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List of things to do to fix Time Machine:

- Member rankings page. DONE. [r1245]
- Member category view, complete mode. Mostly done [r1247], except for a few bugs: DONE.
  - Set to 2006/03/14, http://www.soniccenter.org/members/gerbilsoft/sonic_adventure_dx/rings|view:complete shows no Sonic Total Rings or Total Total Rings. Ok, it seems that my stats specificially weren't calculated for some reason, so this is a calculation error, not a Time Machine error.
  - Set to 2006/03/14, http://www.soniccenter.org/members/gerbilsoft/sonic_adventure_dx/freestyle|view:complete results in a TSC Fatal Error. FIXED. [r1263]
- Member category view, compact mode. DONE. [r1276]
- Member class history view. DONE.

- Only show games that existed on TSC at the specified time. DONE. [r1268 for rankings base; r1269 for champions page]
- Rankings overall.
- Rankings category page.
- Rankings class page.

Player Matchup:
- Non-AJAX mode.
- AJAX mode.

General Statistics:
- Recalculate old maxpoints. Otherwise, all overalls will appear in blue with 0.0%.
- Recalculate old site points. Not really necessary, but eh.
- Use class_obsolete_ranges to determine if a class was obsolete during a certain period of time, since some classes have been unsuspended (e.g. S3/Rings for IC1/Tails and IC1/Knuckles).
- Record ban dates, similar to class_obsolete_ranges but for banned members instead.

- Display a user's old TSC name if it was changed.

If there's anything I missed, post it here.

Needs moar progress :(

make it so games like SUWii won't show up at all in 2005
Get around to recalculating old sitewide points; Dhaos shows up as first place back in '05 and he wasn't even around then.


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