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I'm a fan of the 3D Mario series, with Sunshine being my favorite.
I like Smash.  Melee is the one I like the most.
I'm a fan of Mario Kart.
I like StarFox.

I love Rayman 2 and 3.
I guess you could say Madworld and Anarchy Reigns are a franchise?  I like those.  AR consumed my life for about two years straight.
I really like futuristic racers, my favorite games/franchise in this category being: Wipeout, Rollcage, F-Zero, Extreme-G, and Rush 2049.

I don't play many JRPGS.  I do have some favorite franchises in the category.

The Grandia franchise has my preferred battle system.  Grandia II is my personal favorite.
I got into the Atelier series starting with the first version of Rorona on the PS3.  I hated it and Totori blew me away by comparison.  Ever since Totori I've been hooked on the series. 
Both Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross are great to me.  I like Chrono Cross more.

I like sports games.  Both Basketball and NFL games are a yearly staple to me and my friends to this day.  My personal favorites are:
NBA Live 95, 2004, 2010
NBA Street (I like the series as a whole, but love 2 the most)
NBA Ballers
NBA 2K series

Madden series
Tecmo Bowl
Super High Impact
NFL Blitz
NFL 2K series (may it rest in peace)

I like actual racing games as well.  Arcade-style preferred.

Need for Speed (Porsche, HP, HP2, U1, U2, MW, HP 2010).  HP 2010 is my favorite.  Once you get drifting down, the game is therapeutic. 
Hydro Thunder (The whole Thunder series is good, but I like Hydro Thunder the most)
Sega Rally
Daytona USA 1 and 2.  We had a local arcade and that was the only two games I'd touch for the most part.  I got torn away for Marvel from time to time...

When it comes to fighting games, I like them but suck at the inputs.  Almost any fighting game I can watch and be entertained, but traditional-style 2D ones are too confusing to me.  Unconventional fighters, however...

Smash series (already mentioned)
Power Stone series
Virtual Fighter series
Anarchy Reigns (already mentioned)
J-Stars Victory Vs (I hope the western release gets more people to try this game out.  It's really good.  Most people base their opinion of this game with videos on Youtube of people playing it that have no idea what they are doing and are making it look bad.)

That's all I can think of at the moment.

Actually, that emulator doesn't fix the issue. It does run Sonic Adventure better, but if you hold up-left, up-right, down-left or down-right you still get that insane speed up that you shouldn't get.

That's a shame.  I don't have any other version to try either.  I wonder why this issue is a thing anyway.

I know for sure that a much older version of NullDC fixes the scripted paths issue.  I think it was called 1.0.0 beta 1.6 or something like that.  I'm not sure about the other issues.  If I can track it down again, I'll test it. 

Edit: Found it.  It appears to be accurate, but I'll upload somewhere for other people to test.  Maybe I'm not doing it right.  If only my Dreamcast wasn't borked right now so I could know for sure.  I can't tell if it's a little bit off or what, but the scripted paths issue is definitely fixed.  This version of the emulator also has controller support so I played the game using a DS4.!mQtizZBS!jkFznAvIrShCqIy-iweN1YOGy6c-FShc5CRFyd4JovE

Video of the same part in Emerald Coast:

News and Updates / Re: TSC Twitch Team!
« on: December 21, 2013, 07:35:33 PM »
I almost never stream Sonic, but why not?

One of these days I'll stream Black Knight, maybe.

Board Games / Re: Ask the Next Person a Question
« on: March 01, 2013, 04:33:34 AM »
JRPGs, Fighters, Racers both arcade and sim, and Sports sims.

What's your favorite types of music?

News and Updates / Re: Sonic Generations - The Next Sonic Game
« on: October 24, 2011, 01:52:33 AM »
Another uneventful day of speedrunning the modern demo.  Was at it for three hours today.  I couldn't really pull off anything of worth, but I found some new stuff.  You guys can test these out if you like.

