks like in Sonic06 on a normal display.

This is the exact same location with the problem I'm having.


Now, before anyone says "well u broked ur 360 playing lolsonic06", I should let you know that I wasn't playing Sonic06 when I first encountered this issue.  I was playing Rock Band 2 (and the song "Still Alive", which is the end theme to Portal [which I beat recently]).  Right at the beginning of the mentioned song, the display started to ask all screwy.  Some lines began to appear, so I thought it was a disc issue.  After returning to the dashboard and finding that the display remained screwy, I reset the 360.  I resumed what I was doing before and the problem returned, but worse than before.  I read through's support page about an unclear image and did everything they said to do, but this issue kept returning (twice, the lines appeared right when the 360 logo appeared on boot).  It did this several times in Rock Band 2, once in Portal (specifically, Portal: Still Alive), once in the CoD5 multiplayer beta, and every time I tried to play Sonic06.  Sonic06 was the worst one, since the second image above was what resulted from it (which meant it was pretty much unplayable).  I personally think that GLaDOS is getting her revenge for me killing her over and over at the end of Portal (since it happened when playing the end theme to Portal).

Is this a sign my 360 is about to RRoD? :(

Bugs / Negative time online
« on: October 02, 2008, 09:32:48 pm »
I PMed GS about this, but apparently he doesn't read them unless someone tells him he has a PM (since I received no reply).

It seems I reached some type of limit in terms of Time Online, since I had over 50 days online before.  Now I'm down to negative minutes permanently.  Reached -1 minute, then it went up to -60.

I was just made aware via YouTube that it is possible to repeat town missions and get infinite ring and score totals.  I'm still doing some testing, but you need to get into "free roam" before and after finishing a town mission and... well, the vid explains the rest.

I think a rule should be added to make sure brokenness doesn't occur on the charts.

edit: I found out that this does not work on all missions, most notably Shadow's town missions you do in the city.  However, it's still broken.
edit2: It turns out DsS was aware of this back when the video was uploaded, but he did nothing about it.
edit3: Now about freeroam in general.

Leaderboard Disputes / attn: Shadows Apprentice.
« on: April 20, 2008, 12:11:06 pm »

Quote from: rules
Boss Divisions
Where available, the game's Time Attack mode is to be used for setting records.

Highly doubt those were gotten in TA.

Leaderboard Disputes / Attn: SonicFan0913
« on: February 29, 2008, 08:47:16 pm »
Rules state: In the Team battles, if the battle ends before you gain control of your team, your stat is void.

Though I know who you are IRL, I forgot to re-remind you to read the rules first.  Mind if you get a dummy time to replace this?

Leaderboard Disputes / teh bs for teh greatstar
« on: June 21, 2007, 04:22:20 pm »

'nuff said

[Text deleted for your personal safety]

EDIT: It was a Score. Nevermind. Nothing to see in this here post <_<

I just got the idea for this type of topic.  The rules are simple:  Use only one formation throughout the level.  You automatically switch to Flight on the bobsleds and trolleys,  so they don't count as switching formations for these challenges.  On levels where you can't switch out of Speed formation right away, switch to the necessary formation as soon as you gain control.  The TBG is not allowed, since it requires switching formations.  Death is not allowed, except for LJ-C, due to its complexity.  In team battles, you must knock all three off the battlefield without having the foes fall through the platform at the start.  When battling Metal Madness, you may use another formation to get all the possible power cores, but not to attack.  When battling Metal Madness, if the teammate you're using becomes trapped, use the character it switches you to until you can free said teammate.  You cannot, however, attack during this time period except at the Metal Overlord part.  I'll be updating this post with times anyone gets.  The top 2 times will be listed.  If no name is next to a time, it's mine.  The list below is complete to my knowledge.  If anyone finds a way to complete other levels with the specific formation or finds a problem with one of the bosses being unable to be defeated using only the specific formation, let me know all the details.

