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Ask me anything so that I can tell you nothing...unless I tell you something through the use of negative space.

I've been threatening to host another tournament for a while, and Brawl's pretty awesome. Do I need to say more?

For my MKDS tournament, I had players compete round robin style with arbitrarily imposed requirements; each match that a player won would earn them points, and at the end of each round the low scorer would get eliminated. I still gave eliminated players a chance to influence the course of the tournament. I'm doing the same thing here, but as Brawl is more conducive to customization, I intend to set even stranger constraints. For one round, I might require that players can only choose two moves to use; in another, I could set all explosives to high. Basically: the point of this tournament is not to provide an objective measure of each player's relative skills. The point of this tournament is to have fun. It's not No items, Fox only, Final Destination...except when it is. Before you sign up, know what you're getting into; I don't want to hear complaints about how you only got screwed because of luck. For anyone who really wants to win that's missing the purpose of this tournament, I suggest practicing with many different characters and learning the subtleties of item play.

1) Play under the conditions described in my posts.
2) Report results in this thread in a clear format; "sdfsdfhksdfh defeats ewriwuerhiwehr 2-1", not "dslkfhksdjhgfkhsdfkshdkfhsdkjfhkjhhkh aiuowiueouqwoieuqoiwueoqwueqwoue 2-1". Disputes will be handled on a case by case basis, if I don't like you the other person will probably get the win.
3) Don't disconnect in the middle of a match, no matter how bad the lag is, or how cheap your opponent is playing. Lag is fun, and so is getting swamped by a tactic you can't counter.
4) At the end of every round, the player with the least amount of points is eliminated...sometimes! Maybe someone will get mashed in a head-to-head challenge and their points will be worth nothing. Maybe some other time, a few suckers get taken to the gibit at once to speed everything up. Maybe one day, the top Ike player impales himself on a sword by mistake, and then he's gone. Maybe you've got a reeaaaaaaly embarassing replay of a death that should be grounds for the leader's disqualification. But mostly, just by losing a lot.
5) All participants are obligated to have fun.

To join, post your Brawl code and name. Depending on the number of entrants, I may establish pools of players to streamline things. Registration week sometime? I'll know when to cut this off.

1) genus: 'genus', 0301-9458-8472
2) ShadowJacky: 'SJ', 2191-7299-1181
3) sonicam: 'Cam', 3823-8244-2742
4) Bertin: 'sylux', 1418-6570-4856
5) 1stKirbyever: 'Kirby', 3093-6740-8185
6) Auriman1: 'Auriman1', 4854-8500 -5866
7) Pokemonmaster888: 'PM888' 2535-3298-8307
8) The_T: 'The_T', 2621-2268-7630

Gaming and Grazing / Let's Play! Donkey Kong Jr. Math
« on: September 22, 2008, 04:57:04 pm »
I hold the opinion that in spite of the format's saturation, there are not enough LP's, so I'm going to toss another on top of the scrap heap.

I don't have any game(s? perhaps a marathon style run through several games in one sitting could prove entertaining) in mind, and I want to play a game I've never touched before, so I'm taking suggestions. I'll probably start things next week sometime.

This will be entertaining. And humorous. Even eunuchs will laugh.

Part 1:

Wikkity! / Post your voice!
« on: September 18, 2008, 04:51:44 pm »
We know everything else about you? Why not what you sound like? I bet you all have weird accents, strange pitches, and generally unusual rhythms with your speech.

Whereas I sound awesome.

I suggest everyone read the same passage so as to establish some uniform standard. How about: "Sometimes, salient truths result in nothing but foolish, quirky enterprises devoid of valuable production; instead, we receive lean, mean gains to compensate for our palpable yearning for private, horrible, Xanadus wild with stagnant decay and insensibly imbued with  the festering fallacies of kingly quaintness. Participation for all, no Gnosticism, this is just measured fun with rarely respectable, though generally garrish, phonetics! Also, the words 'starter', 'plot', 'hole', 'cannon', 'fox', and 'tank' because those other sentences are too beautiful to bastardize". Really a good mix of sounds in these sentences which compliments the greater philosophical points and comedy.

Included here are two voice samples!

(Relatedly, I know nothing about audio compression)


I don't often recommend games, and I certainly don't pretend this recommendation carries any clout, but The World Ends With You (TWEWY) is so egregiously underappreciated that I'm willing to GO THAT EXTRA MILE for the first clause of this sentence, and pretend this post matters for the second.

Ok, so TWEWY is great.




The art style is masterful, though I will gloss over this for brevity so you must take it as fact! The music is equally well done, but once more I won't be talking about the music so you're forced to believe or dismiss my opinion on the weakest of pretenses. The game tells a compelling story. Instead of serving as ho-hum filler to explain why you're doing (x) at (y), you'll actually enjoy those whacky, whacky plot developments. This is the most engrossing story I've ever seen in a game.

There's also humor! The game takes itself seriously, but also contains QUALITY COMEDY. From a cashier who thinks you're gay because you frequent his shop and is distraught because the training manual didn't tell him how to deal with such a situation to a math savant that screams the trigonometric functions in battle and uses 'zetta' every line, and a reference to Charles Barkley: Shut Up and Jam!: Gaiden! (!!!) you will be IN STITCHES. You can -read people's minds-, and if you'd like 'imprint memes' into their thinking, for example giving a chef the idea of serving 'desert ramen'. Seriously.

Gameplay! The gameplay is cool! Other adjectives meaning 'good' too! Here is a watery description of the gameplay which will suffice as to why the gameplay is a synonym for 'good'. You basically control two characters at once during a battle, one on each screen. One of the characters, Neku, has a customisable moveset with which you can do all sorts of a dashing pin that effectively makes you INPINCIBLE, or running more slowly! You control the other character in such a way as to get fusion stars to use a powerful attack, and continue passing a puck which magnifies attack damage. The game is also customisable in a truly agreeable fashion; you basically make the game as hard as you want. You can set the difficulty, your level, and best of all the battles you fight. Aside from a handful of story related battles, you're in complete control of what and when you fight. I don't think I can go back to games mired in random battles after I have SEEN THE LIGHT. It's fun, and other adjectives with this meaning! Revolutionary, too!

So TWEWY is great at everything! Here are some arbitrary marks, which would be higher if Square Enix cared about public perception of this game and spent money for a higher review score instead of wanting no such games creative.
(and 4000 other unecessary segregations of erroneously defined components)

Other people who enjoy TWEWY: Rolken, MK, RPG, possibly Stephen Colbert.

But seriously, TWEWY is the most original quality game that I've played in years. It's twofold irksome to me that Square wants nothing to do with it and that it sold so poorly. If you're considering a DS purchase, at least look into TWEWY.

