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Most of these are pretty easy to guess, I'm sure, and the quality on most of them is terrible, but please try to enjoy them!

*Randomly goes into General Sonic after being away since summer and clicks a few threads, including this one.)
Hey, I remember thinking about this before. (And does anyone remember teh real life time attack????////)
*mentally goes through Emerald Coast*
I don't know how horizontal springs would work, but there's a vertical one near the spinny spiky balls.  ...  Um... just hope that those ramps can get me across the gap. (I would say that I can just swim around any obstacle, but there isn't actually any water in act 1, except above the sandy shore.)  ...  Okay, I think the first vertical slope ends it. Running up it is plain impossible. I don't think the seam is enough to make climbing around worth trying. And I'm pretty sure the slope is more than 5 feet wide. (Probably 7-10, from memory. If it was narrow enough, climbing between the side walls should be possible. Unless that kind of rock surface is slippery, being only texture-mapped (okay, I'm getting a little ridiculous about accuracy in realism here).)  ...  Dash plates would be fun. I'd probably fall and break the back of my head open if I tried to use one. Maybe crouching while wearing rollerblades? Or just step over/around them.  ...  Another vertical slope, another dead-end (after the super looop). If a long jump would be possible (to take the shortcut used in speedruns), the water before it would make it impossible. Er, nevermind. The water is "real" in EC2, isn't it?  ...  If the springs or jump panels work, it should be smooth running to the capsule.

Well Mad Matrix takes place in cyberspace. Your body is weightless during the circuit ride things right?... and you would probably be able to go through them even as a human.
That'd look a little funny, wouldn't it? I mean, Shadow's like half our height, not to mention that he curls up a lot tighter. And aren't some of those tunnels a little narrow? Plus, the big thing is spinning (which ieatatsonic mentioned). You'd need a 3rd-person view to get anywhere while spinning.

News and Updates / Re: New Sonic game stuff
« on: September 04, 2007, 11:21:46 am »
Random replying to little things that came up in the earlier pages.

- It annoys me when people say stuff like, say, "Winter 2007", when referring to the end of this year.
Winter 2007 was at the beginning of the year. The only other winter that's coming in 2007
is like 10 days long or something (compared to the nearly 3 months of winter early in the year),
and most of December is really part of fall, even if people think of it as winter,
maybe only to justify moving "winter" to the end of the year.

- Metroid Prime is by Retro Studios. Nintendo doesn't even make much of anything anymore.
The games that do certain not-Nintendo-y things (the kinds of music, use of FMV, etc.)
are usually second- or third-party, but Nintendo is given the credit (and accepts it).

- Retconning is something that should be avoided, even at some cost, in my opinion. It's best to just
make everything right the first time. Stuff might have to be added every now and then,
but it's not nearly as bad as if the changes contradict the original work.
(Although even when stuff is added, it can look sloppy. I don't know if what happened
in Spider-Man 3 (movie) was retconned, but it looked like it, and it seemed a little "slopped-in".
It has to do with Uncle Ben, by the way. That part, where... well, I probably shouldn't spoil it.
Or how one of Shadow the Hedgehog's stories reveals that Shadow was rescued by Robotnik
when it seemed like he would've died in SA2. But there are so many endings, and I just want to
ignore everything that ever happened in that game. Too bad the excuse used for Sonic06 is no good here.)
So, minor changes (ones that add to the story, instead of changing it) can be acceptable,
but they still shouldn't be done, if possible. But big changes should be avoided at almost any cost.
An inconsistent universe is really annoying to me, and I think everything should be
left alone, unless it's completely necessary to make some improvements.

Now, getting back off topic (well, Sonic 06 and the future of the series count as "new Sonic game stuff",
I guess), I'll just basically repeat what I've said many times about what I want Sonic (and Mario) to be.