Speed only

Seaside Hill
Team Sonic:  3:27:79 ~ SJ (2nd, 3:27.83)
Team Dark:  3:33.63 (2nd, 4:07.49 ~ SJ)
Team Rose:  2:01.73 vid
Team Chaotix:  2:20.41

Grand Metropolis
Team Sonic:  3:22.68
Team Dark:  4:31.19
Team Rose:  3:29.18

Power Plant
Team Rose:  2:12.93

Casino Park
Team Chaotix:  3:06.00

Rail Canyon
Team Rose:  2:11.66

Frog Forest
Team Sonic:  3:59.36
Team Dark:  5:03.33

Lost Jungle
Team Sonic:  5:34.73

Flight only

Seaside Hill
Team Sonic:  4:04.93 (lol not found)
Team Rose:  2:01.24
Team Chaotix:  1:38.79

Power Plant
Team Rose:  2:18.19
Team Chaotix:  6:05.64

Casino Park
Team Chaotix:  1:56.56

Lost Jungle
Team Rose:  2:02.16
Team Chaotix:  3:47.31

Mystic Mansion
Team Rose:  2:25.98 (2nd, 2:47.39 ~ Super Azrael)

Power only

Seaside Hill
Team Rose:  2:28.68
Team Chaotix:  2:56.46

Ocean Palace
Team Rose:  3:08.19 (2nd, 3:40.53 ~ Super Azrael)

Casino Park
Team Chaotix:  n/a

Bullet Station
Team Rose:  3:02.96

Hang Castle
Team Rose:  3:20.76


Speed only

Egg Hawk
Team Sonic:  1:20.56
Team Dark:  n/a
Team Rose:  n/a
Team Chaotix:  n/a

Team One
Team Sonic:  45.01
Team Dark:  n/a
Team Rose:  9.28
Team Chaotix:  n/a

Robot Carnival
Team Sonic:  n/a
Team Dark:  n/a
Team Rose:  n/a
Team Chaotix:  n/a

Egg Albatross
Team Sonic:  1:41.83
Team Dark:  n/a
Team Rose:  n/a
Team Chaotix:  n/a

Team Two
Team Sonic:  31.21
Team Dark:  n/a
Team Rose:  n/a
Team Chaotix:  n/a

Robot Storm
Team Sonic:  n/a
Team Dark:  n/a
Team Rose:  2:45.28 ~ Sondow

Egg Emperor
Team Sonic:  n/a
Team Dark:  n/a
Team Rose:  n/a
Team Chaotix:  n/a

Flight only

Egg Hawk
Team Sonic:  n/a
Team Dark:  n/a
Team Rose:  n/a
Team Chaotix:  n/a

Team One
Team Sonic:  n/a
Team Dark:  n/a
Team Rose:  n/a
Team Chaotix:  n/a

Robot Carnival
Team Sonic:  n/a
Team Dark:  n/a
Team Rose:  n/a
Team Chaotix:  n/a

Egg Albatross
Team Sonic:  n/a
Team Dark:  n/a
Team Rose:  n/a
Team Chaotix:  n/a

Team Two
Team Sonic:  7.26 ~ Pokemonmaster888 vid
Team Dark:  n/a
Team Rose:  n/a
Team Chaotix:  n/a

Robot Storm
Team Sonic:  n/a
Team Dark:  n/a
Team Rose:  n/a
Team Chaotix:  n/a

Egg Emperor
Team Sonic:  n/a
Team Dark:  n/a
Team Rose:  n/a
Team Chaotix:  n/a

Metal Madness

Power only

Egg Hawk
Team Sonic:  38.36 ~ Super Azrael
Team Dark:  46.39 ~ Super Azrael
Team Rose:  n/a
Team Chaotix:  n/a

Team One
Team Sonic:  n/a
Team Dark:  n/a
Team Rose:  n/a
Team Chaotix:  n/a

Robot Carnival
Team Sonic:  n/a
Team Dark:  n/a
Team Rose:  n/a
Team Chaotix:  n/a

Egg Albatross
Team Sonic:  n/a
Team Dark:  n/a
Team Rose:  n/a
Team Chaotix:  n/a

Team Two
Team Sonic:  n/a
Team Dark:  n/a
Team Rose:  n/a
Team Chaotix:  n/a

Robot Storm
Team Rose:  n/a

Egg Emperor
Team Sonic:  n/a
Team Dark:  n/a
Team Rose:  n/a
Team Chaotix:  n/a

Metal Madness

Gaming and Grazing / The ACWW friend code topic
« on: March 04, 2007, 07:46:42 pm »
For this topic, post your Animal Crossing Wild World friend code, name, & town name.  Post your friend code in xxxx-xxxx-xxxx format.