(This has been my incoherent rant of the year)

Competition Central / I would like to be unbanned from submissions
« on: January 15, 2008, 08:48:01 pm »
A brief history of events surrounding my banning, as best I remember them:

I joined the site, submitted a batch of obvious fakes, and was banned from submissions. TSC went down so the ban was removed. Again, I submitted obvious fakes, hiding behind some lame-note excuse when confronted. I removed the charts in question...I don't remember anything getting done as a result. I then lurked around the community for a bit, and someone mentioned in chat how fakes are detected. At this point, I knew how to lie without getting caught, and submitted times that were just barely better than others who were honest about their accomplishments. For a while it looked as though I were a genuine player, even earning adminship at one point. People were suspicious, but there was no concrete proof so nothing could be done. Eventually the site crashed, and the last copy of the database was very old. I would have to resubmit all my fake stats, which I didn't bother remembering. I also submitted a new fake stat, which was disproved through another method; and a second that was better than a TAS of the chart. I was banned. I left the site after promising to get proof, returned around 6 months later, and admitted I lied. Then I lurked..which is where I am today!

I haven't submitted anything in over 3 years, but I've stayed with the site anyways. Nobody else has done that. When I was suspected, I did leave, but I came back to admit what I had done. There really was no reason for me to do that if I didn't value the community; we were switching isp's soon, I could have easily registered another account and gone undetected. However I did, and for it I think I should be given a (third) second chance.

I should be given a blank slate to start over a totally different person, without the suspicion of being 'that guy who cheated'. Demanding proof for everything I submit is a bit much too...I should be treated as a normal competitor, and only be asked to supply proof for charts that other users would have proof for. The quality of my posts has gone up noticeably. Take a look at what I wrote when I first joined, and what I write now. There is a clear difference...I'm not the same user I used to be (for better or worse), and it isn't fair to punish me for what are, effectively, another person's actions.

All I'm asking is that I get another chance, and not be prejudged for prior bad acts.

Edit: unbanned today by SM, I will not abuse this privelage.

So I was describing a particularly difficult level in Contra 4 (Harbor for all interested parties) in chat, when Upth tells me it doesn't sound too hard compared to some homebrew games he's played. So now at this point I'm interested...I do love a hard game, and anything that makes Contra look easy must be absolutely brutal. I ask Upth which of this type of games he considers the hardest. He says instantly I Wanna be the Guy.

I know nothing of this game. I haven't seen the video I'm linking to...if it's a rickroll blame Upth. For amusement's sake I'm going to try playing and beating this game, recording videos of my attempts (via a program that records keystroke input...does anyone know of any good options for this?), which I'll then post here for all to watch.

I would like several of my gaming accomplishments noted (those that are relevant anyways):

-I was formerly able to consistantly clear, with no difficulty, the original Contra (including the second, hard mode playthrough you play once the game is beaten), Super C, and Contra III: The Alien Wars (on its hardest difficulty) without the use of the Konami code.
-...well actually, that's it in terms of merciless games I've beaten. They don't make hard games anymore and aside from these games I have done very little retroplaying.

I won't start playing until Thursday. Until then do speculate as to my prospective attempts.

Gaming and Grazing / Rough on the Diamonds
« on: December 06, 2007, 11:18:06 pm »
Are there any games (Sonic or otherwise) you really like, but that have one single aspect you really hate? If you've got any examples from media other than games that's fine too.

For me: I love Super Mario Galaxy as much as the next normal person, and find all the gameplay in the game very memorable...except Mario's speed/lack of aerial maneuverability. Holy hell those gameplay aspects are lackluster.

Also, as much as I find it to be great, and Paper Mario as a character to be equally win, I kinda dislike Super Paper Mario for reasons I can't explain.

(I know this thread doesn't have much scope and probably won't get many replies but well who cares, really? :P)

(Crowbar's original topic. I've been thinking of making a topic wherein we express things we don't like about popular games for a while, and when I saw his post I figured it would be a humorous rewrite that would make a point on how far too many topics are cookie-cutter, and the opposite of his idea is less likely to end in a flame war with someone defending their favorite games to the death in the face of criticisms. I'll post more later, I just couldn't pass up the chance for near perfect symmetry.)

Sondow wants me to tell him how to mod his DS so that he can snake in MKDS. For the uninformed, snaking requires extensive use of the 'R' button, which is obviously impossible, or at least very difficult for Sondow.

So if you don't like the R or L buttons on your DS, follow *this guide* to replace one with...something else.

You will need:

-Screwdrivers (I have no idea what model is required...for good measure bring a few different kinds. Not a flathead, though. I'm sure the screws on the DS require a Philip's Head. So bring a bunch of screwdrivers that are not flathead screwdrivers. You may get lucky.)
-Something bendy (Make sure it's heavy enough to move the contact pins of the DS)
-Something useful for prying
-Something useful for cutting (maybe...)
-An extensive warranty to cover damages incurred (hur.)
-A plastic baggy to place the screws in when they are unscrewed because if you unscrew some small screws, the small unscrewed screws have a tendency to roll off somewhere. It's tragic when it happens because then your frame will only be partially secure, and you'll look for the screw and not find it. You'll go to a nearby hardware store after a protracted period where you look for this screw and can't find it, only to find that the screw on your DS is of an unusual make and not readily available. They'll offer you another similar screw that you'll buy out of desperation, only to find out that this similar screw does not fit, or fits but won't screw all the way. In desperation you'll do something stupid like use a power drill to try and for the screw, only to penetrate the circuitry of the DS. Once you try and get those parts replaced you'll be told you need another DS, which is not where you want to be. Years later you'll fall on the carpet and a screw will be lodged in your knee, requiring extensive medical attention which come with a hefty fee because you have bad insurance. So make sure you have a plastic baggy.

The Procedure

1) Allright so you've assembled your materials and are ready to march in to action. You'll notice several holes with screws on the DS. Pick a screwdriver you think will work, and unscrew each...well, screw...connected to the frame, then pop it out. Do NOT unscrew the battery pack, unless you want to play with your battery or filter lithium from it to, say, inject in the food of an unstable individual on antidepressants to upset their brain chemistry and drive them to suicide. Place each screw in the plastic baggy. I'm only going to warn you about this once more.

2) Keep an eye on the plastic baggy with screws in it. A nearby pet, meddling individual, or environmental cataclysm may quickly leave you clueless as to its whereabouts if you're going to act like a total spacecase and not watch it for the duration of your manic modding spree. Bring a trusted friend to monitor its location if you feel you will not be able to concentrate on two things at once...however, make sure that this trusted friend did not recently lose a screw off their DS or they may turn on you for personal gain. If you are a sap and loose your screws anyways, volunteer to watch a friend's baggy with screws and pocket as many as you need, being tactful in providing a valid reason for the abscence of screws, such as a perforated bag, or the screws' existential crisis rendering them to nothing. Alternatively, you could break into houses in the dead of night, and remove the screws off their

3) Using your 'something useful for prying', remove the offending button by prying. Be logical in what you use; a crowbar, for example, is much to large for your task, while a match is of suitable size but is not useful for prying. I suggest a fingernail, a nail clipper, a pencil, or for the masculine your bare hands. It shouldn't be too hard to pop the button out...just be sure not to bend the contact pins.