Sonic's best 2-D game, in my opinion, was Sonic 2. (Sonic 3 and Knuckles was bigger,
but it's really two separate games, and it's still not as fun, even if it has more content.)
Why was it so good? It's the first Sonic game I played. Maybe that has something to do with it.
But that couldn't be all. It also seems faster than the others in the series.
And it has more variety, with 7 slightly shorter zones, 1 long zone, and 3 short zones.
(Sonic 1 always has 3 acts. Sonic 3 and S&K both have super-long 2-act zones.)
Although I like some features in Sonic 3 and Sonic CD, I'd base a new 2-D game's level design
on Sonic 2's, definitely. But I wonder what the newer handheld games are like. Sonic Rush sounds just right.

Sonic's best 3-D game, and the best game ever made, was Sonic Adventure.
The Sonic stages were great. Some of the others were pretty good. A few were torture,
when it came to getting emblems, or just boring otherwise.
The ultimate game would polish Sonic's control and level design slightly, but leave it a lot the same.
Adventure Fields could stay, but they'd need some work (make them bigger and less empty and boring).
Cutscenes would need decent graphics, scripts, and voice acting.
And the story, while epic, would have to actually exist. I don't know what Sonic06 is like,
but I know what Heroes and Shadow are like... ugh. There isn't a story at all, but everyone
is just being themselves, living life normally (in unusual places like Cryptic Castle and Gun Fortress),
and then a Last Story has to appear, which brings in this big threat, accompanied by
lots of cutscenes (including some FMV, as always), and then a big boss battle featuring
a floating Super version of the hero, getting pushed backward by cheap attacks from
the big threat i mentioned, while the main theme plays in the background.
It's the same thing every time, but of the 4 times I've seen it, only the SAs had a story.
It gets more stale every time, and Shadow was the worst, with its obvious rip-off of Heroes.

Big would have to go. Maybe he could get some decent stages, if he played like in Sonic Heroes.
Maybe even some bearable fishing stages, if there was more level to explore, with more places to fish,
and of course, a redesigned fishing engine. But it's not worth the trouble.
Sonic's stages were the best ones, but Amy, Tails, and Gamma could stay, I guess.
They'd need a little more polish than Sonic. Knuckles definitely needs to stay, but he needs good Action Stages
like Sonic's (for the first time since Sonic and Knuckles... unless you count Sonic Heroes,
but even there, he couldn't really glide, and his punches always targeted the nearest pit, for some reason).
Put simply, the ultimate Sonic game would be Sonic Adventure, with the annoying stages
cut out, and a little more effort and polish put into every area.

My favourite 2-D Mario is Super Mario Bros. 3. (I also considered both Super Mario Worlds,
but I think this one beats them both.) Like with Sonic 2, I'm guilty of liking it more
because I played it as a kid. But I don't think my opinion is too biased. It's just a great game!
Huge and full of variety, with what's probably the fastest and most responsive control in any Mario game.
I'd base the next 2-D Mario off this, but I'd probably borrow some features from newer games, just like with 2-D Sonic.

There are only two 3-D Marios, if I'm not forgetting anything. 64 vs. Sunshine. Wow, such a tough decision. (Not.)
Super Mario 64 has the castle, with its mysterious passageways and secret rooms.
Super Mario Sunshine has the wide-open Delfino Plaza, which is more fun to just run around.
64 has ridiculously exaggerated physics which make it annoying to play sometimes.
SS has floaty control, but its platform stages are too hard without FLUDD.
And there are a few other kind of annoying stages, although it's mainly the platforming that's frustrating.
SS had some cheap Blue Coins, but better bosses. And the levels were more like Adventure Fields.
Maybe that's the problem. Less risk of dying, but maybe the stages are a little bland.
And too much the same. And that, combined with the annoying stages, is what puts it below 64,
even though 64 has such bad control (I didn't even mention that the camera in 64 is choppy,
can't go through walls, and usually can't even rotate 360 degrees).
It really doesn't look like there's such a clear advantage, but for some reason, I think of 64 as being way better.
Anyway, I'd just polish and expand SM64 for a sequel. Forget everything from Sunshine.
Oh, and then there's the fact that SM64 has more stages, and it doesn't make you buy 24 of the stars...