Code: 4596-5531-2290
Name: Groudon
Town: Metl Cty

If there's any specific time you'd like someone to come over to your town (or vice versa), tell them in a PM.

Wikkity! / Taking a temporary leave
« on: March 02, 2007, 07:47:53 pm »
My life right now is pretty bad.  My mom has been having some problems, so she's in the hospitol for a while.  Wednesday was a horrible day, and I'm not going into that.  I think it's best if I step away from TSC for a while until all these problems are over with.

I'm not retiring.  I'm simply gonna leave the site for a while.

Wikkity! / I give up...
« on: February 19, 2007, 01:49:20 pm »
I don't know how much more I can take.  So many things have gone bad over the days off of school I've had.

First, family problems.  Then for the past 2 days, my Internet connection conked out, so I've had to use another unreliable and unknown source that vanishes randomly and is super slow.  And now my YouTube account has been suspended with no explanation.

My life is falling apart.  I'm starting to think this will affect everything I do.  I'm just hoping everything goes back to normal before tomorrow...

Beef / Videos pages borked
« on: February 14, 2007, 09:53:01 pm »
Ever since the format was changed for Sonic '06 rankings, the vids pages have been screwing up.  Anybody that submits a new vid that involves a time (other than Sonic '06) gets the vid time screwed up, like this:
New Video: Groudon199 achieved 0:02:44.8 in Shadow on Sonic and Diablon (Dark)

That says 0:02:44.8, when it's supposed to be 0:24.48.  Also, every pre-existing vid with centiseconds has the vid time rounded to the nearest tenth (for example, my Lethal Highway Hero vid is listed as 8.40, when it's supposed to be 8.44).

Good going, Rolken.

Leaderboard Disputes / Secret ring in PH1?
« on: February 07, 2007, 08:05:52 pm »
DarkSonic94 claims to have found a secret ring "in the pumpkin mountain," as described by his comment.  I'd like to know where this ring is.  I'd discuss in the chat, but you know the deal...
Anyway, I searched for a half hour and couldn't find it.

Gaming and Grazing / itt EBA is not lol
« on: February 03, 2007, 12:01:35 pm »
I'll make one rule for this: Anyone who thinks EBA is lol is not allowed to post here.  That means you, PsyBorg.

* Groudon run

Anyway, this thread is for Elite Beat Agents discussion.
edit: Here's the soundtrack.

Wikkity! / Funny thing to do with web sites
« on: October 13, 2006, 09:35:13 pm »
Copy and paste this into the address bar on a site with many images (TSC doesn't have enough for this to work):

Code: [Select]
javascript:R=0; x1=.1; y1=.05; x2=1000; y2=.24; x3=1.6; y3=.24;x4=300; y4=200; x5=300; y5=200; DI=document.images; DIL=DI.length;function A(){for(i=0; i<DIL; i++){DIS=DI[ i ].style;DIS.position='absolute'; DIS.left=Math.sin(R*x1+i*x2+x3)*x4+x5;*y1+i*y2+y3)*y4+y5}R++ }setInterval('A()',5); void(0);
It's pretty weird, but on some sites, it's funny.

Competition Central / Finalhazard help
« on: September 30, 2006, 05:33:23 pm »
Okay, after noticing all the insane times on this boss, I gotta know the secret to dodging his attacks (mainly because of yoshifan's coment).  It seems I can never avoid almost everything, and sometimes when I try to damage him, I aim right for the spot and the only thing that happens is I get knocked back.  What are you guys doing?  At least explain how to effectively dodge his attacks almost every time.

Leaderboard Disputes / 279 Rings on Mystic Mansion (Team Rose)?
« on: September 29, 2006, 05:54:12 pm »
I just noticed Chao_Fan submitted a stat that I think is false.  241 is the max anyone else has gotten, and I don't find 279 possible.

Wikkity! / How much of pi do you know?
« on: September 29, 2006, 03:18:03 pm »
The title means what is the value of pi that you know.  I know pi up to 37 decimal places.