4) Now you need something bendy, and something else to keep it in place. Using the adhesive of your choice, such as tape or woodglue (Warning: sarcasm. I strongly advise you against using and type of glue, if you don't know why then please walk away), attach the end of whatever bendy thing you chose to the area SURROUNDING the contact pins, but not the pins themselves. The bendy thing should rest on the pins. In the off chance the piece connecting the R button to the pins can be removed, then take that off, fasten it in place, and attach the bendy thing to the piece. The end of the bendy thing not secured to the contact pins should be coming out more or less diagnolly.

5) Bend the other end of the bendy thing to an area you are able to access with ease. Attempt to push that button while playing a game where its effect will be visible. If nothing happens, try folding the bendy thing over a few times in something of an 'S' form.

6) Reattach the frame of the DS, since dust will more or less make it unusable otherwhise.

This is of course a rather long workaround to, say, accessing the debug menu for a game and swapping button functionality. The better way would involve a soldering iron, desolderer, and extensive knowledge of electronics, but I can almost guarantee someone winds up bricking their DS if they try this.

So...what should you use that's bendy? That all depends on what kind of a person you are. What you select should reflect you as a person, and at the same time be practical enough for regular use. A man very fond of silly putty might choose that to replace his shoulder button. Someone like Mike could attach an inflatable toy hammer with the word 'ban' on it, and someone like RPG might opt for...well, think it through and apply the obvious joke. People will see something sticking out of the corner of your DS, and it's going to spark conversations, so make sure it's consistant with your person. You don't want someone eyeballing your banana, and assuming you are a fruit enthusiast when you in fact do not like fruit. The same goes for a cow's tongue, a rubber pencil, an oversized bendy eraser, or just about anything else. Make your something bendy your own.

Literary masterpiece, or howto comedy gold?

Wikkity! / The Doomsday Game
« on: October 16, 2007, 11:16:49 pm »
I got this great idea off the 'random questions' topic. We were discussing what we'd do in the event of all power mysteriously disappearing in the world, and it evolved into a very interesting discussion. Basically given a described apocalyptic scenario, what would you do to ensure your own survival? Simply put I will outline a cataclysm and you will post how you would adapt to the scenario, with the goal of prolonging your death. After that I figure we'll judge answers, and whoever is deemed to have the most logical plan gets to outline the next situation. Fun will be had by all and if nothing else, survival skills will be learned and/or gauged.

I'll start, of course.

Scenario 1-Someone Left the Faucet Running...
One day with no explanation whatsoever, an inch of water rains down on all areas of the Earth, and it doesn't evaporate. It doesn't get absorbed. There's now at least an inch of water covering all of the Earth. Everyone is highly intrigued, this has never happened before and perhaps a fundamental flaw in our understanding of the universe has been revealed. Day 2, the same happens, the same general reaction. Day 3, Day 4. Now everyone is wondering what the deal is here. Mild panic is sprouting but, 4 inches, what's the biggie? Day 10, day 15, same deal. Everyone's bought out the stores of their provisions, and guess what? You didn't have the foresight to do that. Suddenly the full scale of this has been realized. This will continue indefinitely. What do you do to maximize survival?

Right so let's keep discussing Brawl.

Day 1, I say we all play a *very* small bit of single player/training to get used to some of the game's niches, then face each other for quite a while. We will all suck, and it will be a good time.

Maybe we should even organize a tournament of sorts, starting right after release for maximal comedy value, or a ways after release on the dark side of the world for more inclusive proceedings.

Wikkity! / Je suis artiste!
« on: September 10, 2007, 04:01:02 pm »
So I've noticed egg has been posting some comic strips recently, and figured I would start my own tsc-based dealie, along with random things I've drawn. Every now and then I figure I'll make a strip. Do enjoy.

The one I posted is a joke by the way, you should be amused by the geo-camel/bear in the bottom right hand corner.

Gaming and Grazing / TSC Pokemon Gym Tournament
« on: June 24, 2007, 04:48:47 pm »
I had this stellar idea that would set us up for the tsc gym fad. A tournament!

Unlike RPG's, this tournament will go somewhere. Of this I am sure.

It works in an interesting way. 8 of the players who join will choose types, and assemble a team containing no less than 5 pokemon of that type. The other players can challenge those players for ownership of that gym using no less than 5 pokemon of that type. If these players take that gym, they must defend their title against all challengers. Each player can issue a maximum of three challenges. Once all players, excluding the current leaders, have issued 3 challenges, all players not in the gym spot will be eliminated.

At this point, two mini-brackets will form, separated by 4 best/4 worst trainers. The 4 players with the most wins (challenges fought will be a secondary factor) will all face each other in a best-of-3 series. Whoever wins the most series will be seeded as elite 4 #4, the second most elite 4 #3, etc. The same thing will go on in the other bracket, but only the #1 trainer will be advanced. This trainer will face Elite 4 #1 in a best of 3 series. If Elite 4 #1 wins, then they will challenge Elite 4 #2 in a best of 3 series. If Elite 4 #1 loses, the challenger will challenge Elite 4 #2, making their way to Elite 4 #4. Whoever wins is crowned champion.

Now for some rules.

Some Rules
1) Gym leaders must accept all challenges.
2) If a gym leader is defeated by a challenger, the new leader must use that team when taking on that challenge.
3) Each player is allowed 3 challenges.
4) The use of Destiny Bond/Explosion/Selfdestruct on the last pokemon is banned.
5) Each challenge will be a best-of-3 fight.
6) When facing other gym leaders, it is not necessary to use the type you are seeded with.
7) Gym leaders may not issue challenges to other gym leaders.
8) No hacked pokemon are allowed (this includes moves, abilities, and may use hacked shinies if you want), If you are suspected of using a hacked pokemon, you must allow me to inspect that pokemon. Failure to do so will result in instant disqualification from the tournament.

And of course...

Prizes!...assuming RPG is unwilling to fork over his tournament prizes.
Champion: Mew
Elite 4 #4: Jirachi
Elite 4 #3: Milotic
Elite 4 #2: Dialga with Adamant Orb
Elite 4 #1: Spiritomb

When signing up, post your friend code the type you want to use if you want to be a leader from the start. Registration ends in 2 weeks, and leader status is first-come first-serve.

1) genus,  1031-7708-7520, Water

Edit: Champion gets a Mew not a Jirachi happy everyone :(

Competition Central / TSC's Tournament of Awesome
« on: April 20, 2007, 01:10:45 am »
Have you ever thought to yourself something along the lines of "I am an awesome player but nobody realizes it"? Have you ever wondered how the great players of the day would fair in territory they are not so familiar with?