News and Updates / Re: New Sonic game stuff
« on: August 25, 2007, 03:21:11 pm »
Yeah, knowing Sega's reputation for listening to feedback about their games (NOT!!!!), Sonic Riders 2 will have the same asinine controls (the worst in a racer ever) and bad game play that Riders did, thus resulting in a bad game that even good graphics can't help.

Don't be so sure to discount the Wii's graphical capacities Marth. Metroid Prime 3's coming out next week and the hands on impressions said that it is one of the best looking Wii games to come out (but Mario Galaxy will still surpass it) and has the sharpest Wii FPS controls around (with some minor problems with the grappling beam and turning too slow but the later is negated by the solid lock on system). To be honest, graphics mean practically nothing to me. I'm such a "bad ass freaking gamer" that I just ignore a game's visuals and focus purely on its game play.
I said "supposedly". I know that it's more powerful than GameCube (just the fact that it plays
GCN games is proof that it's at least as powerful), and that it can do amazing graphics
(imagine if Rare had stayed with Nintendo... Star Fox Adventures was an early GCN game,
and was moved from N64... imagine what they could've done in 2006, making an all-new game,
especially considering how much they improved their skills from Diddy Kong Racing to Jet Force Gemini or Banjo-Tooie).
It's just that so many people are impressed only by the other two new consoles.
Even though all I've seen of them is low framerates and/or roughly GCN-quality graphics.
The point: Wii is capable of about anything you'd need for gameplay, and it's not weak.
Even the PS2 isn't that limited, although it's only like a fraction of Wii's power,
and GCN would be way less outdated and easy to program for.

Maybe you didn't understand, but that was almost completely sarcasm, about the graphics
being most important. (I talk a lot about graphics, and I've been working with some 3-D modeling,
and I even argue and complain about this console's capabilities and that game's use of the console, and everything,
but I really don't care that much. My choice of Sonic Adventure as "the best game ever made" proves it.)

eggFL: It's probably just some stupid thing thrown in late to make Blaze look more powerful.
Sort of like how "Dr. Eggman" is said to have an I.Q. of 300, even though that couldn't happen.
Or how all the humans are pathetically weak, stupid, slow, and cowardly in Sonic stories.
It's all just to impress the kids and make Sonic in general seem really "cool".

By the way, it almost instantly reminded me of the Pokémon, Machoke and Machamp, with their Power Save belts.

News and Updates / Re: New Sonic game stuff
« on: August 24, 2007, 11:33:30 pm »
Two things about graphics (since that's obviously what matters most in a game):

1. I hope those screenshots are from PS2. Even though it seems like Wii developers actually
care little enough that they would settle for that level of quality.

2. PS2? PS2!!!?? The 7-year-old system that's much weaker than the GameCube,
which is weaker than the Wii, which is already supposedly so weak that it limits some features
in gameplay, and would make porting from other systems impossible? I don't know... maybe I should be happy.
Somehow, I'm more angry. The GameCube was capable of graphics better than every Wii game I've seen so far,
and seemingly almost as good as every XB360/PS3 game I've seen. (Taking framerate into consideration.)
But Sega seems to want to separate Sonic into the next-gen (meaning slightly better than GameCube)
Sonic, and the last-gen, Wii, GameCube, and PS2 Sonic (meaning PS2-quality).

Now, about the game itself, I don't know. Yeah, it's another Sonic game, and some time,
I'll get it along with SatSR, but I'm still waiting for a 3-D platformer. Preferably one that's at least
as good as the Dreamcast games (like that'll ever happen, as reasonable as that preference is).
Sonic Riders had bad graphics, bad sound, bad controls, bad story... but it was still fun somehow.
This'll almost definitely be the same. The graphics and voice acting are guaranteed, since this is Sonic.
The story will likely be as good as that of Riders 1 (thanks for the help, Sonic X), and the controls probably won't improve.
But it sounds like it'll be at least as fun as the first. (I haven't seen the videos.)