- Before the first loop, it seems faster to drift tightly on the right wall instead of the left.  Use the D-pad instead of the control stick to drift as tightly as possible.  I say this because the camera has a bit more trouble following Sonic through the loop unlike if you drifted on the left where the camera seems more normal as you go through the loop.  Also, once I get the game one of the first things I'm doing after I take care of my Youtube channel is seeing what walls can be drifted against in every Modern Sonic level and the correct angle for each.  Although I expect other people to take it apart before me.

- This is already known, but mashing the slide button (O in my case, I'm guessing B for Sexbox people) to make Sonic slide before he touches the checkpoint after the loop makes him go fast as hell if you get him to slide at the right time.  What I've noticed is that most people like to short hop, land on the platform after the checkpoint, and then slide.  Landing on the platform makes Sonic slow down noticeably.  I thinks it's faster to time a high-short hop as the platform is coming up (I do this once Sonic gets near the rosebush/red flower type thingies at the beginning of the down-slope of the final hump before the platform).  This will carry Sonic across more than half of the platform before he lands.  Before he does actually land on the platform, aerial boost then quickly jump into the red dash ring.  This seems faster imo.

- Most people seem to know about landing early in the cave, but kinda fail at clearing the whole gap before the trick ramp.  Hold the D-pad forward instead of the control stick before jump after that dash panel.  It helps.  Not touching that rail at all gives you a modest time improvement. 

- Near the start of the level, you know that first rail after the dash ring?  You know how aerial boosting right before you land on it makes you go faster than normal?  The same works for the rails in the cave.  If you short hop over the dash panels and time an aerial boost just right on one of the rails then Sonic goes faster than normal while still boosting.  It's extremely difficult to do imo.  If you do pull it off, make sure to avoid all of the rail dash panels in the cave that's possible.  Some dude on Youtube was the first to bring this to light I think.  Forgot his username.  Those rail tricks are important because they seem to cut like two or three seconds off your time if done properly.  Most of my three hours of playing the game today was spent in that cave.  Still haven't cracked it yet.  I only did it once, ONCE.  D:  Would be interesting to see if the rail glitch is applicable in other levels once the full game drops next Tuesday.

- Some Japanese dude on Youtube exposed some Unleashed type exploits with the slide during the Mobius strip on the latter-half of the level.  Seems like sliding after that first dash panel is faster.  Upon watching his vid, that and also ending his trick on the last trick ramp earlier + skipping the very last set of dash panels was the only thing he did differently from what I did to get my record of 1:41.23 Saturday morning.  He beat that by nearly a second without even doing the rail glitch in the tunnel.  That means that high to mid 1:39 is most defiantly possible.  ._. 

- Near the end of the level, it's also possible to drift along the right wall as well.  Drifting angle for it is diagonal right up, closer to up than right.  I'm not sure if it's faster than drifting on the left.  Doesn't seem to be, but you never know.   

Low 1:40 or high 1:39 is what I'm aiming for, but I expect you masters here to do better than me xD.  If I don't get that by Wednesday then I'm quitting messing with this demo.  I got nothing to do tomorrow after my classes and I have no classes on Tuesday so I'm going all in.  Speedrunning this demo reminds me of this chick I was trying to fuck in high school a couple years ago.  She was infuriating and made me so mad at her that I wanted to punch her dumb ass, but when I finally got some ass it felt good as fuck.  I eventually dropped her ass cause the pussy wasn't worth it though.     

Some other cool stuff I noticed: 

- If you stop in place (I use a stomp to cancel momentum) then drift backwards, Sonic will drift in the opposite direction than he was facing in doing a complete instant 180.  Could be useful if later level design calls for it I guess.

- Near the end of Modern Green Hill, taking the top route instead of stomping through the bridge would be faster if Sonic didn't slow down while attempting to drift out of the loop.  >.> 

- Sonic goes off trick ramp or through trick ring.  Time spent in the air is proportional to how early you finish your trick.  This is just a theory.  I'm basing this off of the trick ring exiting the cave.  Sonic just seems to land quicker if you trick then finish earlier.  I can't really tell. 

