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Title: ATTN: ring rush
Post by: sonicandamy on February 21, 2021, 01:04:12 am
Im glad I finally got my voice back this needed to be said a long time ago, Im not opening accusing ring rush of cheating but I am openingly accusing ringrush of using emulator for SSR which gives him and unfair advantage in 99% of runs and advanced controller input, that is why he won't post any videos of his record runs
Title: Re: ATTN: ring rush
Post by: Ring Rush on February 23, 2021, 01:54:10 am
First of all, you know there are better places to get my attention than a dead forum that someone happened to mention to me about. If you're going to accuse me of cheating (and yes, I consider claims of advanced controller input cheating), then you should at least do it in a place where it is reasonable to expect me to see it.

I do use dolphin when I TAS, but all my RTAs are 100% on a wii (or lately a wii u), with a wiimote.

A lot of my times are from long before Dolphin existed or had proper wii support. If you're specifically concerned about more recent ones, here are some videos and proofs of runs I've done in the last several years (admittedly I haven't done a ton). These aren't all on the site because I stopped submitting to this site.

You can see both the video quality gap and the play gap between these and the videos I post of TASes (on Twitter, or further below in this post). The PS9 video pretty explicitly shows that I'm playing on a TV. Technically it doesn't "prove" anything because I could just be displaying an emulator run on a TV and then re-capturing, but these are clearly timestamped as done years ago and not in response to this. I've also played Secret Rings live in front of people before, and streamed me doing Alf Layla with controller cam on Twitch before.

I agree that advanced controller input gives a massive advantage. And I am a huge advocate of using proper control schemes, and have campaigned for more restrictions on controllers across multiple games including storybook sonic games. My main motivation for this is that I don't want someone using some trivializing control scheme when I've put a lot of effort into using motion controls to the best of my ability.

I'll leave you with this - it's a tool assisted reference point. This is a better approximation of the kind of time you get if you use Dolphin and their implementation of "hold key down to automatically shake", not baby 45.21 like I have or a 45.31 like you have.