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Hiya Folks / Yello
« Last post by Dandaman955 on September 14, 2019, 01:51:32 PM »
Hey, I'm Dan! Some of you might recognise me from the SRC IL leaderboards or Discord as DanielHall. Joined back in 2011 but technically started running Sonic 1 properly back in February. I haven't really posted my times here because it's not possible to use an emulator which checks the conditions of both TSC's and SRC's rulesets simultaneously, but I want to take steps in duping some of the times I have so they can be posted on the leaderboards here, because it has a pretty neat style to it.
Hiya Folks / Re: Hiya, if anyone even checks here anymore.
« Last post by hfactor66 on September 05, 2019, 12:57:21 AM »
Yeah, the forums aren't terribly active these days, I've heard there's a discord channel for the site if you're interested. In any sense, welcome to the site bro! Best of luck with your Zero Gravity endeavors.

EDIT: discord link:
Hiya Folks / Hiya, if anyone even checks here anymore.
« Last post by XanderTTheTogepi on September 04, 2019, 12:00:49 PM »
Hi. I'm Xander T. I do time attacks for Sonic Riders Zero Gravity. I honestly think more people should play it. That, and I don't know how to correctly do some ultra shortcuts. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy that I am here!
Style aside, what matters here are Challenge Rooms are instanced. As in, you have to load into them, then load back into the main level. That's particularly why there are similar bans in S2/S3. Forget about what happens inside of them. If it causes a level to reload, it should be banned.
The comparison to Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 is pretty good. One thing that sort of sets it apart from those games is that the Challenge Rooms play out just like the rest of the level, rather than a completely new style of game play. The fact that rings respawn after entering is problematic and no support has been shown to include them so prohibiting the Challenge Rooms is a sensible rule to start off with.
Leaderboard Disputes / Re: hi, i broke one of the main rules.
« Last post by Zurggriff on August 08, 2019, 05:46:05 PM »
Thanks for acknowledging that you broke the site rules. The incidents that took place in association with creating multiple accounts is now 7 years in the past. You do not currently have known alternate accounts active and actions that lead to the banning of the previous accounts has not come up again. It seems that you have learned from those mistakes. A ban at this point would not serve much of a purpose so one is not going to be issued for this case.
Leaderboard Disputes / hi, i broke one of the main rules.
« Last post by FSSRandomvids on July 28, 2019, 02:49:44 PM »
[I apologise for my bad English]
So basically, back in 2010, I joined TSC as the username Firespikesonic & FirespikesonicXD (Both were banned). I didn't know the reason to why because I was around 12 years old and knows nothing about the rules lmao.
Then in 2012, I created this account, which lasts until now.
Recently, I read on one of the forums that creating alternate accounts is prohibited. That was when I realised I broke one of the main rules of TSC.
Since I'm sure I'm going to get banned for this, i just wanna say thank you for introducing me to the awesome sonic speedruning community 9 years ago and make me fall in love with speedrunning until now, and I apologise for not paying attention to the rules before competing.
If the Challenge rooms are that volatile, they should be treated like Sonic 2 Special Stages (which do the same thing, reset the Rings throughout the level) and be outright disallowed. Even in Sonic 3, Bonus stages were not allowed even if you didn't collect anything inside the bonus stages, simply because it would reset many aspects of the level, such as water level, enemy placement, and removal of active glitches (though Rings were not one of those things).

Challenge rooms read like it does Sonic 3's shenanigans with Sonic 2's reset. Ban them outright.
Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Rings charts could use some clarification for competition rules. The main levels have a Challenge Room that is only accessible as long as the item within has not been collected. Exiting the Challenge Room by collecting the item or via the menu will reset the rings available in the level, whether or not they have been previously collected. A site rule prohibits collecting the same rings more than once which prevents players from reaching 999 rings on these levels. However, allowing one entry into the Challenge Room creates the problem that players have to either avoid rings that were previously collected or keep track of recollected rings and subtract that value from the total. As far as I could tell, three of the levels have rings that are unavoidable, forcing the player to recollect some rings, and most other levels require going out of the way to avoid these rings.

With that said, these are some recommendations for rules for Rings charts, in order of my preference:

* Prohibit access to the Challenge Room (Keeps competition simple, but cuts out the rings in the Challenge Rooms.)

* Allow the Challenge Room, limited to one entry, and allow collecting the rings that respawn (May be somewhat arbitrary, but avoids any problems with tracking rings that are collected twice and keeps the Challenge Room rings open for competition. Backtracking might add to the difficulty in competition.)

* Allow the Challenge Room, prohibit collecting rings more than once (Requires attention to which rings are collected. Some Challenge Rooms would be inaccessible without new discoveries.)

* Allow the Challenge Room, subtract rings that are collected more than once (Requires attention to which rings are collected and displayed ring total will frequently not match the value submitted to charts, but keeps the Challenge Room rings open for competition. Backtracking might add to the difficulty in competition.)
Nice, so I will do more Ring Attacks for Encore mode then.
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