Up to how many decimal places do you know?  I'll expect a lot of 3.14s in this topic, and not many others.

Wikkity! / Facts about food
« on: September 28, 2006, 04:50:53 pm »
Welcome to Gross-Out 101.  Today's topic:  What's in your food.

There's more in your ketchup than Red Dye #4 or tomatoes.  Read on to find out more.

You notice anything about ketchup?  That liquid-y stuff on the top when it sets for a while and the ketchup-y stuff on the bottom.  But did you ever wonder why the label is where it is (near the neck of the bottle [glass in most restaurants])?  It's because in ketchup, there's stuff like Red Dye #4, tomatoes, and insect eggs.  If you remove the label at the top before opening a bottle, you'll notice small dots in the liquid on top.  That's no joke.  There are bug eggs in ketchup.  But when you turn the bottle upside-down, the eggs get mixed in with the thick ketchup, and you never taste them.  They don't harm you in any way.

And speaking of tomatoes, leave one out for a couple days.  Eventually, fruit flies will appear from near the tomato.  Where did they come from?  The tomatoes in the field wherever they were harvested had fruit flies on them with eggs laid on them.  You can wash and wash and wash them until they're as shiny as a mirror, but the eggs are too small to wash off.  They, like everything else in this lesson, don't harm you in any way.

You know those crumbs on the bottom of a cereal box?  I know you've eaten some of that at least twice in your lifetime.  But what else is in there?  Turns out those crumbs are not just crumbs.  In there mixed in are grasshopper wings, rat feces, and maybe ant legs.  You don't even taste them, and they don't cause harm to your body in any way.  Why are they there?  Read on.

What is in most cereal?  Wheat.  Or whatever that stuff is they grow in the field.  How do they harvest it?  They use a big-ass machine.  Near the wheat on the fields, there are flies doing their little sex dance to lay eggs and maybe a rat just getting a meal.  When the machine comes near them, they and the wheat get sucked up into the thing and (I think) get cut up just like the wheat.  The harvester doesn't go along the fields with a pair of scissors and cut each individual piece of wheat to avoid the other animals.  Usually, the wheat is then put into the back of a dump truck.  Afterwards, the truck takes it to the plant the cereal is made at and dumps the stuff in there on the ground.  It's impossible to get everything out of the wheat, so don't sue General Mills for finding out they have rat shit in their cereal.  It's a stupid move.

And haggis... sheep stomach mixed in blood pudding... nasty in taste and stench.  Nothing more to day.

That's about it for Gross-Out 101.  Now facts about food in the US that aren't from where everyone wants you to think they're from.

Spaghetti is not an Italian food at all.  They serve the stuff without sauce.  Pizza... Not Italian at all!  And French Fries?  They aren't French.  No wonder they hate the US.  Mexican pizza at Taco Bell... it doesn't even look like one from Mexico.  Mexican pizza has the dough with sauce on it.  That's it.  And chimichangas?  Not Mexican, and I don't even know what they are.  Fortune cookies... whatever dumbass thought of these at Chinese restaurants needs to take a trip to China.  They don't even have fortune cookies in China.  You think somone from China writes the stuff you see on the piece of paper in the cookie?  Look at where it was made in.

The US is the most fucked up country in the world.  And the above proves it.  Plus, we don't like eating bugs, but we eat cows all the time, which is even more disgusting than eating bugs.  The people in India could walk outside, look under a rock, find a scorpion, say "Ooh, look!  Lunch!" run inside, and serve it in scorpion pie.  And they look at us eating a hamburger (made from the meat of a cow) and say "Eww.  That's gross!"  And in India, the cow is sacred, so it even offends some.

This is probably more info than you ever wanted to know about, but it's nice to know what's in your food and why the US is completely different than any other country on the planet.  Got any other food facts or anything to say about this?  Post away.

General Sonic / Strange thing on City Escape
« on: September 12, 2006, 10:09:59 pm »
I was just RAing this level (and failed) and noticed something strange.  When I started the truck chase, the camera didn't go in front of Sonic.  It stayed behind him and I could see where I was going.  By the 1st ramp (where you jump and you do a trick thing), the camera moved in front of Sonic (and I got hit by the truck, thus losing my magnetic barrier).  This caused the camera to be above Sonic.  I angled the camera and it remained behind Sonic for the remainder of the chase.  Does anyone know why this would happen?  And if it matters, I use the Gamecube version.