I have. Which is why I came up with this idea during a particularly engaging match of Mario Kart DS: what about a competitive outing of sorts in certain games in the tournament style?

To start off with, players will be divided into groups with which they have a comparable schedule. Then, given a game or ranking (which will vary from group to group and be announced hours before start time to prevent training) for which a rom can be used, participants will be given a time (such as 7:00 am) and a time limit (such as 20 minutes) in which they must obtain the best possible stat or get as far as they can. Once each player has posted, they will be ranked within their group. After this has gone on an arbitrary number of times, the lowest member of each group will be dropped for good posture.

This will continue until there are 2 users left per group, at which point it will be shifted into brackets based on current standing. Here there will be any combination of challenges to weed out players until the final match up, which will be some over the top spectacle or other.

After the event, a ranking chart will be made with which you can tote how awesome you are in relation to others.

To sign up, post the times when you are best able to play. Keep in mind that not all the rounds will be for Sonic games, and that some challenges may require the use of netplay (don't count on too many though).

A more definite ruleset will be composed in the near future.

Non-Sonic Site Discussion / The Advance Wars Center
« on: April 16, 2007, 03:40:24 pm »
I am proposing that Advance Wars be given a subsite, as Cyberscore seems to be the only site with Advance Wars rankings. There are technically 3 trackable games for this subsite, but there is a whole backlog of Japan-only releases, which should be discussed as potential games for competition. For now, I will assume that these are either impossible to play competitively, or the lack of translation/availability would render them mostly irrelevant for the subsite. There is also the 'Battalion Wars' series, which is as I understand it started as a 3D offshoot of the Advance Wars series and evolved into something marginally different; however, I am not sure whether competition is possible. For now, I will assume it isn't.

Advance Wars
Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising
Advance Wars: Dual Strike

The scores and turns used for war room missions would be tracked. It would be possible to do so for normal and hard campaign as well, though the lack of mission-select for campaign mode would hamper submissions, unless a savestate were used.
There are several issues that warrant discussing about competition. They are:

-The use of "broken" CO's. Off the top of my head, I see Nell, Sturm, and Hachi as the biggest problems. Nell's regular attacks do erratically high damage; on a given turn in which the predicted outcome is 15%, it is possible to destroy the enemy in a single hit (if I remember correctly, her possible luck increase is anywhere from 0-85%), and her CO powers allow her to do drastically increased damage to multiple units with a more definite luck boost (I'm not sure on the exact percentage). Sturm is not affected by terrain and all his units have maximum attack, and Hachi is capable of automatically deploying full health infantry on any captured territory. While everyone is on an equal playing field, the use of these characters breaks competition in certain scenarios...but is it enough to warrant their banning?

-Save manipulation. There is a bit of luck involved with the battle formula/enemy saving before a turn and loading your previous state to either increase damage or have the opponent make a certain move if you don't get the desired result ok?

-The viability of campaign mode records. Is it too demanding of the player to require them to sift through mission after mission in order to submit records? If so, would savestates be a feasible solution?

-Whether tracking scores is redundant. There is a cap of 300 points for scores, and this is obtainable for almost every mission. Other charts may have several players tied, but here you're talking about roughly half of the submissions. While I think they should be included because some 300's are hard to pull it competition worthy?

That's all I can think of for potential problems. If anyone has something to add or suggest, then do so.

Wikkity! / Panderings and Creative Writing of Sorts
« on: April 13, 2007, 09:12:44 pm »
Most of the posts on the forum are far too ambitious and revolve around getting things done. Not enough of the posts on the forum are unambitious and revolve around not getting things done.

Perhaps you are secretly a creative, imaginative, or coherent person who just pretends they are not because of your present circumstance. Perhaps you are secretly an unimaginative, uncreative, incoherent person who only acts brash to throw off suspicion that you are lackluster in character. Maybe this topic has the potential to unearth both, though the chances are some general idea of your talents would have surfaced elsewhere and this tells nobody what they didn't allready know. Either way, post any form of creative or analytical writing that would otherwise not be posted on the forum (other than fanfics, though I think this goes without saying). Freedom of expression is truly great. But it doesn't apply to fanfics. Those are the one exception to any rule about the freedom of speech.

I believe I shall post part of a creative piece that I wrote ages ago. It is of questionable quality, but still yielded an A from a teacher who refuses to give an A+ on writing assignments to anyone because 'no essay is perfect'.

The point can be made that points can't be made. I'm not sure how though. Perhaps if I knew then the paradox would blow my mind, assuming life hasn't allready.

Oh, there's more, I assure you. But this is only the hook. Whoever posts next is supposed to beg me to post the rest of my assignment. That is how hooks work. They draw the reader in by providing a scenario so outlandish that they must continue reading to have it explained. Stories without hooks fall flat because stylistic writing and lucidity never draws the reader in.


Also Kurt Vonnegut died on Tuesday, which is a shame because you probably have no idea who he is. He is the single best published author ever.

Competition Central / SSR Rule Discussion
« on: February 24, 2007, 02:06:45 am »
Since submissions are likely going up in a few days, we should work out some rules for competition in Secret Rings. Here's a recap of everything we know so far:

Action Bonus-Number of pearls collected
Enemy Bonus-Number of enemies defeated times 3.
Ring Bonus-Ring total times 3. Rings added to your total by abilities do not count towards your ring bonus.
Technical Bonus-Total hits/death multiplier; for hits, 2.0>1.5>1.2>1.1>1.0, for deaths 2.0>1.0, for failure .3.

The timer slows down with Time Break.

Bonuses are carried over after death, but any bonuses obtained after the checkpoint from which Sonic is respawning are not. After death, the clock is reset to what it was at the last checkpoint reached, and any increases to the soul gauge are carried over.

Now, a recap of what is not know and needs to be tested.

-What the maximum time is and what happens when it is reached.
-The full list of abilities and their effects
-Whether the regular timer matches the time break timer frame by frame (for example, the actions performed during time break might register as taking less time than in regular mode-the only way to test this is a frame by frame comparison).
-Nothing else, really.

The major issue that will need to be dealt with is death with the soul gauge. Should we take action to prevent this and, if so, what should be done? A death limiter seems like a good way to prevent this, but that has its problems, especially in some of the harder missions.

Assuming that we decide to take such a preventitive measure, should death abuse involving the soul gauge be grounds for a freestyle division?

This should serve as a launching point for further discussion. Personally, I'm all for death abuse being part of the main divisions, but I won't be competing here so my input probably isn't as important as someone who will be.

Also, I shall hereon call 'death abuse with soul gauge' 'pearling'. It's a fitting title and technique names have to start somewhere.

Competition Central / TSC Awards 2007
« on: February 23, 2007, 06:01:35 pm »
So you know how Mike is about to have an awards ceremony for people who competed well in 2006, with some joke awards?

<genus> so like I said
<genus? I'll preempt you mike.
<PsyBorg_omgshadow_> I'm doing good on my run so far...
<yse> what
<PsyBorg_omgshadow_> hopefully I don't screw up...
<genus> I'm making the topic now!

