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Title: Shadow the Hedgehog CCG Shenanigans (And Weird Clipping Stuff)
Post by: Jacko on September 12, 2017, 09:33:02 PM
I recently posted my highest ranked time yet; 1:34.75 on Space Gadget Hero. Pretty good time, but it needs some work done. It's not my favorite level, (Cryptic Castle) but it's fun to run whenever it decides to not troll me.

The way I routed Space Gadget Hero was a bit weird; I did not get the five keys. Instead, I thought it would be more convenient to use Chaos Control Glitch on Save Point 2 and I think Save Point 6 after getting the Hero Aura around the 1 minute mark. It's what Dashjump does, so I thought it would be fun.

The problem is, getting Chaos Control to stop at the save point is an absolute nightmare. I mash X to get it to stop at the checkpoint when I activate Chaos Control, since I know it's very close, but sometimes it won't stop and Shadow just zips along to the pulley where CCG usually stops.

On one of my attempts, I was on the bottom path around the 55-1 minute mark, getting ready to switch the gravity so I could get to the aura, and Shadow just clipped through the floor and died. (Maybe I should record my attempts for future reference lol.)

On the 1:34, I was actually around 1:27-1:29 pace, but I didn't route out the end of the level where the second CCG stops. I did not know that I was next to a door which had a warp hole in it, sending me to the goal ring lol.

Silly me, spending about 5 seconds or so bumbling around not knowing where I landed lol.

Does anyone actually know the timing for stopping Chaos Control on the second checkpoint in Space Gadget? It would help to actually get it consistently for once.