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Game Level Division Guide
SH Hang Castle Chaotix Team Sonic/Dark Glitch Areas
SH Hang Castle Chaotix Glitch Area Back-track
SH Egg Fleet Sonic (Extra) 620 Rings
SH Egg Fleet Dark Sub 7 Mins (and lower)
Shadow Cryptic Castle Shadow 566 Rings
Shadow Mad Matrix Hero Sub 5 Mins (time)
Shadow Air Fleet Dark Sub 1 Min
Shadow Iron Jungle Normal Completing 51780 (max score)
Shadow Space Gadget Dark Sub 3 Mins (time)
Shadow Space Gadget Normal Completing 30950
Shadow Space Gadget Shadow 586 (or more) Rings
Shadow GUN Fortress Total Sub 2:30 (times)
Shadow Cosmic Fall Shadow 425 Rings
Shadow Final Haunt Total Sub 2:50 (times + dark score)
Shadow The Last Way Shadow 360 Rings
Shadow The Last Way Shadow 373 Rings (improved from 360)
Shadow Overall Total Key Door tip
Shadow Overall Shadow Rings

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