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General Sonic / Sonic Adventure 2 cutscenes @ 50Hz
« on: July 23, 2014, 09:39:43 am »
So, I was watching a video of SA2 HD in 4:3, and I thought it was pretty cool that the console version still supported 4:3 despite being a widescreen port. I decided to try this on my own PS3, and because you can only set it to 4:3 on standard def, and because PAL PS3s don't have a 480i option, I was stuck with 576i at 50Hz.

Apparently, the HD version was not optimized to run at the proper speed at 50Hz, unlike SA2B (And the DC original I'd assume), so it runs at a slower speed like it's the '90s. This of course sucks, but I noticed one little thing:

Since the cutscenes are also slower, the characters cut each other off far less often! And so I made a video.

Of course, sometimes the characters' lines are just way too fast, even for 50Hz, like in the cutscene prior to the second Sonic vs. Shadow battle. Regardless, I was thinking of recording a full 50Hz playthrough for the sake of science!

Hiya Folks / Um, hi.
« on: November 22, 2013, 06:56:13 pm »
Welp, about time I made an intro thread and my first post, sooo... hi. I'm a relatively unknown Finnish guy who goes by the nick TuKéZu or TuKeZu if a website is dumb and doesn't allow special characters. You can call me Tuke or TKZ or whatever ya want. (Pro tip; TuKéZu's pronounced To-Kay-Zoo)

I'm not quite sure how I found TSC. Maybe an SDA run linked it or something. After lurking around the charts I figured I wanted my own name up there, and thus I started competing in Rush Adventure, probably the only Sonic game I'm halfway decent at (which I owned around '09, traded in, and bought back last month).

I have a few YT channels as indicated by my sig; first is my "main" account where I have a bunch of random VG stuff. Tried to do some Finnish LPing in the last few years but I really don't have the charisma for that. My second is a sorta popular VGM channel (mostly just Mega Man though) which I kind of abandoned because YouTube sucks major ass now and the third's my alt. alt account, where I dumped an SRA vid or two.

...That's pretty much it. I've tried my hand at a lot of things, but I just end up not being very good at anything. Or maybe that's just my overly-self-deprecatory self talking. (That's a word, right...?)

Oh, and my favorite Sonics are SRA, Advance 3, Sonic 3 (not &K) and Adventure 2.

Somehow I knew this was going to become a wall of text.

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