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Hiya, new Sonic runner here


Hey guys,

I´m new to the forums and to sonic speedrunning. I have started running after picking up Sonic Jam on the Saturn, which can record IL records. The great time trial setup on Jam has made me want to learn the speedrunning strats and try my best for some decent times.

I have done a bunch of stuff so far that you can see. They´re not great, but after I do every level I will work on squeezing more out of the other levels. Here is a playlist of stuff:


Unfortunately the Saturn version is not just a port, so some things don´t seem to be possible (like the Carnival Night bug, which works, but it doesn´t seem possible to do the wrap), and it introduces other bugs, which slow you down (if you try and hit the lightning box in HP, you get stuck between the box and the wall instead).

Either way, I hope this community will be pretty useful. Sonic running is pretty fun, so will probably end up running it as one of my main games eventually.

Well, hope to see you guys around!

Just a heads up, this forum is pretty dead. Everyone hangs out on Discord now. PM me and I'll send you an invite.


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