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Sonic Adventure - Sonic Adventure DX

Changes guide- 1st version- time-attack differences

This is the first and most basic version of the guide. It explains the differences between the Dreamcast and GameCube versions which affect time-attacking. Other changes (like improvements to the graphics) are not being mentioned, at least for now. Most of the important stuff is already here.




On Dreamcast, some of the walls on the second floor of the Main Hall were fake, and so was part of the floor itself. On GameCube, most of it is fixed. Because of the more-accurate "passability", it is possible to jump from the ships across to the top of the room on the other side of the area, and then dash through a semi-solid corner in the wall to land next to the capsule. On Dreamcast, invisible walls try to push Sonic off the capsule and into the lower area of the vault. On GameCube, landing on the capsule is much easier. The walls were probably weakened because the ramp in the vault was changed to steps (preventing Sonic from jumping too high), and because an invisible ceiling was added. The best DC time is about 11 seconds, and the best GC time is about 18. 15-16 may be possible on GC.

Notes: 1. On GameCube, when the wrong character goes into Casinopolis (Tails, for example), the walls are more like in Knuckles's version of the stage. Sonic's version is still a little sloppy, especially around the ships. There are invisible walls, and Sonic can fall through the floors and even go outside the mostly-solid brick walls.
2. Sonic can go through the corner near where Dreamcast players jump into the vault, but it seems impossible to jump. He just falls out of the stage.
3. I tried jumping off the narrow ramps at the very start of the way to the vault, and I got through the hole in the ceiling to land on an invisible floor. Unfortunately, it seems like it's too tiny for Sonic to dash from. I found a bigger floor above that using Action Replay, but it's just a bit too high for Sonic to reach. Even if there was a way to jump around to the back of the vault, it would be almost impossibly difficult to get on the first try, and it would need to be on the first try to be of any use. (10 seconds and lower would be possible.)


First, according to F-Man, it's easier to jump through the drawbridge in area 2 on Dreamcast. I'm not sure if this is true (there could be a small difference), but the same results can be gotten on either version. In area 3, you'll have to use the harder method to get outside the walls if you're playing on Dreamcast: dash into the right (if the camera is behind Sonic) corner of the rock that stops you from going back into the cave. GameCube players can just walk through the wall closer to the gate. Neither system has a real advantage here.

Twinkle Park

In the bumper car area, Dreamcast players can, instead of jumping down one level to land on the slope, fall all the way to the lower track. I haven't seen exactly how this works yet. A "death line" seems to have been added for GameCube, so now Sonic just dies when he goes down there. This gives Dreamcast an advantage of about 20 seconds.

Final Egg

Originally, GameCube had the advantage, because missing walls allow Sonic to go backward from the start of area 2 (and fall to a lower part of the area) and then jump off the elevator at the start of area 3 (and land right next to or even on the capsule). Dreamcast has a capsule right near the start of the stage, though, and it's possible to reach it using the Super-Duper Jump from Casinopolis (I still don't know what it should be called, but this'll do.): At the first vertical slope right near the start, charge a Light Speed Dash. Then, hold the other Action Button to start charging again. Release both buttons, then quickly press and hold the first Action Button and the Jump Button at the same time to do a big jump almost straight up. If you get through the ceiling, move over the left wall and release the Light Speed Dash to land on the capsule. The best DC time is about 8 seconds, and the best GC time is about 54 seconds.

Boss: Chaos 0

After you hit Chaos twice, if you release the Light Speed Attack just a bit before he lands on the pole, the attack will probably miss. F-Man finds that the Dreamcast one is a little easier here, allowing Sonic to attack a bit earlier. I haven't checked this out to see how much of a difference there is. (probably about half a second faster on Dreamcast)




GameCube players can jump up onto the rectangular pipe above the start, move over to the corner where it meets the wall, jump straight up (to get through the ceiling), and fly forward-right to the capsule. Invisible ceilings make this impossible on Dreamcast. This shortcut makes 12 seconds and lower possible on GameCube, while Dreamcast times (at least for now) are well over half a minute.

Notes: 1. I'm pretty sure I've somehow gotten through and slipped off the pipe a few times. If it's possible to land there, Dreamcast might only have a slight disadvantage. If the visible ceilings are fake (which is likely enough), DC will have an even smaller disadvantage (or even none at all... probably not, though).



Boss: Zero

If you hit Zero just as his head opens, he will stay against the barriers and automatically get shocked by them right after if you're playing on Dreamcast. On GameCube, this won't happen for whatever reason. You can, however, jump up at the same time he does (when he gets ready to pound the ground) and hit him in midair to trigger the shock animation again. Of course, because he gets to jump up, this isn't nearly as fast as it is on Dreamcast. The best DC time is around 8 seconds, and the best GC time is around 15.


E-102 Gamma

Emerald Coast

Several robots are missing from the GameCube version. The DC record is about 3'45". The GC record is about 3'36", but the disadvantage is probably more like 12 seconds than 9.

Hot Shelter

The timer can be maxed on either version, although it's quicker and easier to jump over Zeta's room and go back around to freeze time before trying to reach the maximum (running around the stage in circles can be done on Dreamcast using a different glitch, but the time-freezing glitch can only be done on GameCube).
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