Competition Central / Re: The Official Top Tens Topic
« on: August 24, 2007, 11:08:05 pm »
I hope something from SA gets in. :D Like that double Spin Dash jump that was used for
Casinopolis on GCN, and later in Final Egg on DC. Or any glitch that broke a single stage.
Or the Death Line Hax trick in Windy Valley. (Okay, that didn't do much... other than annoy
everyone because they couldn't figure it out.)

Wikkity! / Re: TSC's Got Talent!
« on: July 09, 2007, 10:53:52 pm »
By the way, this topic is about TSC members so we should stop featuring other singers.
If it's limited to TSC members, no one will post anything. :(
(At least if everyone's like me. Or Paragod. Maybe I could try Sonic voice acting, but no singing.)

General Sonic / Re: Petition for more Sonic PC games
« on: July 06, 2007, 08:22:28 pm »
Yeah, I know what you mean. You have to get a lot of games before the system is worth the money, and that can be hard
if there aren't many games that you're interested in.  (Or if you can't find the games you would buy. All of those are problems
for me with the Dreamcast. 5 used games for $80.) I could make some recommendations if you changed your mind, though.

About the pricing, I wasn't including a memory card, but the GCN should be less than $100 new (or under $50 used),
and a 251-block card (good for a moderate-sized game collection) is $20. Oh, and though it doesn't matter to you,
I just thought I'd mention that even Riders is under $20. That completes the GCN Sonic collection. (All Canadian prices.)

General Sonic / Re: Petition for more Sonic PC games
« on: June 29, 2007, 12:06:39 am »
SADX got released on multiple platforms primarily because the Dreamcast died and Sega needed to establish themselves on other platforms, and also not so long after the original as a SA2:B release would be.  I'm not saying a PC version wouldn't be a good idea, it's more that there isn't the profit in it for Sega.  My guess is that they would struggle to get anyone to buy it except those that already bought it for another console and think it's the best thing since sliced baked wheat product, unless it was aggressively priced.
Then what's that about? It's like you're considering the possibility of a PC version in the future.

Antiporcupine: More like "buy a $100- console and $20- games when you have a PC that cost
like 10-15 times as much and plays some of them for a comparable price".
In Canada (which, unsurprisingly, tends to have higher prices than the US, which I'm guessing
is where you are), GCNs are usually a little over $100 (but they've been less than that),
and any Sonic game except Riders is less than $20. And there are lots of great games
that are only on GCN, and only will be on GCN (or maybe its successors)... Metroid Prime
and F-Zero GX being some good examples. But if you're really sure you don't want one
(or that you wouldn't be allowed to have one), that's fine. It's just that you might not
be able to get those games... it's a problem for me, too (or it will be, if the good games
start coming someday). I guess a petition is fine, but I can't see it working.
I saw and supported the petition to get the good Sonic actors back a few years ago.
What happened with that? (And that was a case where the majority of players were against them.
In this case, there are fewer people who care.)

I don't know. Good luck with the petition...
but you might just have to get a console somehow. I had to do that for SA1 (SA1, as opposed to SADX).

Gaming and Grazing / Re: Looking for a Windows 95 emulator for XP....
« on: June 28, 2007, 11:50:17 pm »
Isn't there a way to temporarily use older versions of Direct X or something?
I thought Sonic 3D Blast mentioned that.


Well, it mentions that DX3 might overwrite newer versions, and that the new one can be restored through "Add/Remove Programs" in the Control Panel. So you could install DX5 for Frogger.
Sounds like it's kind of a pain, but it should work. If Direct X is the cause of the problem, that is.

General Sonic / Re: Petition for more Sonic PC games
« on: June 24, 2007, 07:24:59 pm »
is relatively cheap to port (which may well be the case for 06 given it runs on the 360, but that's a guess).
Everything is relatively cheap to port, if you're talking about Sonic Team.
The reason, if you didn't get it, is that they do half-hearted jobs all the time,
not just on ports, but on most new games as well (going back to the '90s).

What was that about SADX? In your last post, you seemed to be considering a possible
PC port (reasons to or not to make one), as if it hadn't been made yet.

Going more toward the main point here:

-Petitions don't work.

