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Negative time online


I PMed GS about this, but apparently he doesn't read them unless someone tells him he has a PM (since I received no reply).

It seems I reached some type of limit in terms of Time Online, since I had over 50 days online before.  Now I'm down to negative minutes permanently.  Reached -1 minute, then it went up to -60.

Fixed. I think this was related to the date screwiness last week. I set your time online to the absolute value, so it might not be 100% accurate, but it's there.

I'll check this later on to see if I can restore the original values.

Groudon199: -3415962
Zeupar: -7083841

The servertime was off sync by 91 days (7862400 seconds), and adding that to Groudon's negative value would yield a result that's consistent with 51+ days, so it would make sense that they just needed to have 7862400 added.


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