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Eh, so I decided to write a real bio for myself.

My Sonic history goes back to before I was even three. I got a Master System with Sonic 1 and 2, and a few other games I can't remember. I later got Sonic Spinball for it as well. I never looked back. (For the record, I had as much trouble with Underground's boss as everyone else - but when I beat it the rest of the game was easy.)

Sometime in 1993, I got a Sega MegaDrive with Sonic 2 and assorted other games. I still have vivid memories of coming home from kindergarten and playing a game of Sonic 2. Back then, I took an hour and ten minutes to beat the game with all emeralds. How far I have come...

Flash forward to 2002, and my time attack career started with Sonic's arch enemy! Mario Kart Super Circuit was my first area of expertise, and for the record I still hold two unshared world records to this day. (The MKSC site is finally back up, and they're concentrating on non-SC karting - I do believe there's going to be a record of the no-holds-barred WRs too, in which category my two WRs lie.)

In 2003 I became TSC member #11, and started off not too great on SA2B, but was the first Sonic Advance champion. I welcomed the decision to add MegaDrive games to the charts, and that's why you guys all recognise me today.

I don't need to put my TSC achievements in here, as you can check my ranks for that. But I'll list various things I've done for TSC here...
-Recruited a few members (other than my brother, look for anotherbean in Sonic Heroes, he could've been great...)
-Guides/videos to explain just how I pwn you all =P
-Active forum/chat member
and the icing on the cake,
-Won Rolken a T-shirt by beating Sonic 2 in 28 minutes, a culmination of my two years' experience with the TSC crew.
and the icing on the icing on the cake (don't ask):
-After the championship reshuffle, I was able to consecutively hold Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles. I call it the MegaDrive Quadruple Crown.
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