Competition Central / Shadow guide to Chaos Control
« on: September 07, 2006, 11:24:00 pm »
This is an updated version of my CC guide.

Digital Circuit
I can clarify now that CC saves no time here.

Glyphic Canyon (Dark, Normal)
At the 3rd jewel, get your Hero gauge nearly full (defeat some Black Arms). The instant you get it full at the jewel, use CC. You will be taken to the end of the level (and with the Dark mission, CC will hit the 4th jewel). I don't think CC is useful in the Hero mission.

Lethal Highway (Dark)
Until I'm told exactly how this was used in the record, I'll assume it doesn't save time.

Prison Island (Normal, Hero)
If you've seen SJ's video, you'll know you want to use CC just before the 2nd river. Defeat some Black Arms to raise the gauge. Defeat a Black Arms solider just past a few GUN robots, then use CC right away. You will skip the area you'd normally stop at and, even though the gauge is empty, you will keep going, because there's no safe ground for the game to drop you at. CC at an earlier point in the Hero mission and hope it goes through the 2nd disc. If you don't hear the sound of getting a disc, start over. I see no point in CCing in the Dark mission.

Circus Park (Dark, Normal, Hero)
Can't be done on the Dark mission without wasting too much time.  If you've seen yoshifan's video, you know where to CC at for the Normal mission. Defeating the Eggman robots raises your Hero gauge. The video explains it better than I can. Since magnum also knows what to do, I'll explain it.  For the Hero mission, get in CC right before the tightrope.  Of course, just speeding through getting the rings and CC won't get a sub 2 time like mine.

The Doom (Normal, Hero)
Like in SJ's video, you need to CC just past where a couple GUN soliders drop down. You need to use the Heal Cannon. Shoot some GUN troops with the Heal Cannon to increase your Hero gauge. If you CC at that spot, you'll be taken to the goal ring. I have yet to do it with the Hero mission, but you might need to CC somewhere else.

Sky Troops (Dark, Normal, Hero)
There are 2 CC locations. One is near the 2nd battleship. The 2nd one is in the stormy area near the key door. But you gotta get behind that door. Or you could do a spin dash jump to the "area", like in yoshifan's video. Both are in his video. If you can't CC early enough, the gauge will run out over the pit, and drop you. All 3 missions work fine because the level is the same length for each mission.

Mad Matrix (Dark, Hero)
Okay. You might be thinking, "Where and how the hell is CC beneficial here?" For the Dark mission, start out by going straight once you get to the circuit area. Next, take the left, and stay left until you get back near the blue terminal, then go right, then remain to the left. Get the blue sphere and immediately Chaos Control. This will get you to another bomb quicker. You can't do the same on the other side, though. With the Hero mission, get the Heal Cannon and use it on several Egg Pawns.  Use CC in the green tower right before the color panels you ride on (props to yoshifan for this part)

Death Ruins (Dark)
I've heard it can be done in the Hero mission, but I haven't found a use for it. In the Dark mission, get CC in where yoshifan does it (using the Vacuum Egg, of course).  SJ has told me on my youtube video that CC can be gotten in earlier if you get the Black Arms during the ivy grinding section.

Air Fleet (Normal, Hero)
For the Hero mission, there's a couple potential CC areas in the outside areas. In the Normal mission, it's the same thing, but also in the room before the last escape pod area.

Iron Jungle (Normal, Dark)
Pretty pointless in Hero mission. As shown in SJ's video, get in CC just passed where you'd have to use that high-jumping GUN vehicle. You will skip past the rail, since there's technically nothing to land on there. Same area for the Dark mission, but have Eggman as your mission character (kudos to yoshifan).

Space Gadget (Hero, Dark)
As shown in yoshifan's video, near the 2nd defense unit, slightly charge a spin dash backwards and fall toward the blue sphere. As you fall, keep mashing Y with Sonic as the mission character to assure CC takes you along the Hero path. You will be taken to that transport lift thing. Generally the same with the Dark mission, only you need Doom's Eye as your mission character.  You're gonna have to make some difficult blind Shadow Rifle shots to the defense unit (yoshifan again).  I haven't gotten it yet.

