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Hiya Folks / ... Most of you will hate me for this.
« on: May 28, 2015, 06:23:10 AM »
Hello peeps!

Most of you might know who I am, others might not. I think I am not that appreciated around the TSC community, much less around the Sonic Community. This due to what happened a couple of years ago (7-8 years ago to be more precise). Here goes nothing.


My name's Nelson, formerly known as Nelspike TX, a former SCD (Sonic Cage Dome) Staff Member. I'm currently 24, and a grown Software Developer with a Masters Degree on my hand. It's been a really long time ever since I came in contact with anyone that was part of the community, therefore also abandoning my old habit of doing TA runs on Sonic Classics. The reason I joined TSC in the first place back then was to prove myself worthy alongside the best players in the community, and therefore improve my Time Attacking skills.

I noticed that throughout the years, I have been missing a lot on the community, and completely forgot how awesome it was to play the classics, as well as striving to be better. I also come here to try to come back to the basics and try to integrate myself into the community one more time. I also noticed there was a tournament happening (here), to which I had no knowledge, so I didn't show up. Or maybe I did have knowledge, and I just can't remember right now. There were a lot of things that happened back then, a handful of people called BS on me on the TA standings. One of my wishes is to redeem myself, by trying to achieve those times once more, and prove that I can actually do those. I don't want to be labeled a liar, much less in the community that held me dear during those years and enabled me to grow up and become a better person.

So here I stand, trying to make a triumphant entry, after all the BS that happened. And to of course, become an active member and participate in whatever is there to participate.


Okay, the bad part is over. TL;DR for the lazy ones: I'm back, and I am looking for redemption. And fun.

It's good to see the community is still alive. Seriously. Cheers!

Leaderboard Disputes / Made a mistake while submiting...
« on: March 05, 2007, 08:55:29 AM »
Hello TSCs, and welcome to meh topic. =P

Look, one thing, I made a mistake whil typing my DommsDay Zone record at SK, I typed 1:05, but my real time is 1:58. I made a small mistake, so, how can I fix that?

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