-Sonic Team is stupid and stubborn, and doesn't care what anyone thinks.
(So even if petitions did work, they wouldn't work with Sonic Team.)

-Why not at least get a GameCube (it's cheap)? Your PC is probably way more expensive,
anyway. (And if it's not, it wouldn't be able to handle anything except SA1 or something., if even that.)

-I'm not too happy about Sonic's habit of drifting off onto other consoles, either.
First, he was GCN-only. Perfect for me. Then he went multi-platform. I'm fine with that.
But now, most Sonic games are going onto other systems. I will get a Wii sometime,
so that's no big deal. DS... it's possible. But PS3, XBox 360, and PSP? No. Unless I win one, maybe.
Plus, even the multi-platform thing is an excuse for Sonic Team to cut down on the media
used in the GCN versions of games. I don't know why (they'd probably say it's disc space),
but maybe it's to make up for the graphics and controls, which are said to be worse on XBox and PS2.

But then, Sonic's only gone downhill from SA2 to SH to ShtH to S06, in glitches and voices
and whatever else, so I've actually felt a little better about it. When I think about it,
none of those non-GCN games really matters, as long as I'm still missing one that is on GCN (ShtH).

Wikkity! / Re: facts about you
« on: June 15, 2007, 08:12:24 pm »
I'll try to keep this short. (This can be fact #1: I tend to write excessively-long posts by accident.
Even though I hate writing. This also applies to levels of detail in drawing, but I don't hate art.)

First, the basic blah: 17 years (and 8 months) old, 6'0", about 140 or 140s in weight
(I seem to have lost weight, somehow), brown eyes, sort of brown hair (I guess dirty blonde or something).

I seem to be at least okay at quite a few things, (I'm pretty fast, for example, although
I fail at accuracy in sports, and compared to other athletes, I'm not that great in endurance)
but I guess I do more art (computer and other) and stuff like that.
I'm smart (smarter than everyone!!!! :P ), but I procrastinate. Or maybe I'm just lazy.
So I can't always finish lots of impressive projects or whatever.

I don't know what else to say. At least this is short enough.
Basically, I'm an artist and gamer and whatever, but I can do other stuff too.

Competition Central / Re: Different Game Gear Versions
« on: June 15, 2007, 07:30:19 pm »
Whoa, what is that? I didn't know the Final Fight had a different background on Saturn!
The reason it's all Genesis-y on PC must be a transparency problem. Same with the fog effects
that, surprisingly, are in like half of the stages. (I remember reading that Sonic R also had
special transparency effects only on Saturn.) Also, I wasn't really expecting the Special Stage
to look like that, with the 3-D Sonic and that background.

I don't know what this has to do with Game Gear (oh, right, maps), but
how bad would erasing Sonic be? A little time-consuming, but bearable on Genesis,
since you'd just have to redraw the simple tiles where Sonic was erased.
But how were the other Genesis maps made? Weren't they directly ripped?

Information Kiosk / Re: Random idea concerning "Awards"
« on: June 15, 2007, 06:56:22 pm »
Yeah I vote that we make an award for awesome site suggestions. X)

Anyway, that is pretty wise. I should envisage that challenge icons could be put up as awards as a bit of filler before the actual awards come into effect... or maybe it is better to wait until the actual awards and then move the challenges over?
The challenge awards are better than nothing. Except for me, since I haven't done those challenges. :(
But yeah, maybe those could be done first, and then the other awards could come later.
But it's important that the other awards do come at some time. And in the reasonably near future.

Still, either way, it's a good idea.

Competition Central / Re: Character divisions for Sonic R.
« on: June 10, 2007, 05:12:10 pm »
Not to mention that most competitions would be mostly the same.
A challenge thread might not do too badly, but it would be best if it divided the characters
into groups (floating on water/sinking in water/hovercraft things that can't jump)
for competition or used one character from each group.
Metal Sonic and Metal Knuckles charts, for example, would be too much the same.

Competition Central / Re: Sudden Topic Shift to Sonic 3D Blast
« on: June 10, 2007, 05:04:27 pm »
The PC has no weather, and dumbed-down Special Stages compared to the Saturn game, but the rest of the aesthetics and all of the music tracks are the same, putting it miles above the Genesis game.