That's right, I'm making the topic for the 2007 awards now! You can vote early if you like.

Your categories are:

2D Player of the Year
3D Player of the Year
Overall Player of the Year
Rookie of the Year
Comeback of the Year
Fadeout of the Year (for someone who was a good player then, you know, lost some championships)

Suggest some joke categories to vote on, because I have nothing.

The ceremony will be held Friday, February 23, 2008 at 11 PM GMT. Mark it on your calenders.

Wikkity! / Cryptograms
« on: January 31, 2007, 04:56:47 pm »
You know what I enjoy? Cryptograms. Especially the kind I'm not able to solve.

You probably know cryptograms by another name-logic puzzles. However, by saying "logic puzzle", you're admitting just how trivial what you're doing is, so the term cryptogram is sometimes used instead (or maybe it means something entirely different; it's a possibility).

Post any cryptograms of note that you've come across or thought of, for solving them is most amusing.

Here are an arbitrary number with which to placate your hunger for cryptograms. As a warning, all have been formulated off the top of my head, so they may not have a correct answer.

1) On a spelling test of 20 questions given to a class of 27, one student scored higher than his grade combined with the grades of the other students. How, and what was the lowest he could have scored?
2) When was the first moon landing? (The answer is not a year)
3) In the picture, why are all the dark blue shirts orange and the yellow shirts purple?
4) Someone likes penguins, demons, dragons, and gnomes, but hates apples, paperclips, and windows. Why?
5) A man walks into a store, asks for some candy, and is arrested as he walks out. Why?
6) How is it possible to break out of jail using dental floss?

And so on. These all have definite answers, I assure you; only one answer will work for a given problem.

Information Kiosk / The Last Order of 2006/The First of 2007
« on: December 31, 2006, 11:58:11 pm »
"The Sonic Center" is a tacky name.  We reached this concensus long ago, and even had a name change topic, which was lost from the various server switches. Nothing was done. Plus, Rolken doesn't have enough to do. So, let's try again.

I'll suggest some names so everyone else can shoot them down and propose their own. No hard feelings.

Half-Ass Attempts at Renaming TSC

Spindashzone (meh)

...Actually, that's it. Someone else say something.

Wikkity! / Opinions, Angst, Uncharacteristic Posting, and the Like
« on: December 27, 2006, 01:07:21 am »
Everyone has something to say that would surprise people they know. Which is why they don't say it.

However, recently I have been launching assaults on the social norm. Even though saying this is the same as giving a penny to a homeless man and fighting poverty, or killing a skin cell to prevent cancer. Ignore that. Basically, say anything here you want...without being judged! No stigma attached! Be as much an idiot as you've always wanted to be, and this time people will be nonchalant instead of easily offended. Just don't make a habit out of it outside this controlled environment, because then it is socailly required for others to pretend they are a better person than you. Consider this a sandbox of sorts.

I guess I'll start this off.

Opinions are only a way to give self-validation to human existance. Thus, this whole post is an ego trip for me. When formulating an opinion, nobody ever considers what anyone else has said because they want to convince themselves that they reached a conclusion with no assistance. That is why direct confrontation never works; others do not like feeling that others were able to realize things before themselves. For the sake of irony, make of this what you will as it pertains to the content and delivery of this post.

Also, unless there is something fundamentally wrong with me, which I do not believe, people put far too much stock in the human thought  process and emotions. Thinking is not a coherent process; thoughts wander, and come all at once. Really. Whole trains of logic run themselves off at once, and people don't realize what they're thinking until they're a good way through, especially when speaking. If you didn't notice, talking and thinking do not synch up; when you speak, you might notice that you don't actually think anything new, or you do so at a slower pace. This all means that humans run on instinct alone. The end.

Oh, and there's this part: we kid ourselves when we think we feel things emotionally. Personally, I don't, but I pretend to because it's easier than dealing with the immediate shock effect produced by not relating to someone else. Which begs the question of how many others do, and why others insist on holding community values over individual values. The only natural emotion is fear, which is instinctual. Happiness and sadness are synthetic feelings, and therefore irrelevant; true equilibrium is in feeling neither. We subconciously tell ourselves that we are happy or sad, and become happy or sad based on it. The next time that someone, say, dies, try and make yourself happy, and you will not be sad. Or when something good happens, see if you can spiral yourself into a depression. You can, by the way.

Fear is the only natural emotion because it is only natural to protect yourself. You know, to avoid death. And so on. I don't much feel like explaining this one because that's the end of the line, and it's more fact than anything else.

And now, it's your turn.

Wikkity! / Let's Start a Cultural Même
« on: November 05, 2006, 10:31:20 pm »
I've had this idea for a while now, and am curious to see how it will play out. It can be considered a social experiment, of sorts; in fact, it is just that.

We should try to do something unique in as many places as possible without being obnoxious and the like, and see if it spreads outward in some sort of chain-mail style effect. Eventually, it could come into the mainstream, as terms like "pwn", "lol", et al have. TSC would be able to take credit for its origin, and this would make things even more interesting, because it would have a definitive birth place, unlike most slang. In fact, in the name of "science", we might even track its progress and its growth (or lack thereof) in usage with a patient 0 style effect.

Obviously, the internet is a good place to try something like this. Real life is ok, I suppose, but the parent/carrier relationship is slower. So now, let's take suggestions for what to propogate. We will eventually decide on something, and abandon the other terms.

Personally, I have no suggestions, but the proposed habit/terms would need to be something short and sweet (very rarely will large slang or elaborate actions become popular).

Let the games begin.

Gaming and Grazing / Group Playthrough
« on: October 15, 2006, 08:44:44 pm »
Ok, so I got a "great" idea a few minutes ago, by which I mean 15 minutes, ago. TSC is all about being awesome and such. However, rarely is there a team effort to be awesome. So how about a collective, non competitive run of a game, done by transfering savestates?

The thinking is that each player would play for something like an hour, loading a previous savestate, playing a bit, making a savestate, and giving it on to the next player. That player would then continue the process, giving their savestate to yetanother player, and so on. This would ideally work with a "marathon" style game such as Kid Chameleon, or a lengthy, open style RPG such as Dragon Warrior Monsters. Like I said, though, it's not competitive; the goal here isn't to get as many points or go through the game as quickly as possible, but rather to make it easier for the next player by getting more lives, stronger characters, etc. and have fun in the process. After everything is complete, a video will be compiled and all involved can lol at how badly someone screwed everyone else over. Of course, we would need people to sign up for this, and reach a mutual agreement on which game (or games, should we plan to do this more than once) to play.

Some leeway should be granted with bad runs; if someone blows all the lives away, they should start from the beggining of the state. If someone just can't beat a level, they say so, and someone else picks up the slack.

