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Leaderboard Disputes / ATTN: Supersonic456
« on: February 14, 2019, 06:05:51 pm »
I'm very skeptical about some of the recent stats that this player submmited to Sonic Unleashed 360 and it's DLCs leaderboards. I will try to explain it as best as I can.
Firstly, his ring attacks's submmision. The player claims that he managed to achieve a lot of stats, whether they are in maxed or not maxed stages, and whether there is a video showing the route played already or having to create your route on own. Somehow, the player claims that he achieved in most of his stats amount of rings that is lower by just 1 ring than the current record. I can tell from my experience with this game that missing just 1 ring attack in a maxed stage in this game is not very likely, and on the non maxed stages it just might be a truly amusing coinsidence that both him and the WR holder might used a completly different routes and methods, yet he still managed to achieve just 1 ring lower than the current record. I could believe if that was the case in one or two stats, but the player claimed the same situation in literally every DLC stage ring attack (except one where he indeed proved to have max rings, and another one in RTR1-2 Day where I would assume it's just a typo lol), and in 26 out of the 32 non DLC stages. Some of those can stats are even more extremly weird. Dragoon Road 1 Night stat for example, there are 7 players holding the tied max rings, achieved by collecting an OoB 10 ring, which is extremly difficult, and another 11 players holding the 2nd (now it's 3rd) best amount of rings, which are basically the max rings without that OoB 10 ring. The player claims again the he achieved just 1 ring lower than the max. Basically claiming that he wen't through the whole stage, missed one ring and knowing that still decided to grind (from my experience, could take even 20 minutes) for the other OoB 10 ring. There are some other very hard strat or very easy strat where it's not likely to miss exectly one ring, and I will explain more if necessery, but I think you get the point.
Now after seeing all of that, I became even more skeptical about his time attack stats as well. There are some stats the are very hard to achieve the time he claims he get, some examples are AS1-2 Day, SC1-2 Day, WI2 Day, WI2-2 Day, SS1-2, and more. Knowing the player tends to upload his best works to his youtube channel, I find it really unlikely that he just decided to not upload those videos or just happend to play all of those without recording.
To sum it up, I would like Supersonic456 to post a video of him in the world map, showing all of the stages's best times and best score since those are being saved in the game in the game system (assuming at least most of the stats were played on PS3, which is his main console) or provide pictures in case some of the times/scores are missed in the hub or played on 360. Additionaly, I would like the player to provide picture proof to all the ring stats that he can provide, or, in case they're not available, at least try to explain how comes that he missed just 1 ring in like 97% of his stats.
I really hope that I will turn out wrong and we could just move on, but those stats were just way too skeptical for me to ignore.

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