Lost Prologue Missions

Speed Run Tip - Lost Prologue Missions

Submitted by knuckles_sonic8

This guide lists a trick for the Lost Prologue missions. Because this is the first stage in the game, Shahra will stop you in place and teach you things that, by now, you'd already know if you're replaying the mission. And it DOES deduct time off your clock. For a good time run, you'll need to know exactly where she'd normally stop you and Jump Dash over it.

In Mission 1, though, it is Unavoidable. I've tried everything and nothing works so don't waste your time. Simply do a Warp/Rocket Dash at the beginning and head straight for the spot. As soon as she's done, do a Quick Jump or a Jump Dash then perform the Fire Gaze to land from it without losing speed/to gain speed from where you stopped. Then proceed to collect the 50 Rings in the stage.
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