^Also gay, another one-liner post from me... wait, this saved it!
I remember that it does have a rain effect in Rusty Ruin, but there's no fog or whatever.
Doesn't the manual say that there's fog? *checks, but only because the cover happens to
be within arm's reach* Yep. "some parts of the Rusty Ruin Zone are drenched in fog and rain"

About the music, I think I might prefer the Genesis one overall. Not that the PC/Saturn one isn't good.

Now, getting to the part that's actually semi-important, if actual game graphics will be used
(which is great, if there's a way to rip backgrounds, which seems to be possible
(how were TSC's maps for side-scrolling games made?)), the PC/Saturn one would be better,
unless it looks cluttered and distracting. But then, maybe the lack of detail in the
Genesis version's untextured grid floors would look fine as part of a huge map.

Hiya Folks / Re: Hiya
« on: June 05, 2007, 08:50:31 pm »
For Lost Jungle, you don't go past the goal, but instead you go behind the start of the level.  Grind on the rail you start on going near the beginning of it.  Jump at the right time to go high enough to approach the loop nearby.  Jump towards it and fly to it.  You'll have to do the same to get back, due to an invisible wall.

And although you can't go back if you hit a switch past Mystic Mansion's goal, it could be possible to get to the goal past the default one.  I've gotten close once, but was a few yards away when near the 3 alters room.
1. I thought I already explained that you don't have to do that to get back.
Or maybe I just said I thought it could be done. Or you weren't there. Anyway,
when you hit the invisible wall, just use the flying formation to fly over it.
You can stand on top. From there, it's an easy jump to solid ground.

2. I couldn't even come close (the end of MM). It just looks impossible to me. :(
How come I'm so bad at this jump, but I was the first to do the Lost Jungle glitch? Oh, well.

I tried minimal A challenges for SA1 when there was a thread. It was fun, although it
wasn't really popular. There was also no-shortcut, but that probably wouldn't work out,
with the definition of "shortcut" and everything. Minimal score could be interesting. So could fast life.
Fast death would be interesting in some stages (Casinopolis, Lost World), but most of the time,
it would consist of running full-speed into the nearest Rhinotank or double-tapping A to launch off the cliff.
Added rules might make it more interesting, but that would have the disadvantage of
being all arbitrary or something. (Why do we have to die by getting hit on this stage,
but by falling out of that stage? And why is this stage missing, while that stage has a chart?
WHO OR WHAT IS DECIDING THE RULES HERE????!!!!!111////oneoneslashslash)
I don't know. It would take consideration, as would the no-shortcut challenges.
Minimal score and especially minimal A should be fine, if there's enough support.

I thought I had something else to say. Blah. Anyway, I'll try out some SA challenges,
but some divisions might need to be worked out.

Wikkity! / Re: WII!
« on: June 02, 2007, 01:21:15 pm »
I still want to go online with my Dreamcast, but I'm stuck with AOL. :(
So I need some dial-up service other than AOL to try out that little novelty. :(  :(

General Sonic / Re: About the voice acting. (Theoretical discussion)
« on: June 02, 2007, 01:16:46 pm »
Deem Bristow didnt play Robotnik in Heroes
I thought he did. He sounds like he could be the same. And Wikipedia says it's
Deem Bristow, not that it means anything. Although that would explain why he sounds weird.

Or are you saying that since Sonic Shuffle, he's always been Eggman instead of Robotnik? :P

General Sonic / Re: About the voice acting. (Theoretical discussion)
« on: June 02, 2007, 01:07:05 pm »
Just as a reminder, this is FACT opinion.

Sonic should be Ryan Drummond. He sounds young and energetic. Jaleel White (AoStH guy) isn't bad.
Jason Griffith just sounds weird in a really... well, weird way.

Tails needs to be a real boy. His SA voice (Corey Bringas?) was very good,
especially considering that he should've been too old by the time of SA2.
But he sounded really bored and emotionless at times in SA, and he sometimes
sounded like he was reading in SA2. Bring Bringas back, and take time to rerecord when necessary.