Is anybody on board for this? And if so, have any suggestions for games? Personally, I would love to see Kid Chameleon finished all the way (with its 400 something levels).

Hiya Folks / TSC-A Glossary
« on: October 10, 2006, 04:36:18 pm »
Ok, so here's the thinking. You're a new he/she registering at TSC, and someone pops a term, uses a phrase, or makes reference to an event you don't understand. You are confused, and so logically express your lack of comprehension, invariably revealing yourself to be a noob, or worse, a n00b. Ergo, here is a nifty tool for you to use and not reveal your ignorance. All questions pertaining to TSC are to be hereby directed to this glossary.

The Glossary

Aardvark-The first word in the dictionary.
Aaaaargh-The exclamation of general displeasure towards events as they transpire.
Admin-Rolken; really lame. Also: other site staff that do more nothing.
Adminner-Rolkenner; more Rolken and nostalgic.
Adminnest-Rolkennest; the most Rolken.
AHHHHH[snip]HHHHH-what SkyLights does when he is not pleased; general expression of not being pleased; I feel like annoying the everloving shit out of the entire channel.
Aitamen-Possessing a computer to depressed to live; being ohko'd by a simple sql chart.
Alondite-Identical to Antoshi; boring; kind of in the way sometimes like misplaced furniture.
American-Universally praised; intelligent; well informed; against Globalization; hoarding money into bomb shelters for when the Soviets attack.
Anticlimax-A plot with no real meaning currently being reworked and turned into a comprehensible form.
Antoshi-Always there at the right minute to spoil the ending; identical to Alondite; lacking a "pause" button.
Arse-Someone who sticks to an opinion regardless of facts; arrogant, likely to complain; see also: dick.
Aussie-Not quite British, not quite Aboriginee; a rusty eyed convict; someone living where the water in toilets spin the other way around.

b&-To be banned. Also a giant tongue about to lick the bum of some guy in a wheelchair.
B&hammer-To be banned by quick force.
B&hammer'd-To be banned by b&hammer.
Ban-a ban.
Baned-To be banned.
Bane'd-To be banned.
BANN'D-To be banned.
BANNED-To be banned.
Banhammer-To be banned by quick force.
Bandhammer'd-To be banned by bandhammer.
BLAZIN'-Yeah great!
Blueblaze-Just getting his sister's digital camera.
Boobpix-To express distate towards spam.
Boobpixplz-To really want boobpix.
Borked-To be broken beyond report.
Brian-Not missed; not forgotten; a bitter taste in the mouth; slowing down the clock in a genesis game; never able to move on from TSC; one who calls me a retarded�  fluffy bunny.
Brit-One who hangs out in libraries shelving books; compulsively erratic; with bad teeth by nature.

Canadian-An American in denial.
Chanbot-The old channel bot, prone to being exploited.
CF-CosmicFalcon; A falcon with attitude; possibly named "William", "Thester", or "Michael"; prone to long rants.
Cherry-Probably sleeping; watching anime; a red pitted fruit with an initially bitter taste, making way to a sweet aftertaste complimented by soft flavor.
CherryMay-Sleeping; highly British; watching anime; having "lolsony" cut and ready to be pasted into a conversation.
CM-See also:CherryMay, Brit.
coughxcough-That of which I speak is in fact an exception to that of which you speak; I can't think of any other sarcasm marks.
*coughxcough*-I am presently engaged in the act of choking and require immediate assistance; say, have any cough drops on you?
Cool-I can't think of a better word to say.
Convention-Read: "TSC Convention".
CosmicFalcon-Having to explain what an abbreviation is; lacking the knowledge of the fourth wall.
Cult-Short for "Sonic Cult"; a large group of self-indulgent morons praising each other for the most remedial tasks.
CyberScore-A competition site dabbling in generic games and hounding users for every detail.

Da-never mind actually.
Darn-I fear the social repurcussions of swearing.
Death-I am Emo. End the suffering.
Dick-One who reeks of stupidity; penius.
DNF-Not gonna happen.
DSMeet-Formerly half-decent website with a questionable userbase.
DWM-RPG and I are discussing breeding.

Eggbot-The older channel bot, prone to random acts of violence and a loyal servant of Sprint.
Eh-Let me just ignore what you said and say something else.
Elitist Gossip-What goes on behind your back, you can't possibly know about.
Er-I know I said something stupid. Let's move on and accept that I was not perfect at that moment.
eggFl-One with a restraining order against everyone; liking Sonic 06.
EpicMafia-Town epic fails. See also mafia.

Fission Mail'd-Someone messed up and I miss 6 months ago.
flyby-Rolken's totally married wife; quoting you in English class right now.
ftl-Shit, this puts me in an awkward position; that could have gone better; *ftw.
ftw-I am in approval of what is presently happening, but don't care enough to say why.
Fu-You did something slightly disadvantageous to me. I wish to express my silent dissaproval.
Fuck-That was bad; I wish to play doctor with you.
Fucker-One who is bad.
Fuck You-I am angry and you are a bad person.
Furry-See PPA.

GameFaqs-The landfill of the internet.
genus-Superior; inferior; arrogant; modest; running the MKDS tournament; working the system; conflicted.
GerbilSoft-The current channel bot, programmed to summarise news articles, turn everything into an anti sony/microsoft argument, create :P pyramids, report on the results of deal or no deal, report fictional system specs, talk about gentoo, make urmom jokes, and drum.
gf-Read:GameFaqs, but somewhere along the lines of, say, a battered son having Fear of the parent beating them.
gfaqs-Read:GameFaqs, only in a more respectful manner.
ghost-What you'll experience for switching to a member's nick; walking down the street in communist China with no pant backings; with a very interesting grandmother.
GilgaMesh-Someone different; not brian or xebra; capable of impersonating a Chinese in a single sentence.
Good-You are following my plan quite nicely.
Great-I am heartened by your progress as an individual.
groudon-Likely to kill anyone who says anything bad about him.
grrrrrr-I am anthromorphic and wish to be spayed or nudered.
gtfo-I doubt what you are saying highly; you have inconvenience me yet again, you scoundrel!

HalfLife-Mysterious obsession of select users on the forum; kind of ok after Episode 1.
HalfOp-One without power; egotistical; without any input whatsoever; female and neither Cherry nor stealing husband's founder status.
Hax-I despondantly fear what will come; awesome; shitty.
heh-I wish to seem nonchalant to mask my sensitive personality.
hm-I am presently plotting against you.
Ho-A suburdinate.
Hum-I tire of life.

itt-In this topic, you will find all the information in this topic that you will need on this topic.

Jo Mamma-Filler space; nonterm; vaporspeech.
Joshu-The art of doubling question marks on sentences that aren't necessarily questions??

