Skeleton Dome/Mission 3

Speed Run Tip - Skeleton Dome/Mission 3

Submitted by knuckles_sonic8

This guide lists a trick for Skeleton Dome, Mission 3 - Beat Uhu to the Goal.

FTW, do a Speed Break near the end as the Speed Break will burst you right past the rocks and stuff that block the goal which, otherwise, would require you to beat the enemy first. Be sure to use it at the right place for a good time.

Two iron balls are situated, though, before this area so if you plan on using it there (where there are also a few pearls), be sure to stay to the RIGHT side of the path. Otherwise, if you've done really well thus far and you don't wanna risk messing up a good run, I suggest getting to the point past the 2nd/Last Iron Ball where you're sure that you won't hit it.
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