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I was born and currently live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I first started to play for TAing when I was a child, but I've got serious when I got SA2 for DC in 2003, unfortunately I could play only for 3 months, before stopping with it until 2007 when I got it again. I've never though about searching a competition site, then I've started competing with the youtube videos I could find, I don't remember how I first got here, but I remember what I felt, it was one of the happiest moments in my life, 'cause one of my dreams became true, I don't even gone to the hiya folks board when I started submitting times, I've started pretty well for a completely unknown person, getting a record and being called to the leaderboard disputes xD, I was called by 2 very important persons: Rolken and Paragod, this made me very happy and able to make my first friend here on TSC. Now, exatly 8 months after finding this site, I've done pretty well to a newcomer, enough to not being called a newcomer anymore in this game, now I am 5th in the times rankings, and I currently own 7 time records in SA2B.
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