Knuckles-See: Sinbad

lawl-Look at me, I am sardonically mocking the overuse of the word "lol"!
LogBot-The oldest channel bot, prone to graphing personality traits.
lol-I am incapable of expressing my appreciation for fine humor! Please ignore my input!
lolno-I have countered your argument in my head, but am too lazy to transfer it into text, so you must accept that your logic is moot.
lol(word)-Haha, I am amused.
lolsony-The word following any announcement made by Sony; amusement culled from knowing you are investing in their products.
lolwindows-One of the only phrases GerbilSoft, our channel bot, is programmed to say.

mafia-Obsession of some members; that for which Spinny is a rankfag; genus and flyby.
mark89-Trying to throw you for a loop; reminding that there should be a section on brian and xebra.
mike89-Slightly Aussie but making more sense; about to type /nick yse; likely clueless as to this update.
MKDS-Nobody is in the room but you.
Mod-Site staff that do nothing.
mod abuse-I would like to point out the blatant misuse of authority in this given social scenario.
mofo-Just talking about Shaft here; no need to worry.
moron-What you are.
Moron Archives-A great way to spend an afternoon.

Neklor-Mythological #soniccenter-based monstrosity. Possibly fangorious and/or gelatinous.
nou-No, you.
no u-No, you.
no wai-Listen to me. You are a moron. Srsly.
no you-No, you.
no, you-No, you.
noob-Kind of ok but clueless guy.
nOOb-Worse than a noob; not as bad as a n00b
n00b-An arse who has not earned the right to be a dick.
n00blet-Something you'll find in chicken nuggets.

oic-I don't understand what you're saying, but you're right.
Op-Slightly higher than average in social stature.
orly-You are a moron
o rly-Read:orly
o rly?-Read: o rly

PPA-furry; has something to show you on /b/ or /d/ or /<insert letter here>/.
Ps-Oh, I forgot, I needed to make my statement sarcastic.
Psy-Any user with the prefix "Psy" before there name; kind of ok, depending on which.
PsyBorg-Paranoid; android; reptoid; about to turn off computer because of parents; ready to call bs or something.
Psyknux-Zephyr; Quartz; one of those two.
PsyMar-I'm pretty sure this is Zephyr; possibly Quartz as well.

qrirlbbrsomethingorother-What Sprint says to make you feel insignificant,

Riiiiiiidge Racerrrrrrr-Let's all remember something funny someone said.
Revostick-Penius; cock; pecker; prick; hardon; a wiimote, if you get the drift.
Rock 'N' Roll-Something else RPG will sometimes day; coming up with definitions that make no fucking sense.
Rolken-The adminner. See also; founder, but less Sprint-wise.

SadisticMystic-There is no such thing as abbreviations.
SCD-Short for "Sonic Cage Dome", a netplay site constantly at war with TSC, with the one unbiased member being SDM. Has attempted 3 mergers to date; all have failed.
Shit-An exclamation of anger. Also ShadowJacky's favourite word. A common word in ShadowJacky's comments.
Shitcasket-What RPG will say somethimes.
Shitty-For something to be of questionable worksmanship.
SM-Coadminner but less Rolken; Rolken's ho; equal to Sprint; equally nonchalant; nonchalantly equal; probably nihilist or something.
Sonic-Formerly good series constantly being reinvented and dragged down to a mediocre level, sullying the powerful effect of the original games.
Sony-The maker of 10 years of hardware in one.
Sprint-Nestled subliminally between Sony and Stupid; utterly nonchalant; kind of cares about a few things under the right circumstance; ...
Stupid-You are a moron.

TA-Short for "time attack", where a player completes a level or boss so quickly that time itself is revealed to be an illusion.
TAS-Short for "tool assisted run", where a player completes a game using any means or methods necessary.
The Convention-A mysterious gathering planned for the date of 7/7/07, in which all hell breaks lose and Anticlimax is resolved.
The Game-You just lost it.
Tiger-Cherry would rather have one.
TSC-The Sonic Center. The universally recognised competition site on the internet. Number one USA!
TSS-Some crap Sonic Site.

U-A word to be avoided at all costs. Using the word "u" in substution of the word "you" results in banhammer.

Vexing-Why you keep reading this.

Wai-Yeah! Yeah! Allright! Woo!
Wiimote-A remote that has been pissed on; a device used to expell piss from the body; a device controlling a system that has been pissed on; a device controlling a system that is piss; a device controlling a system used to expel piss from the body; the remote for the upcoming Nintendo Piss; the remote for a Wii; an old unfunny joke beaten to death; a random assortment of curse words masquerading�  as humor.
wtf-That of which you are saying does not make any sense; this event is not probable; I doubt the strength of your character; you pans, you just cheated.

Your princess is in another castle. Wait no, there's always...
Xebra-A clown.

Ya Rly-I agree.
ya rly-I agree; no seriously, I'm not a moron.

Ziz-Short for "Zizou", the egotistical founder of SCD I'm sorry SDM.
Zizou-A term used to address a joke involving headbutting; the founder of SCD.

???!!?!-This is exagerration!!!!!!!!!
:)-I am happy!
;)-What are doing later tonight, big boy?
:(-I am sad!
:D-I am glad!
;D-That was quick and pleasant.
D:-I am not glad!
D;-That was not quick and pleasant and left me with a bruised eye.
:o-I am surprised!
:O-I am very surprised!
:0-I have a very wide mouth!
:0.-My nose is bulbous!
:o?-You are a confusing person and bore me. Please bore me more with arbitrary explanations.
:P-What is wrong with my tongue?
:X-Warning, toxic if swallowed.
>_>-I recognise my stupidity but am at peace with myself.
<_<-You just said something really dumb.
X)-I am satiated, in a perverse way.
XD-I laughed myself into a coma.
._.-I use too many emoticons.
o_o-You have my attention.
o_O-Glass eye man is skeptical.
o_0-My left eye doesn't work so good.
O_o-Glass eye man believes!
o_0-I have 1000/1000 vision thanks.
0_o-Pong. It's your turn.
:/-I express disbelief through my art.
>:D-My V brow is superior to yours.
>:o-Well that made me kinda angry.
>:O-Are you questioning my authority? See also:ho.
>:0-At least my mouth isn't loose like that other one. See also:ho.
>:O!!!-The Faec. Usage is permitted only by Zeph and Spinballwizard; I'm about to eat three upside-down lighted candles and you can't stop me!
>:O!!!!!-That which frightens RPG half to death; I feel like pissing people off; you asshole.
/me-I talk in the third person to give myself a retrospective and unbiased I look at the present situation.
/me run-I seek escapism through the use of gramatically unsound sentences; please help me find a good therapist.
/me shot-I do believe that you are about to think negatively of what I have posted in the present discussion.
~-I am elated and know more than you; what I'm saying right now is the bastardised lyrich of a formerly respectable song;�  I sing what I say to mask the pain.
*-I am making ammends with the past by fixing mistakes and moving on.
"-There is much sarcasm involved; I can't think for myself, so must copy verbatim what someone else says; I'm too lazy to summarise the article I just linked to; let me say lolwhat before you reply with XD.