Knuckles needs to sound young. This is where 4Kids fails. He should have a deep enough
voice to fit his toughness, but make it too gruff, and he'll sound like an old man.
Oh, and don't make it too deep, either. (Sorry, Ryan, but you should stick to doing a Sonic voice.)

Amy probably sounded best in Sonic Adventure. Er, no, wait... she sounded older in SH,
which was kind of good... or was it, since she is only 12, and a younger voice would fit,
especially in SA, where she's a chubby, little kid. Her 4Kids voice can be too squeaky and shrieky. Aagh.

Big and Gamma sounded good in SA. Don't mess with that. (I'm talking to you, 4Kids,
with your robot chipmunk for Gamma and weird, high-voiced guy for Big.)

Robotnik sounded pretty good in SA, but I liked the similarity to Long John Baldry from AoStH.
So maybe he's better. Not that it matters, since he died right after Deem Bristow.
So there's no hope now. Mike Pollock (4Kids) sounds too much like the regular announcer guy
that he is sometimes, and other times, he has a high, scratchy voice.
Back to Deem Bristow: he sounded less like Baldry in SA2, and in SH, he just sounded bad.
His voice was often high and scratchy (Sega set him up to be replaced!!!!),
and his American accent came through when it wasn't supposed to.
(Listen to the part in the Last story, where he says, "It's useless! Metal Sonic has
combined your data...", and so on. That is a great example of both flaws.)

Rouge needs to sound young. Again, 4Kids messed this up. As someone at another forum
pointed out, she should sound mysterious. But I don't think it should be that way,
if it's at the expense of her youth.

Shadow sounded good in SA2. I saw a video of ShtH, and he sounded surprisingly similar.
Except, being Jason Griffith, he sounded a little like the same actor's Sonic voice at times,
and in one place, he sounded too much like a superhero.

Cream is terrible in both. I don't know which voice is worse. Maybe 4Kids's is worse,
but SH gave her worse lines. But then, she was pretty squeaky-sounding in SH,
even with more realistically kiddish lines. "I'm so happy, I want to tell everyone!" "Please stop being bad!"

I can't complain much about Storm and Wave, but Jet sounded more like a cartoon chicken
than the "cool dude" I expected. That, along with his weird GCN-rendered cutscene model,
made him hilarious to watch. Also, he is the only character who actually used another
character's voice! (I've heard Deem Bristow start to use the wrong voice,
but he didn't actually deliberately try sounding like another character.)

General Sonic / Re: The Olympic Games
« on: May 29, 2007, 11:18:45 pm »
I hope it'll be mostly that Mario's sped up, rather than that Sonic's slowed down.
Mario's already too slow in most games. (Bring back the running speed from SMB3 and SMW, please.)

Hiya Folks / Re: Hi all.
« on: May 29, 2007, 11:08:53 pm »
Did someone mention glitches?

The reverse Radical City one is well-known, but I found another glitch.
When using the dash plate thing that costs 50 rings (or right after it), I fell through the floor
and out of the course. There's a weird hidden balloon or something around somewhere.
I did it several times, but then I couldn't do it anymore. I think I used Knuckles. Or maybe Metal Knuckles.

And recently, while doing reverse Regal Ruin, I hit the wall in the outside of the first turn
(after jumping up onto the ledge) and fell through into a different part of the course.
I didn't stay out of the walls, and I couldn't do it again. Keep in mind, however,
that I barely tried it, and I didn't spend long on RC either.

Non-Sonic Site Discussion / Re: Mario Center discussion
« on: May 29, 2007, 10:48:03 pm »
Super Mario 64 is a 3-D game and TMC is for 2-D PLATFORMER MARIO GAMES. As for Yoshi Story, it is more of a 2-D/3-D game so who knows. I'd compete if my friend let me borrow it again.
Yoshi's Story plays like a 2-D game. And it even uses 2-D graphics, with the exceptions of
a few things, like the anemone and the flying striped snake platform.
Don't listen to Nintendo Power, with their "first ever 2 1/2-D game".
(What's especially dumb about that is that Yoshi's Island is exactly the same, with the 3-D board thing and stuff.)