Lost Impact (Hero)
Use it somewhere.  It will destroy the Artificial Chaos if it passes one (yoshifan, but I figured it out before I read his post).

Black Comet (Hero, Dark)
Like in SJ's video, get to those 3 elite aliens with a near-full Hero guage. Eliminate them, then quickly use CC to get to the area with the warp hole.  Generally the same for the Dark mission, only use CC after you destroy the Big Foot in the big room.

Lava Shelter (Dark)
Get CC in at the 4th defense system to save yourself the agony of going up manually.  If possible, try to have it stop just before the trail of rings leading to the final defense system.  Location confirmed by Shadow Jacky.

Cosmic Fall (Hero, Dark)
Easy to get, but you must use it correctly. Like in SJ's 2 videos, get to the 2nd room in the ARK and grab on to a pulley a bit out of the way. When it nears the top, jump off to the platform. Get the blue sphere. Your first instinct is to use it right away. Normally, I'd agree, but if you use it the instant you get it, you'll be stopped short of the nearby transport lift. So instead, jump down to the area and get on the lift. The 2nd time the camera changes the angle, jump off and hold Up and mash Y. You should activate CC and skip a huge section of the level.  Also very useful in Expert Mode.

Final Haunt (Hero, Dark)
For the Hero mission, use CC at the area right before the first 2 key doors, like in SJ's Hero video. I have no specific instructions for the Dark mission. I think the earlier you get it in, the better. No specific strategy.  I found mimicing the Hero mission up to the 3rd shield switch is better.

The Last Way
You gotta use CC here, no matter what. If Shadow mentions a dead end, you gotta CC to get by. If it's the area where SJ spin dash jumps early in his Final Haunt video, spin dash jump, don't CC. If you got all 5 keys, use the key door, and you just have to get to the only area you should CC there (the area Hero Chaos Chao mentions in his guide). Get the gauge full and instantly use CC to skip another CC area.

Well, that's it.  If anyone has other CC locations (or wish to discuss or debate them), post here (you can also PM me CC locations).

Note: this is temporary.  If TSC4 allows guides to be edited, this will be removed when TSC4 is up (if said edit is allowed).

It goes completely against the rules, and yet it hasn't been removed.  It just drives me bananas when I see it still up, but even more now that I've gotten what should be the new record (which is 23.54 [done according to the rules]).  Exactly why was his time never removed?

Competition Central / Questions about numerous Shadow times
« on: August 10, 2006, 11:09:26 pm »
I've been left wondering how the following times are possible for too long.  I gotta know the major time-saver these guys did.
edit: the crossed-out ones I've done as of yoshifan's post.

Mad Matrix (Hero)- Exactly how and where is CC useful here?
Iron Jungle (Dark)- Umm... How you get sub 1:30?

Space Gadget (Dark)- I suppose the top players are like this for every game (pwning everyone else by over a minute).  Was CC used here?
Lost Impact (Hero) Yoshifan gives it away.  CC is useful somewhere.

Currently, those are the only ones I don't understand how to get such a low time on.

Competition Central / Shadow the Hedgehog speedrun
« on: August 09, 2006, 02:54:03 pm »
I recently did a speedrun of this game taking path 163 (An Android's Rebellion), which is Normal all the way, then Hero on Lava Shelter, and uploaded it to youtube.  It was done in 3 parts, but in 1 consecutive run (start to finish without re-recording), so I could not edit mistakes.  Still, the times (except the 2 bosses and Lava Shelter) are orange in the rankings.
Part 1 (Westopolis, Glyphic Canyon, Prison Island)
Part 2 (Sky Troops, Iron Jungle)
Part 3 (Egg Breaker, Lava Shelter, Egg Dealer)

Be sure you read the video descriptions first.  Also, feel free to comment.
Combined time of all levels:  16:22.69

Competition Central / Shadow question (Air Fleet Dark)
« on: July 29, 2006, 08:51:01 pm »
I remember being told about this in the chat before, but I can't remember it.  There's a thing I heard about jumping off the stage at a point to restart the pod at a certain "segment."  Exactly what area is good for this, and how many shots with the S. Rifle does it take to bring down the pod?

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