If you think a term should be added, post here and it will be.

Edit: more to come as I see fit. By which I mean be patient everyone. I'm doing several things at once.

CFEdit: rar i r edit.
SBWEdit: rar i r edit too.
ZephEdit: rar i r edit 3. also known as editga.
SBWEditdeuce: rar i r edit 4. a new hope.

Wikkity! / itt Inter-TSC Constructive Criticism
« on: September 30, 2006, 10:19:14 pm »
You know what? I'm tired of talking going on behind people's backs. Everyone has something to say about everyone else, but never when they're...there. Almost everyone has one personality trait that is undesirable, but nothing is said to them that would ever change it. Instead, they eventually hear about it when they are not meant to, and become more set in their ways because of it.

Now, I know that everyone, myself included, does it. But I'm tired about it, and figure I lose all right to complain if I don't at least try something.

Enter this topic.

By posting in this topic, you aknowledge that anybody posting in this topic can criticise you for anything dumb you may have done, and you will not hold it against them, no matter what they say. They can insult your character, they can  slander your person, they can call you mean names. Which make you cry. And make you eat hohos and get fat.

Anyways, let's defy social convention. Only by telling people of their flaws can you hope to change them for the better. I'm all for being told what I do wrong. Besides which, people take things too seriously, and maybe this will help them put things in perspective.

Gaming and Grazing / MKDS Tournament (Go Away for a Few Months)
« on: September 23, 2006, 06:42:33 pm »
Bam. First post nuked in favor of rules.


1) Snaking is allowed. Not snaking is also allowed.
2) Braking/using reverse near an item box is not allowed. In addition, 'A' must be held at all times, unless backing away from a wall.
3) PRB is not allowed. In other words, if your opponent is snaking offroad without a loss of speed, say something.
4) In the event that you are shown finishing first, or you tie with someone else, whoever is awarded 10 points for the win is granted the win for that match. Why? Lag.
5) Preset courses must be selected. Each round will have its own courses that must be chosen. If, for whatever reason, a course not meant to be selected is and is played (simply selecting, say, Figure 8 and not having it chosen will not matter), then whoever selected that course is given a loss for that track, regardless of the results. It sounds Draconian, but come on. It's necessary. Who wants to face someone only selecting a few courses they're good at?
6) Both players must agree, via chat or forum pm, that the set will be ranked in the tournament. The results of an undeclared set should not be reported.
7) Sets will be played "Round Robin" style. This means that everyone will try to play everyone else once. When posting the results in this topic, include who you faced, how many sets were played (only matters in the event of a double or triple draw), and the results of each set (either 2-2 all, 3-1 someone, or 4-0 someone). After everyone plays everyone else, or a week expires, a scoring system will be used to determine place based on each course (3 points for a win 0 points for a loss). For now, the bottom player will be dropped from each round or, in the event of a tie, a sudden death match consisting of 2 Figure 8's and 2 RR's will be played, the loser not advancing to the next round.

In the event of special rules for a round, follow the given instructions. Do not begin a round until told.

Make sure everyone listed is on your friends...list. The list of players or "playas"  is as follows:

1) genus: 283530-227259
2) Groudon199: 107434-689727
3) Thorn: 438149-010632
4)  yse: 352266-049524
5) PsyBorg: 322184-353188
6) RPG: ?-? (damnit RPG repost your code)
7) Turbos: 201926-809098

The courses to be played, in any order, for round 1 are as follows (you can blame Spinny for this one...):

1) Yoshi Falls
2) Luigi's Mansion
3) Luigi Circuit
4) Baby Park

Starting tommorow, play to your heart's content. now! now! strike while the iron is hot!

Wikkity! / Conspiracy Theories
« on: September 13, 2006, 06:59:59 pm »

Gaming and Grazing / Oh look, a Rumorville
« on: September 13, 2006, 06:10:23 pm »
Recently, I got to thinking about how there wasn't nearly enough speculation on the internet, so I started this topic in which to let brainstorming and critical analysis run horribly amok. Post any rumors, popular beliefs, blatant lies, or utter nonsense you've heard or thought about anything, but seeing as how it is TSC, most likely next-gen. By which I mean current-gen falsely called next-gen by people who overlook the release of the DS, PSP, and XBox 360.

And on with the flagrant spewing of ideas.

The Wii will supposedly have some megaton information released tommorow, though personally I'm skeptical. In terms of a release date, it's likely going to be ~$200 on November 12, though the rumor of $175 by October 2 is "tantalising" (though sadly untrue). However, it is of note that Wii is allready boxing units and that there was some alleged reduction in manufacturing costs, so expect less that IGN's "sources" say, as $225 is lol.

Speaking of Wii fodder...Wii <3 Katamari? Namco-Bandai hasn't really announced any next-gen plans, but there's always the hope that they will actively support Wii.

Oh and as for the PS3 and 360...well, I've got nothing. Er wait. I hear Halo 3 is having development problems. I certainly hope so. I mean, does the world really need another Halo?


Gaming and Grazing / Next-Gen Games We're Getting
« on: August 26, 2006, 08:56:14 pm »
I was just curious about which next-gen games people are planning on buying. Because of course, we don't have enough opinions of Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft and their respective software licenses.

I'll start off with my list.

Nintendo DS
Star Fox: Command
Final Fantasy III
Custom Robo Arena
Panzer Tactics DS
Dragon Quest Monsters:Joker

Nintendo Wii
Metroid Prime:Corruption
Sonic and the Secret of the Rings
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Trauma Center:Second Opinion
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Monkey Ball:Bannana Blitz
The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess (though low in priority)

XBox 360
Dead Rising
Sonic 06

Playstation 3
The one that doesn't suck and isn't for the 360.

Gaming and Grazing / Play Dragon Warrior Monsters. Now.
« on: August 20, 2006, 10:40:11 am »
It's a surprisingly good pokemon-like game for the gameboy color that isn't bad because of broken team combinations, and is actually fun because of randomly generated dungeons. No one monster is overpowered because you can always breed it with something else to produce another monster with better skills and stats, or your opponent could produce a powerful counter for that monster with breeding (I'm not sure, but I think that you can battle over link cable; I do know that you can mate monsters over link cable and get twins).

You can download it here, or buy it in stores like stefan and me (I got my copy for $5 yesterday).

Currently stefan, RPG, and myself are all playing it, RPG having played the most because I felt like sleeping. Stefan is in some silly early dungeon like Village or Talisman, and I just cleared F class and hatched my Sky Dragon egg.

If enough people got into this, then we could compare crazy breeding combinations (there are over 40000), strategies, and hilarious experiences while sitting around the campfire and eating marshmallows.

If you need further convincing:

<PsyBorg> dude, you're playing with the king's great log and everyone's licking you

Oh, and Pickies ftw. Or rather, Pickies+Healers ftw. Perhaps PickyHealer+Anteaters ftw. Crazy fun!

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