Competition Central / Re: Got Sonic Heroes Glitches?
« on: May 19, 2007, 09:49:36 pm »
Two questions:

1. Is there not an actual list of glitches yet?

2. You'll host the videos, but you're basically not accepting attachments? :( I guess I can upload short videos
to my own site and then get you to move them back to your site so I can delete them and free up a few megabytes.

I've discovered the Team Rose before-the-start glitches, a Team Chaotix after-the-goal glitch, and the Chaotix-MM one.
And then there's my brother's glitch to get Team Rose into the wrong areas of Mystic Mansion.

Leaderboard Disputes / Re: A couple more BS calls.
« on: May 16, 2007, 10:06:12 pm »
but I was allowed to keep my Chankast records (Sonic and Gamma stages, running at full speed or higher) while I had them.
'shouldn't. I hope you've obsoleted them all by now.
Shouldn't? You're the one who said it'd be okay, since they're barely affected by the glitch.
Or do you mean that you regret it? Anyway, of course I've beaten them all.
It'd be pretty bad if I couldn't beat those records that I spent little time on, and that
were gotten with the emulator's speed jumping all over. (Also, see my EC-Gamma comment.)

Leaderboard Disputes / Re: A couple more BS calls.
« on: May 13, 2007, 09:10:02 pm »
Back to SA. Is that the controller I heard about? You have to set the neutral position as down,
so your character is walking forward automatically? But anyway, that's cheap.
It's like using rapid fire or slow motion. Or like that SNES controller I have that makes Mario
quickly accelerate and run backward, and makes impossible jumps possible.
If these times stay, I'm doing a super-fast Hot Shelter run by skipping the first block puzzle! :D

What about Final Egg with Sonic? Sonic is affected, but not as much. In this case, it could mean a small advantage, since a slightly lower jump would still carry Sonic to the capsule,
and maybe the Light Speed Dash would be unnecessary (probably not), but I was allowed
to keep my Chankast records (Sonic and Gamma stages, running at full speed or higher) while I had them.

Gaming and Grazing / Re: What kind of cheater are you?
« on: May 06, 2007, 06:14:32 pm »
Taco: Get a Rumble Pak. Or just play on GameCube. (I haven't gotten all the Skulltulas yet,
except with the unlimited Skulltula glitch, but I plan to do it the honest way on GameCube.
I might've used a guide for most of them before, but I won't remember much anymore.)

About AR, yeah, I use float codes a lot in games I've completed. And whatever else is interesting
(Wario World's size modifier, Sonic Adventure DX's random effects from stage select codes,
Metroid Prime's third-person mode, Super Smash Bros. Melee's debug mode).

General Sonic / Re: Sonic Comic Ideas(I know pretty wierd)
« on: May 06, 2007, 05:56:29 pm »
magnum12: Sonic/TSC fusion = good idea. Super-powerful robots = Sonic X = bad idea. :P
But really, I like the ideas of the fusion and of the enemies (like n00bs),
but powerful robots... that's just asking for it to be Sonic X, where only Sonic
can save us helpless humans. I'd prefer easy target fodder. But that's just my opinion.

About my own stuff, well, there's that SA one I made with my brother's story.
It's like two years old, but I haven't scanned it yet.
And then there's the newer one which is still at least a year old, but which isn't finished,
and doesn't have any decent art done. It's also Sonic Adventure.

Guys it's not a "Sonic" game. It's just a game with Sonic making a random cameo.
Wow, you mean a game called "SEGA Splash Golf" isn't a Sonic game???
(Okay, I'll stop.)

I don't know how eggFL can decide if the game's good, just from two screenshots.
It looks to me like it's to Mario Golf what Sonic Shuffle was to Mario Party. The quality? Who knows?

Finally, the girl is cute. :P

And more finally, look how tall Sonic is! 3'3", definitely!

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