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Title: As if anyone cares, but new Hidden Island 16 RA Route for Blaze!
Post by: hfactor66 on May 09, 2019, 01:53:27 AM
Bumped Blaze’s theoretical max up to 610, WOO!

Sweet ass phone vid of mah DSi (

Preview said the video link was invalid when I tried to embed the video itself >_> so anyway, I’m just pumped right now cuz a few weeks ago, I managed to pull off a backtracking trick with Blaze on Hidden Island 16 (y’know, the Leaf Storm 1 clone) that I’ve thought for years was 100% impossible to do, and that video showcases a 570 rings run I did tonight with that new trick, allowing Blaze to collect every stage ring and still reach all the random ring boxes, finishing with ring box values that would’ve yielded only a 550 run with the old route, making tying my 570 and setting a new WR of 590 much more reasonable to obtain… if I don’t get it first, lol.

Theoretically, 610 is possible, if you want to try and beat the 0.16% odds of four 50s happening…

Again, I doubt anyone really cares, but as a man who lives for this shit, I wanted to share this somewhere besides just YouTube, so here I am. Also, I’m lowkey thinking about picking up a 3DS and the Sonic Boom games to give those a shot.