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Nice, so I will do more Ring Attacks for Encore mode then.
There is no limit for Ring Attacks in Encore Mode. The same applies to Score Attacks as long as later 60 minute loops do not restore the Time Bonus. Reason being there is nothing in game limiting runs to 10 minutes.
So, can I spend more then 10 minutes for Ring Attacks in Encore Mode ? I need more time to properly max some levels.
Rules have been updated to prohibit dying during any level transition.

It appears that the Time Bonus is 0 after the timer rolls over so it may not be necessary to limit score attacks to under 60 minutes. For timed stats, players could add 60 minutes to the time for each instance that it rolls over or limit them to under 60 minutes. Setting a limit would be the easier option to implement and it is unlikely that more time would be needed for someone to time attack any level.

Falling off a special stage keeps the rings for the Ring Bonus. It is safe to say that the strategy to max the score would involve falling off after the last possible BONUS in almost every stage, without requiring the emerald. The Encore stages have a notable lack of walls.

I suspect the reason S1GG does not have charts for special stages is that the GG and SMS releases have different special stages and the community chose not to support charts for both types. GG and SMS charts really should not have been combined in the first place. Sonic 3D Blast is the same way. It is unfortunate as charts could have promoted competition for those special stages.
I can confirm the post from above about the time limit in encore mode. I forced the game to speed up by holding backspace with the DevMenu activated. The timer goes from 59"59'99 to 0"00'0. When doing this the "TIME" display flashes in red but there's no time over as I waited another 60 minutes and it looped to 0 again. What should be the rule about the time limit in encore mode ?

The Oil Ocean zone cutscene death glitch is also possible on several other levels. This video shows it for chemical plant zone 1 (1:26), Press Garden zone 1 (9:54), Oil Ocean zone 1 (18:18). It also shows a way to corrupt Oil ocean zone 1 just after.
I suggest applying the rule to all levels instead : "You can't die during a stage transition in such a way the next level will load with a frozen timer."

About the special stages, I think getting the emerald or not depends on the stat to submit. Stats like the time in both Sonic 4 games should require the emerald to be obtained to save your stat (else you just ram into goal blocks, red spheres, holes or such to loose on purpose as fast as possible). Sonic CD does that well, you need to destroy all the UFOs to get your time.
However stats like rings on Sonic 1 (genesis and GBA versions) and 4 shouldn't require the emerald since you can get the rings and they remain whatever you win or loose the stage.
About Sonic Mania I would say doing it the best way to get the highest score, getting the emerald or not as the score remains at the end. I think the emerald is better on some stages to save more rings for more points but you can also just fall in a hole (in other stages) after getting the last possible "BONUS!".
I don't know much about other Sonic games, some even lack a special stage chart (like S1GG).

Maybe we can get more opinions from other people. I'm sceptic about mania.
First off thank you for updating the Mania charts, I did check out the time limit in encore mode and wow after a hour the time goes back to zero, that is very weird. Could the Mania team pull a Forces with the time limit with encore mode.
Encore Mode apparently does not have a time limit or an option to enable it. Mania Mode previously had the time limit mandatory and the site has generally required time limits enabled when it is an option so it remains required for now.

For the Special Stages, I do not see anything in the rules that requires the emerald to be collected. This could be used to take slower routes with more spheres to improve the score. I think it does not make much sense to allow scores that do not collect the emerald as the stage is not complete at that point, requiring another entry for the chaos emerald. Not sure how well public opinion would hold up record scores without the emerald. Any thoughts?
I'm happy to see the new entries for the chart, I will submit my old Encore videos.

Question : Is it required to finish the levels in encore mode in under 10 minutes ? Because I don't see any way to activate a time limit in encore. (I can do it in Mania but not in Encore). This isn't listed in the rules. Same question for the time limit in Mania mode with the new versions ?
If the time is not an issue I may submit even more Ring Attacks.

Also a random question I couldn't find an answer yet. In all Sonic games with Special Stage charts that involve Rings and / or score to submit, is it mandatory to "win" the special stage by getting the chaos emerald at the end or can we just fail at getting it and still submit the stat ? I didn't find this in the rules neither.

You probably want to add a rule in Sonic Mania to prevent the use of cheat codes as well (such as Sonic having peel out + insta shield + drop dash abilities all together)
News and Updates / Team Sonic Racing Competition Now Live
« Last post by Zurggriff on June 03, 2019, 09:33:12 PM »
Charts for Team Sonic Racing are now on the site.
Bumped Blaze’s theoretical max up to 610, WOO!

Sweet ass phone vid of mah DSi

Preview said the video link was invalid when I tried to embed the video itself >_> so anyway, I’m just pumped right now cuz a few weeks ago, I managed to pull off a backtracking trick with Blaze on Hidden Island 16 (y’know, the Leaf Storm 1 clone) that I’ve thought for years was 100% impossible to do, and that video showcases a 570 rings run I did tonight with that new trick, allowing Blaze to collect every stage ring and still reach all the random ring boxes, finishing with ring box values that would’ve yielded only a 550 run with the old route, making tying my 570 and setting a new WR of 590 much more reasonable to obtain… if I don’t get it first, lol.

Theoretically, 610 is possible, if you want to try and beat the 0.16% odds of four 50s happening…

Again, I doubt anyone really cares, but as a man who lives for this shit, I wanted to share this somewhere besides just YouTube, so here I am. Also, I’m lowkey thinking about picking up a 3DS and the Sonic Boom games to give those a shot.
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