News and Updates / Re: Sonic Generations - The Next Sonic Game
« on: October 22, 2011, 02:05:23 AM »
This game is going to broken just like the 360/PS3 version of Sonic Unleashed. I can see it now.

Depends on the level design imo.  Infinite drifting no longer works because Sonic returns to his neutral position or power hops  before leaning to the other side which makes him slow down at least that's what I think.  If later levels have driftable (made my own word xD) walls and gaps to jump over with speed boosters then yeah I could see some cool stuff happening with some great times.  Also, I should try short hopping right before ending a drift on that wall to see if the speed carries through instead of Sonic gradually slowing down before hitting the ramp.  I'm shocked I never tried that yet lol.  Man if I turn on the Pimpstation 3 I'll be playing all night.  I better wait till tomorrow.   

News and Updates / Re: Sonic Generations - The Next Sonic Game
« on: October 22, 2011, 01:34:38 AM »
Weird, the reason I drifted that way is because I thought if you hold one direction for too long there the drifting completely breaks and you start running into the wall.

Nope.  It all depends on the wall itself and and the angle of your drift.  At the point I'm talking about for example, you have to start your drift at the right time and hold the control stick at a precise angle.  Something like diagonal up-left, but closer to the left than up.  Starting it too early will cause the wall to push Sonic away and slow him down.  Drifting too tightly will cause Sonic's drifting to break and stop completely very early on, but if you drift correctly you should be able to make it almost all the way to the end.  It's as if the wall stops you itself if you don't drop the drift in time.  It's like Sonic Team made it that way on purpose.  Some walls are impossible to drift on like the walls before where you have to slide under rocks or at the part where you quick step because the game doesn't left you drift lol.  I've played the demo for almost three hours straight today.  xD   

Another weird thing I noticed was the wonders of the D-pad.  The D-pad can be used to move Sonic as well.  Omochao didn't tell you that shit, that little bastard.  Anyway, if you hold right with the D-pad before you hit the second speed strip with the pit of platforms and rails and short hop correctly (it seems like Sonic has two height variations on his short hop depending on how you tap the jump button) almost immediately after you hit that strip then Sonic will clear the gap completely almost every time.  The farthest I got was past the speed strips before the ramp once.  Never been able to do it again haha.  Using the D-pad instead of the control stick for the 2D sections seem to give you more hang time than normal at certain spots which can be useful and bad.  Also, I think the D-pad is better for tricks and switching rails.  =)         

News and Updates / Re: Sonic Generations - The Next Sonic Game
« on: October 22, 2011, 12:56:50 AM »
Forgot I had an account here.  Dat modern Sonic demo.  Kirby and Paraxade man.  If they just drifted correctly near the end they could make my time look free.  D:

What's wrong with our drifting near the end? o.o

The only reason my time is anywhere near yours is because drifting only makes you faster if you drift against a wall.  Drifting against the left wall before the trick ramp is much faster than drifting normally through the turns.  Both you and Kirby had me outpaced by a second straight throughout both of your videos, but that's when I caught up. 

News and Updates / Re: Sonic Generations - The Next Sonic Game
« on: October 22, 2011, 12:39:06 AM »
Forgot I had an account here.  Dat modern Sonic demo.  Kirby and Paraxade man.  If they just drifted correctly near the end they could make my time look free.  D:  Damn, back to the drawing board now.  I thought I broken the demo's spell, but now I have to go back in.  I'm gonna spend the majority of my day tomorrow on dat shit. 

Hiya Folks / Hey guys
« on: September 20, 2010, 07:38:33 PM »
I remembered this site because my sister used to come to it very much I think.  I might compete more in Sonic Unleashed and maybe Sonic Colors in the future. 

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